Human Rights

Don’t Allow Millions of Innocent People to Starve to Death in Yemen

The Trump administration’s terrorist designation of the Houthi rebels is a death sentence for millions of innocent civilians, as it will block aid from reaching those facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Tell President-elect Biden to reverse this designation and restore humanitarian aid to Yemen.

Don’t Let Flood Victims Drown in Displacement and Despair

Flooding continues to take a devastating human toll for populations on the front lines of climate change. Kenyan communities have endured crushing levels of displacement and economic turmoil because of a chronically overflowing lake that is a life source for thousands. Demand urgent aid for these embattled people.

Demand Godiva Chocolate Stop Reported Use of Child Labor

Over 2 million children labor in fields in horrible conditions to feed the $100 billion chocolate industry. Godiva apparently needs to do more to ensure its chocolates do not contain the sweat and blood of abused children. Sign this petition to ensure Godiva takes a strong stance against unethical labor practices.

Offer Apology and Compensation to Victims of State-Sanctioned Sexual Slavery

For over a decade, hundreds of thousands of women were abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the Empire of Japan, yet no Japanese government since has accepted responsibility or offered restitution for this heinous crime. The demands of the few remaining survivors must be satisfied by Japan’s prime minister in order to see justice done.

Stop Exposing Asylum Seekers to Physical Danger and Trauma

Refugees seeking asylum in the United States are forced to live in dangerous conditions in northern Mexico, in violation of decency and international norms. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to repeal this cruel policy at the earliest opportunity.

Department of Justice: Stop Dismantling Minorities’ Civil Rights

Minorities’ civil rights are again under assault in the waning days of the Trump administration. Crucial safeguards affecting their employment, education, housing, and much more could soon be weakened by an outgoing Department of Justice that should be protecting the people. Demand the acting Attorney General end this latest assault on human decency.

Don’t Let Hate Groups Profit Off AmazonSmile

Over 40 hate groups stand to make tens of thousands of dollars from charitable donations through AmazonSmile. Demand that they be banned from this platform.

Eliminate Child Labor from the Girl Scout Cookies Supply Chain

Illegal child labor may be behind some of the most popular brands of Girl Scout cookies. Demand an immediate investigation into this horrific claim of abuse.

Don’t Force Pregnant Women to Carry Badly Deformed and Dying Babies

Pregnant women may now be legally made to birth badly deformed and unviable fetuses, creating a world of agony for both mother and child. The war against women’s reproductive rights has reached a frightening new crescendo in Poland. Demand an end to this sick dictate.

Hold Park Ranger Accountable for Reportedly Tasering Native Man

A Native man was walking his dog when a park ranger reportedly tasered him for refusing to identify himself. This is a seemingly unacceptable act of force and the person deemed guilty must be held accountable. Demand justice for Darrell House.

Child Shot to Death By Police for Playing With Toy Gun Deserves Justice

The police officer who shot and killed a 13-year-old Black boy will walk free, thanks to the Justice Department’s decision to not press charges. This is unacceptable. Stand with us and demand that Tamir Rice’s killer be held responsible.

Demand Release of Saudi Activist Subjected to Horrific Torture

A heroic activist who led the campaign to expand women’s rights in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to years in prison on seemingly baseless charges. Demand this selfless campaigner be released immediately.

Anti-fascist Group Reportedly Arrested for Playing Soccer Deserve Justice

Seattle Police officers reportedly broke up a game of soccer in a Seattle park, arresting seven people who wore all black and identified as an anti-fascist group. Demand that these charges be dropped, and the mayor apologize for this apparent act of profiling.

Stop the Apparent Systemic Discrimination Against Arabs on Planes

Two men of Arab descent were reportedly kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight for texting in Arabic. This apparent act of racism must be atoned. Demand accountability from the airline for this alleged wrong.

Stop Taxing Menstrual Products Permanently

Menstrual products are tax exempt in California for two years, but that is not enough. There is no end to menstruation and so there must be no expiration date on making these products affordable to all. Sign this petition to demand Governor Newsom make it permanent.

Don’t Hide Critical Information on Massacre That Took 51 Lives

New Zealand’s government has sealed the findings regarding the horrific terrorist attack on the Christchurch mosques, making some important details unavailable to the public. Survivors and minorities still under threat deserve answers. Demand they receive real assistance and support from their leaders.

Create Nationwide Eviction Moratorium

In the face of the looming housing crisis, we need strong leadership to step up and put a stop to evictions caused by COVID-19 complications. Demand President Donald Trump pass emergency legislation to stop evictions during a pandemic.

Free Teenage Girl Imprisoned for Online Pics

An Iranian teenager posted digitally altered photos of herself online. She was arrested for “corruption” and “disrespect” and thrown into prison for a ten-year sentence. Demand justice for a girl punished for the “crime” of being a teenager.

End Exploitation of Persecuted Minorities on Cotton Farms

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims and other minorities are forced to pick cotton by hand in western China as Beijing violently and unjustly suppresses basic human rights. Demand that this exploitative practice be stopped without delay.

Stop Execution of Man Proved Innocent

Dustin John Higgs is set to be executed for crimes he didn’t commit, while the real criminal is already locked up for murder and kidnapping. Demand Attorney General Bill Barr release Higgs at once.

Demand Bank Pay Black Employees the Same as White Counterparts

Black employees at Lloyd’s banks reportedly make 20% less than their white counterparts. This is unacceptable. Demand Lloyd’s apologize and rectify this mistake.

Confront Systemic Racism and Xenophobia That Kills

Portugal is currently experiencing a disturbing rise in discrimination and violent crimes against racial and ethnic minorities. Hatred, violence, racism, and xenophobia are a deadly combination. Urge an end to this divisive and dangerous trend.

End Unfair Sex Examinations Which Violate Athletes’ Privacy and Dignity

Female athletes are reportedly subjected to invasive tests to determine whether they meet sporting authorities’ ideas of acceptable femininity, apparently forcing them to undergo humiliating examinations and operations to compete in the events for which they’ve trained all their lives. Demand that this seemingly cruel and outdated practice be ended.

Don’t Punish Male Students for Wearing Nail Polish in School

An openly gay male student reportedly received and in-school suspension for refusing to remove his nail polish. This apparent act of homophobia and discrimination cannot be tolerated. Demand that the dress code be amended to allow students of all identities and orientations to express themselves freely.

Tell Portland Mayor to Stop Sweeps of Houseless Camps During Pandemic

Oregon has allowed houseless residents to shelter in place during the COVID Pandemic, yet Portland’s mayor continues to order deadly sweeps that displace and fine houseless individuals without giving them an alternative. Demand an end to this mistreatment.

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