Human Rights

Hundreds of Missing Women Feared Dead From Domestic Violence Deserve Justice

Hundreds of women and girls in Peru have disappeared, likely victims of pervasive domestic violence only worsened by the COVID-19 lockdown. Demand urgent reforms in legislation and law enforcement that can strike at the heart of this dangerous epidemic.

Do Not Censor Communication of Chinese Americans By Banning WeChat App

President Trump has ordered a ban on the WeChat app, a popular messaging tool amongst Chinese Americans. For many, the app is the only way to stay in contact with friends and family that live internationally. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to allow the use of this important communication tool.

Remove Pro-Police Vandalization and Fine Responsible Parties

Back the Blue Florida, a pro-police group, painted a huge mural on a Tampa street without proper permitting or permission from the city. One of the organizers then went on to state that they moved forward without permits because Black Lives Matter has done the same, but the city confirmed otherwise. Demand the immediate removal of this vandalism.

Investigate Apparent Criminal Negligence Behind Lethal Explosions

The devastating explosions in Beirut have killed dozens, injured thousands, and caused massive homelessness, all due to the abandonment of an explosives-laden merchant ship. Demand an immediate investigation to find those responsible for the pain and destruction caused in Lebanon.

Protect Indigenous Brazilians From Torture and Murder By Military Police

Indigenous Brazilians have been killed and tortured by military police, according to recent reports and evidence. This seemingly inappropriate use of power against an already suffering population must be stopped. Demand that federal authorities step in to protect these people’s lives.

Stop Profiting Off the Backs of Slave Laborers

Apparel industries around the world are complicit in one of the most revolting human rights violations since the last world war. Millions could be wearing cotton produced from the slave labor of China’s Uighur people. End this enabling of mass torture and abuse.

Border Patrol: Stop Destroying Humanitarian Aid Camps

The U.S. Border Patrol raided a humanitarian aid camp for the second time, taking medical documents and arresting undocumented immigrants. Humanitarian aid camps deserve support, not destruction. Demand that the Border Patrol stop with these cruel raids.

Protect Indigenous Heritage by Saving the Northwest National Archives

The National Archives in Seattle, which contain numerous undigitized historical documents valuable to indigenous groups, are going to be closed. This would make it even more challenging for indigenous groups to access and preserve their history and heritage. Demand that the archives be saved.

Ashton Kutcher: Don’t Undermine Toxic Work Environment Allegations Against The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Current and former employees at The Ellen DeGeneres Show have spoken out about a toxic work culture that includes racism, sexual harassment, and intimidation. Other celebrities, such as Ashton Kutcher, have been defending DeGeneres and, therefore, undermining the voices of the victims. Demand that Kutcher stop speaking out of turn and encourage an investigation.

Joe Biden: Commit to Clear Plan to Eliminate Abortion Restrictions

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised to end restrictions to safe, affordable abortions, thus protecting the health and independence of millions of women. However, he hasn’t released a plan for how he intends to do this, leading many to doubt his sincerity. Demand that he outlines a clear plan to end cruel and unfair abortion laws.

Success: Ancestral Lands Returned to Native American Tribe

Thousands of acres of Native American ancestral lands will be returned to their first inhabitants in California. This should be celebrated. Applaud the reversal of this long-ago wrong and needed victory during a time of such deep racial, ethnic, and cultural divides.

Stop Funding the Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security has been terrorizing protesters in several big cities, inciting violence and making arrests without probable cause. Yet while the U.S. Postal Service and other important agencies have been cut off from funding, they have received bailouts. Demand that the government utilize coronavirus funding to support necessary, beneficial services to the American public.

Success: Federal Troops Leave Portland

Violent federal forces were removed from Portland, with conditions. While the fight to protect free speech is not over yet, it’s a victory for the safety of protesters in Portland. Thank Oregon lawmakers for pushing to remove federal forces, and encourage them to continue to protect protesters.

McDonald’s: Protect Young Workers from Abuse and Exploitation

Twelve McDonald’s locations were found in violation of federal child labor laws. Demand that the fast food chain hold its franchises accountable.

Save Child Brides From Violence, Oppression, and Death

Child marriages are on the rise in parts of Asia, hand-in-hand with skyrocketing rates of gender-based violence. Demand an end to this demeaning, dangerous practice and a new beginning free from oppression for Asia’s sons and daughters.

Don’t Undo Natives’ Rights to Govern Their Own Land

The Creek Nation of Oklahoma recently won a major victory in the Supreme Court to recognize the sovereignty of their land, but there is still a major threat looming to their rights to self-govern: Congress. Ensure that lawmakers won’t step on the rights of the Creek Nation and other Native Americans.

Stop Paying Disabled Employees as Little as $2 per Hour

Disabled Americans live in poverty because their employers can pay them less than minimum wage, sometimes at an average of $2.15 per hour. Sign this petition today demanding that disabled employees are guaranteed equality.

Stop Funding Militarized Police Forces That Exacerbate Racism

The fossil fuel industry, which drives rampant environmental racism and climate violence, is also funding militarized police foundations, according to a recent investigation. In particular, Chevron, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, funds police departments in several U.S. cities. Demand Chevron stop supporting violent police foundations.

Don’t Let Millions of Americans Become Homeless Due to COVID-19

Millions of Americans may soon lose their homes because a moratorium on evictions is set to end very soon. With COVID-19 on the rise, many could die without the safety of shelter. Demand that the government ensure that people enduring economic hardship due to the pandemic will not lose their places to live.

Punish Armed Forces Who Allegedly Rape, Kidnap, and Murder Indigenous Peoples

Violent crimes against indigenous populations are on the rise in Colombia…crimes allegedly committed by the country’s armed forces. Two recent reported rapes of minors are the latest evidence of systemic injustice. Urge the reform of these broken military and justice systems.

Don’t Slash Vital Unemployment Benefits During the Pandemic

Crucial benefits for millions of jobless Americans are set to expire, despite the fact that the coronavirus still surges, and unemployment rates remain high. Along with abandoning vital weekly aid, a new Republican relief package would also slash eviction protections and food assistance. Demand an extension on the $600 weekly aid in order to protect Americans.

Justice for Indigenous People Rendered Homeless by Industrial Destruction

Indigenous Brazilians whose homes were destroyed in a catastrophic mining accident are without clean food or water, being forced to travel for hours away from their ruined homes just to feed their families. For years, the company that owns the mine in question has reportedly ignored their conditions. Demand that they use their wealth to provide immediate assistance to the devastated tribes.

Investigate Death of Jailed Human Rights Champion Reportedly Tortured in Captivity

A journalist and activist who was seemingly tortured and imprisoned for alerting the world to human rights violations has died behind bars without his family to comfort him. Hold the government of Kyrgyzstan to account and demand an investigation and an apology.

Protect Homeless Migrant Children Forced to Sleep in Tent Cities

Hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children are being forced to sleep in tents due to the inaction of the French government. Outdated interview methods have labeled them as adults, thus denying them access to aid. Demand that these young people be granted the protection they need to survive.

Justice for Two Brothers Shot by Police

Andre Thompson and Bryson Chaplin were shot by an Olympia police officer in 2015. Despite almost losing their lives, they were charged with a crime while the officer kept his job. Sign this petition now demanding that the investigation be reopened.

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