Boycott Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for Anti-Vax, Anti-Democracy and Pro-Climate Change Support

Target: U.S. Consumers
Goal: Boycott Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for its owner’s financial support of anti-vax, anti-democracy, and pro-climate change politicians.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is one of the most iconic resorts in the world, but its owner supports Donald Trump and his legion of conspiracy theorist politicians. The resort is owned by Jay Kemmerer, who is the heir to a coal mining business fortune.

Kemmerer has a history of supporting right-wing causes but his latest fundraising was in support of some of the most extreme members of Congress, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

According to reports, Greene has promoted numerous white supremacist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. She has also reportedly indicated that the Parkland school shooting massacre was faked. She is also anti-vaccine and anti-mask and said the latter was like Jews being put in gas chambers during the Holocaust. Naturally, she is also opposed to efforts to combat climate change and doesn’t believe the science of evolution. She has also advocated for an abandonment of democracy itself through her lies that Trump won the 2020 election and that he should take power.

Skiers and snowboarders are a diverse group, but many of them would be shocked to learn that the money from their season passes and other purchases at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is going to an owner who supports some of the most bigoted politicians and conspiracy theorists in the United States with that money.

The outdoor clothing company Patagonia has already announced that they will no longer be doing business at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Their company’s mission is to “save our home planet.” Consumers should follow suit and boycott Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in order to stop supporting hateful ideology and anti-science propaganda that is promoting the destruction of the environment.


Dear Consumers,

If you support science, public health and democracy, then you should know that money you spend at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is financing an owner who is sending your money to some of the most hateful and anti-American politicians in the United States.

Resort owner and coal mining heir, Jay Kemmerer, has a long history of supporting right-wing causes but his latest fundraising was for some of the most despicable politicians in the United States.

Some of the beliefs promoted by the politicians he supports include anti-vaccine, anti-mask, anti-Jewish, anti-science and other hateful ideas such as claiming the Parkland shooting massacre was fake. They also have advocated for the overthrow of America’s democratic system by promoting Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election.

Skiers and snowboarders are a diverse group, but supporting such hateful ideologies is a line many won’t cross. Please join our calls to stop the hate.

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Photo credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


  1. This is a totally inappropriate subject for one of these petitions. Keep politics out of here.

    • Ann Hoffman says:

      Says you?

      • Lawrence Hallett says:

        No, say me as well as THE JAB is GENOCIDE view and DR and WILL PARANORMAL on BITCHUTE and RUMBLE.WUHAN 1ST full 5G city and turned on 2 months before C19 hit.RADIATION sickness is the same as FLU symptoms used to bring in DEATH JAB.MASKS say on the BOX does not protect against Viruses as they are small and holes in MASKS much bigger. MASKS KILL and cause brain cancer and throat cancer and VIRAL PNEUMONIA BREATHING BACK IN FILTHY AIR AS MOUTH IS DIRTIEST PART OF THE BODY.CLIMATE change is FAKE as they use HARP WEATHER control and use ADVANCED ENERGY WEAPONS to start the fires. NOT ALL JEWISH people but THE TOP ZIONISTS are SATANIC LIKE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH aka VATICAN TELESCOPE is NAMED LUCIFER. It was their satellites that RIGGED most all elections through DOMINION ELECTION MACHINES. THE ones behind it are most ELITE and Hollywood who sacrifices KIDS/ BABIES in Satanic ritual severe torture to raise ADRENALINE and then their BLOOD is HARVESTED to make ADRENOCHROME their biggest secret. DEMONS exist and so does GOD and SATAN. NASA really means SATAN and FAKE mainstream media is part of it and they are DEEP STATE hidden Government CABAL Who use MAGIC to do evil. They are known as ILLUMINATI and are controlled by reptilian races THE VLASH and THE MAÎTRE. YOU ARE LIVING ON A PRISON PLANET AND ARE IN A MATRIX. The JAB contains HIV and GRAPHENE OXIDE and a CHIP that connects the JABBED to the cloud/ STARLINK like movie TERMINATOR. ANY QUESTIONS or want PROOF feel free to ask. WAKE UP

        • Andrea Chisari says:

          You’re ill. Get help.

