Demand Stronger Water Conservation Measures in Desert Communities

Target: Katie Hobbs, Governor of Arizona

Goal: Safeguard desert communities from the impending water crisis.

Arizona’s desert communities are facing an imminent water crisis of colossal proportions. The relentless demand for water, coupled with the unforgiving desert climate and dwindling water resources, threatens the very existence of these communities. Prolonged droughts have depleted water reservoirs, and current conservation measures are insufficient to address the severity of the situation.

Historically, the allure of Arizona’s arid landscapes has attracted a burgeoning population. However, the reality of sustaining these communities amidst escalating water scarcity is grim. The current conservation policies, characterized by voluntary restrictions and inadequate incentives for water-saving practices, fall short of effectively mitigating this crisis. This laissez-faire approach jeopardizes not only the environment but also the livelihoods of countless residents.

The desert ecosystems are under grave threat, with iconic species facing habitat destruction and extinction due to diminishing water sources. Moreover, desert communities, especially vulnerable populations, face dire consequences as water scarcity affects their access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Sign the petition below to demand the immediate implementation of robust water conservation measures in Arizona’s desert communities.


Dear Governor Hobbs,

The urgency of the water crisis facing Arizona’s desert communities cannot be overstated. As concerned citizens, we urge you to take immediate and comprehensive action to establish stronger water conservation measures in this region.

The current approach, with its voluntary restrictions and limited incentives for water conservation, is insufficient to address the gravity of the situation. We implore you to enact policies that mandate responsible water usage, promote water-saving technologies, and provide incentives for sustainable practices.

This crisis extends beyond human communities; it imperils the delicate desert ecosystems and threatens the survival of countless species. Moreover, vulnerable populations within these communities are disproportionately affected by water scarcity, compromising their basic human rights to clean water and sanitation.

We call upon you to prioritize the well-being of Arizona’s desert communities and the preservation of its unique environment. Please take immediate action to establish stronger water conservation measures, safeguarding the future of this region.


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Photo Credit: Ray Redstone

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