Promote Cruelty-Free Meat Alternatives

Target: Thomas J. Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Demand that cultured meats be labeled in the same way as meat harvested directly from slain livestock.

Several companies are in the process of developing lab cultured meat. Though production may vary slightly across companies, the general process requires harvesting cells from livestock animals and culturing them in test tubes or some other vestibule to develop into strands of edible muscle tissue. The resulting product would be functionally the same as meat—the only difference: no animals will be killed or even harmed in its making. Though still in its earlier phases, substantial progress is being made and there are estimates that it will be available on mass markets as early as 2023.

The movement towards cultured meat has been met with some opposition. Recently, the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association in Washington, D.C. petitioned the USDA asking them to limit the use of terms like “beef” and “meat.” Instead of labeling new lab-grown meats with these same terms, farmers from this association—and likely others—want them reserved for products that come from animals which have been born, raised, and harvested in the traditional manner. That traditional manner involves overcrowding animals in feces-infested barns, denying sick and injured animals access to veterinary care, transporting them tens of thousands of miles with no food or water, kicking them, shoving them, prodding them, improperly stunning them, and slitting their throats.

Sign this petition to demand the USDA doesn’t comply with this request and that it label cultured meats with the same terms once they are on the market.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Animals abused on farms may finally be getting a much needed reprieve. While producing meat without killing an animal had once seemed like a too-good-to-be-true notion, due to advancing technologies and efforts of dedicated scientists, this meat is not only a possibility, but is estimated to be available at local supermarkets and restaurants as early as 2023.

Cultured-meat is functionally equivalent to meat, the only real difference being that no animals were harmed for its production. As a result, farmers have become increasingly threatened by the implications for their own crafts. Recently, the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association in Washington, D.C. petitioned the USDA asking them to limit the use of terms like “beef” and “meat” to products that come from animals which have been born, raised, and harvested in the traditional manner. In doing so, however, we would be doing a great disservice to the billions of animals enduring needless suffering in the face of viable, exact alternatives and our planet which is extremely affected by agricultural practices.

We are asking you, Mr. Vilsack, to label lab-grown meat just as you would the meat harvested directly from killed animals, once it is approved. Help us make the necessary steps in transitioning towards a healthier, more compassionate world.


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  1. I dont think I want labmeat, but ut is still meat, so I think it could be called meat. Maybe call it labmeat, for those who want to buy it so they can reduce animal suffering.

    • Nicola Dandelion says:

      I was just banned from Twitter because I said that Zelenskyy needs to be droned. But recently the actor Xander Berkeley said on Twitter that he wants Donald Trump to be tortured. Nothing happened to his account he is still on Twitter and everybody cheering for him. It’s a disgusting world we live in where most humans only care about their money and popularity. I woke up crying today.

    • Jim+Takahashi says:

      I’ve been vagan nearly 10 yrs, and for the 1st 3 yrs I went without any meat alternatives (because they were not easily available here in NZ). The bottom line is : which do you value more, your taste buds or your heart and brain? Unfortunately, so many people (esp. westerners) are addicted to the taste of meat and dairy products.

  2. I can see why farmers don’t want people confused. But they are assuming the public is stupid. I see lots of people at the market buying vegetable “meat” and Krab. But the important thing
    I HOPE is that fewer animals are slaughtered.
    My feeling is that the very act of killing the animals makes the
    perpetrators into vicious, unable to care beasts. The CEO & other
    office staff are removed from the “killing floor” but give the floor supervisors the instructions as how many and how fast workers must fill their quota of kills. MONEY is the mover!

  3. The picture of the “cultured” meat animals looks not a whole lot better than being in the slaughter house line. No day light to be seen, the animals are over crowded. Taking samples from dirty
    animals is healthy?
    If these animals are donors of whatever it is, let them outside in the daylight to run and exercise their muscles.

    Yes, they are not killed but how about letting them live a REAL


  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    So label it “Cultured Beef,” “ Cultured Pork,” “Cultured Chicken.” I think you will be surprised at how many people wish there were more humane alternatives to meat from slaughtered animals.

  5. Jim+Takahashi says:

    If you can’t imagine animals can suffer fear and pain just like humans do, you’re an idiot, devoid of decent intelligence.
    If you know but don’t care that animals can suffer fear and pain just like humans do, you’re a psycho, devoid of decent compassion.
    Needless to say, both intelligence and compassion are indispensable ingredients for a decent human being. What needs to be always reminded of is that the former must be guided by the latter, and not vice versa.

    And, remember … if you’re cruel to animals, you may well be cruel to humans.
    Oh, and if you don’t appreciate the pain and fear animals suffer, don’t expect yours to be appreciated.

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