        • Wiebe Schraa says:

          You are absolutely right. Dumbasses don’t listen and will learn the hard way.

        • you are stupid says:


        • Evelyn Ball says:

          Wow. It’s people like you who need to be culled.

        • Holy shit, how does it feel to be this fucking insane and mentally inept????? Honestly, can you tie your own shoes or do you have to wear the ones with velcro closures? Or do you think velcro causes rectal cancer and thus you only wear flip-flops? I curse Ronald Reagan everyday for cutting off mental hospitals.

        • I agree, Lawrence…Sadly, people like Andrea will not realize what poison they injected into themselves before it’s too late. Dr. Fauci is the son of Mother Teresa, who was also a eugenist; She literally killed thousands of people in Mexico by going in to ‘help everyone’ the way Fauci is doing. Already, 3 people I know have died right after the ‘vaccine’. The problem is that the media has hidden the truth and brainwashed everyone to hate Trump; Now, our fake president is starting to show his true colors to his supporters by how he handled the Afghanistan situation…Those Afghan soldiers did not deserve this, and any leftist who condones his decision is a terrible person. This ‘vaccine’ is 100% the mark of the beast.

        • Really masks kill that is the most ignorant statement on here. I guess all the dentists and surgeons are dead from wearing masks all day everyday for decades. Vaccines have been around for decades did you ever hear of Small Pox? Polio? Mump/measles etc etc. You sound like a very scared mixed up person. I am serious when I say speaking to a therapist would do you good.

      • Ignore the trumptards.

    • Andrea Chisari says:

      Are you insane? Most petitions go to politicians at one level or another. Disagree with the petition? Don’t sign.

    • Oh look!! The tRumptard is back crying. Trumpflake clowns.LOVE THEM.

    • Couldn’t agree more!

    • Sylvia Milla says:

      I agree with you, Frank.

    • I agree 100%, Frank!!

    • Sophie Poe says:

      I agree 100%

    • you an idiot there frank PETITIONS ARE ALL ABOUT POLITICS!!!!!

  2. How ridiculous, boycotting this insane petition!

  3. If you don’t agree with a petition, don’t sign it. You don’t have to. It’s your choice! Just like it’s my choice to sign it and send it out. No need to show your anti-semitism and stupidity!

    • Lawrence Hallett says:

      The ones WHO sign it are STUPID. READ MY ABOVE COMMENT to find out the TRUTH of your reality.

      • Sounds like you are involved in way too many unethical things

      • Andrea Chisari says:

        If you knew the meaning of the words “truth” and “reality” your comments would be totally different.

      • Your Facebook page is an absolute Qanon shit-show. I have reported several of your posts.

        • Are you surprised Qanon is still allowed on Facebook? Look at the pos who killed both his children with fishing spears. FBI is looking into Qanon members after this. TAKE THIER KIDS AWAY!!

      • Honestly, the way these people speak to us, the way they have so much disdain in their hearts, and the way they never listen to reason shows how much they deserved this death shot…Sorry, not sorry. In the end, people who didn’t fight for our freedom & liberty but instead attacked us for our beliefs deserved exactly what they got.

        • ALL those CONS like Phil Valentine and other anti vaxxers and anti maskers DESERVED TO DIE. More and more names of dead EVERY SINGLE DAY.

          • You’ll probably be dead from the vaccine within a year, and no one will miss you. Do you own a pet business? If that’s you on Yelp, your reviews are terrible:…Did you seriously raid people’s homes & fridges in the guise of petsitting? Lol…What a pig! I would have loved to see the footage of you shoving food down your face during an emotional TDS episode. Trump is Q+, and when you realize you were wrong, you’ll already be a government-controlled graphene oxide zombie or dead. Have fun with your mark of the beast…I’m pretty sure you didn’t need it to fully actualize your potential to be an evil soulless person. You blaming Trump for this Afghanistan nightmare is exactly why you ended up injecting that poison into your body; You deserve it for letting the media make you retarded.

