Kick Anti-Environmental Special Interest Groups Out of Climate Conference

Target: António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

Goal: Ban fossil fuel representatives from attending and influencing future climate meetings.

Every year, leaders from nations around the world converge at the Conference of the Parties (COP): a global initiative to set and meet critical climate goals. The most recent 27th conference shared a troubling attribute with the latest conferences. Once again, the number of fossil fuel lobbyists in attendance far outpaced any country’s delegation of attendees. In total, over 600 special interest representatives from Big Oil and more made their presence known at the COP: another example of letting the foxes into the henhouse. To add to the outrage, this conference took place in Africa, which has been among the hardest-hit places on the planet for climate change-driven extreme weather events.

True climate activists are demanding a change. A group of U.S. senators recently appealed to the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General to require all COP participants be transparent about their interests and activities. And many advocates have gone a step further, urging a complete expulsion of fossil fuel special interests from future attendance and influence.

Sign the petition below to demand this governing body help clean up the world by cleaning up its own act first.


Dear Secretary-General Guterres,

“Climate action will continue to fail to meaningfully address the climate crisis as long as polluting interests are granted unmitigated access to policymaking processes and are allowed to unduly influence and weaken the critical work of the UNFCCC.” This strongly worded statement came not from the many outraged environmental activists who support the mission of the COP, but from your own United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The group, like so many others, is disheartened by the continued intrusion of the very entities obstructing progress into climate talks and actions.

If this conference is to maintain its legitimacy or enact its crucial goals, change must come now. Please heed the calls for audited corporate climate political influencing statements from future attendees. Moreover, fully cleanse this important effort of the stains of oil, gas, coal, and fossil fuel lobbying.


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  1. There should be no lobbyists or representation of Big Oil and other polluters in meetings of world leaders to tackle Climate Change.
    These corporations and industries are not there to help they are there to interrupt any and all progress. The world has 8 billion people now and we need to seriously think about all of them as well as us. Your corporations have gotten us to this point and yet you still persist. One day the people may rise up against your evil intentions. People want to live, safe guard the planet, and leave a better world for future generations. You only care about your bottom line and shareholders.

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