Stop Strengthening Discriminatory Language Barriers

Target: Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Support expansion of language support services in American life.

As a nation of immigrants, America has never had an official language. In fact, federal laws are supposed to mitigate language barriers by requiring multi-lingual support for public services and on public documents. Multiple leaders, however, have apparently not gotten—or more likely intentionally neglected—the memo.

Several regions have attempted to limit or discourage educational support for bilingual students, even special education students who arguably benefit from these services the most. States with a diverse population, most notably Florida and Texas, have also repeatedly failed in their duties to provide language assistance and multi-lingual information for millions of registered voters. And almost like clockwork, bills are introduced into Congress attempting to decree English as the official U.S. language…despite the fact that tens of millions of Americans do not claim this language as their native language. Such overtures and violations of law are disproportionately aimed at Spanish-speaking LatinX and Hispanic populations.

This lingering prejudice should no longer have a prominent and still- influential place at the political table. Sign the petition below to demand enforcement of principles and laws that are supposed to uplift, not oppress, every American.


Dear Senator Schumer,

Over 30 million Americans speak Spanish on a regular basis, and this number does not even represent the many other languages that U.S. residents claim as their own. Yet six decades after the Civil Rights Movement helped codify the removal of language barriers, states are still being sued over their lack of multi-lingual documentation, schools are still being criticized for attempting to phase out bilingual classrooms, and politicians in the halls of Congress are still championing English-only laws. As time passes, America will only become more—not less—diverse.

It is far past time that the nation’s lawmakers represent and defend this reality. Please help strengthen current laws related to language access (with stricter penalties for violations) while bringing any new proposals to the floor that will help remove language barriers at the regional and federal level. Ensure every American has a voice.


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