        • LOL!!! Sorry tRumptard. I fought fhat Yelp review in court because i tried to help wife who was being beaten by pos hisband. He manipulated video to make me look bad. Other person lied because i put her girlfriend on dna list. Which stands for do not adopt any animals to her. Nice try tRumptard.

        • TDS. tRump D**k Sucking syndrome. Now go back to Q.

        • tRumptard. Why don’ t you put your last name? TRAITOR AND COWARD. Wonder what people will find.

    • Actually being against the vaccinations is not stupid. Nor is it anti-democratic. Want to look at something against democracy, then look at Biden Administration. The vaccine is still ONLY an experimental vax of a totally new science never before used on humans with a trial period no longer than an American football season. The FDA will not even approve it. And we are seeing its efficacy be short lived…so it is becoming no more than a flu jab. People have the right to post here for or against anything that is petitioned. If you believe in censorship then we know how you voted.

  4. If this is true it’s a real bad place to go.

    • So are CONservative churches. Cardinal Raymond Burke in hospital with Covid. Guess God did not hear him when he asked to be protected. No mask. No vaccine. Church related deaths are on the rise.


  6. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Wow. I used to love skiing at Jackson Hole. Will be BOYCOTTING it until this changes. How disgraceful.

    • Boycotting works. One Chic Fila is shutting down as there are barely any customers. CEO of Chic Fila gives to anti- lgbtq right wing organizations. A HOMOPHOBE. The more people know the less customers there will be.

    • Frank Jameson says:

      i hope you are aware that almost a quarter of Americans share the exact same views as the owner of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
      They work at the stores where you shop, the gas station, the postman, etc etc.,.
      its so silly to boycot a place because they dont share your views.
      But its up to you.
      You should ask your mailman what his views are, and if they are not aligned with yours, will you deny him to post your mail?
      you should also check your local stores to see if they fit with your political and world views, coz you may find that you need to boycot a tonne of stores (based upon the same logic and reasonsing that you want to boycot a ski resort).

    To be honest, whoever created this petition is just as bad as the person they are trying to boycot.
    You are trying to wreck a business because they dont share your climate-change or vaccine views.
    I hope you know that almost a quarter of your country are anti-vax, and a similar amount would disagree with your view.
    Think about what bad you are trying to cause here. You are no better than anyone else.
    This petition is a waste of energy.

  8. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Schwarzenegger has it right
    Would you drive your car through a red light?
    Would you drive drunk or high?
    Do you think its ok to kill people?
    How much is your personal freedom worth? Us UT enough to kill yourself and other people??
    Wash your hands
    Wear a mask
    Get vaccinated for Covid19 –
    Get both shots – or the one J&J shot
    If you don’t – YOURE A SCHMUCK!!!

  9. Aaron Knight says:

    May ALL anti-maskers and anti-vax motherfuckers struggle under a ventilator until their final breath. I pray that this will happen. Also, these POS are against combatting climate change. I hope this asshole and that Greene cunt will die from COVID.

  10. Michelle Stewart says:

    That place should be shut down permanently and that owner go to prison for awhile

  11. Denying Darwin isn’t denying science. Creation science perspectives deserve more respect. And it’s not terrible because someone denies we’re changing the climate. Earth has warned naturally in the past.

    • Earth warming naturally is not the issue; that’s gone on for eons. The issue is human activity has exacerbated and accelerated climate change in a bad way and we are killing our planet faster than it can regenerate or adapt. Perhaps you should take your own advice and give real science some respect.


  13. Muriel Servaege says:

    Is he preparing his future job for Trump as next president?

  14. To all Q trash on here. After Mathew Coleman murdered his two children FBI will be getting involved with child protection services. So keep posting on social media sites. If you think your children cannot be taken away think again.

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