Human Rights

Demand Bank Pay Black Employees the Same as White Counterparts

Black employees at Lloyd’s banks reportedly make 20% less than their white counterparts. This is unacceptable. Demand Lloyd’s apologize and rectify this mistake.

Confront Systemic Racism and Xenophobia That Kills

Portugal is currently experiencing a disturbing rise in discrimination and violent crimes against racial and ethnic minorities. Hatred, violence, racism, and xenophobia are a deadly combination. Urge an end to this divisive and dangerous trend.

End Unfair Sex Examinations Which Violate Athletes’ Privacy and Dignity

Female athletes are reportedly subjected to invasive tests to determine whether they meet sporting authorities’ ideas of acceptable femininity, apparently forcing them to undergo humiliating examinations and operations to compete in the events for which they’ve trained all their lives. Demand that this seemingly cruel and outdated practice be ended.

Don’t Punish Male Students for Wearing Nail Polish in School

An openly gay male student reportedly received and in-school suspension for refusing to remove his nail polish. This apparent act of homophobia and discrimination cannot be tolerated. Demand that the dress code be amended to allow students of all identities and orientations to express themselves freely.

Tell Portland Mayor to Stop Sweeps of Houseless Camps During Pandemic

Oregon has allowed houseless residents to shelter in place during the COVID Pandemic, yet Portland’s mayor continues to order deadly sweeps that displace and fine houseless individuals without giving them an alternative. Demand an end to this mistreatment.

Demand Stimulus Relief for Essential Workers

Essential service workers tend to be the least protected and most poorly paid, yet they are at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19. Demand protections for them in newest federal relief package.

Protect Religious Minorities From Brutal Attacks

A majority-Christian village has been brutally assaulted in Indonesia, with four villagers killed and hundreds more forced to flee their homes in the latest assault on religious minorities. Demand that Indonesia’s government take action to end religious violence and protect all citizens regardless of creed.

Don’t Fund and Support Suspected Slavery

North Korean slave labor may be producing the personal protective equipment sent to many prominent nations. Workers under duress may endure punishing workdays, limited freedoms, and government-seized wages. Demand the support of these alleged human indignities end now.

Investigate Possible Desecration of Medic’s Body at the Hands of Soldiers

Philippine soldiers have been accused of desecrating the body of a young medic and using photographs of the event as propaganda. Demand that this possible crime be investigated and atoned for.

Stop the War on Same-Sex Parents

One politician thinks he can overturn legally recognized rights and decide who gets to be called a parent. He is taking his campaign against same-sex couples to the Supreme Court. Do not let this official push discrimination as the law of the land.

Success: Brutal Police Tactics Halted and Investigated

Peru’s government has announced that all violent attacks on pro-democracy protesters will cease and those responsible for the brutality will be investigated. Thank Peru’s president for making this wise and humane decision.

Restore Moratorium on Executions of Federal Prisoners

Federal death row inmates are set to be executed during the presidential transition, in an unprecedented move not seen in a century. These prisoners cannot even mount a proper appeal defense because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Urge mercy and fairness for these men and women condemned to death.

Demand Release of Women’s Rights Activist

A women’s rights activist has been held behind bars for over two years, where she’s been subjected to horrific torture and abuse. Demand that global leaders use the G20 stage to call for her release and an end to such atrocities.

Success: Horrific Treatment of Defenseless Refugees Under Investigation

Extensive charges of tragic violence and abuse committed against refugees by European border forces are now under independent investigation. Thank the European Ombudsman for her decision to stop these alleged abuses and combat the erosion of human rights.

Success: Sports Official Accused of Extensive Sexual Abuse Banned for Life

An accused sexual predator has been removed from office as Haiti’s top soccer official, ending a decades-long reign during which numerous young women were alleged to have been exploited and silenced. Praise the decision to prevent this potentially dangerous man from doing further harm to young people.

Free Gay Men Facing Brutal Public Caning Under Homophobic Regime

Two men are facing a punishment of 100 lashes with a cane after they were caught having sex in the privacy of home. This horrific penalty follows the forbidding of homosexual acts in one province of Indonesia. Demand that they be freed at once and that this persecution of gay men be brought to an end.

Justice for Domestic Abuse Victim Who Was Jailed and Mistreated Behind Bars

Domestic abuse victims may find themselves behind bars if they fail to testify against those who cause them traumatic harm. Demand justice, demand change. Survivors of domestic violence are not the ones who belong in jail.

Stop Using Conspiracy Theories to Enact Marriage Discrimination

India is considering a ban on marriages between individuals of the predominant Hindu faith and the minority Muslim faith in a blatant act of xenophobia. This move is also highly hypocritical of a country that allows child marriages. Demand leaders rethink this blatant violation of human rights.

Prosecute Special Forces Soldiers Who Reportedly Murdered and Maimed Civilians

Australian special forces murdered dozens of civilians, as reported following a long-awaited investigation. Afghan civilians were seemingly terrorized with random shootings, unjustified assaults on their homes, and attacks with dogs. Demand that those found responsible for these horrific acts be punished in proportion to the severity of their crimes.

Ban Official Accused of Routinely Sexually Abusing Children From Participation in Sports

Despite being an accused sexual predator, Haiti’s top soccer official remains in office after years of apparently using his authority and privilege to attack countless girls under the age of 18. Demand that this alleged abuser be removed from his post immediately to prevent harm coming to any further victims.

End Sale of Private Information for Military Use

Millions of individuals’ private information has been sold to U.S. security forces, allowing their movements to be tracked without their consent and without legal justification. Demand that this practice be ended immediately.

Investigate Abusive Treatment of Garment Factory Workers

Indian garment workers supplying some of the top retailers in the UK have leveled charges of grueling hours, unsafe conditions, and abusive working environments as they struggle to feed their families. Demand that these claims be investigated and that workers be guaranteed the full protection of the law.

Stop Violent Attacks on Peaceful Pro-Democracy Protesters

Police in Peru have been accused of shocking violent treatment in response to nationwide protests against a recent coup d’etat, resulting in at least two deaths and dozens of severe injuries. Demand that this brutality be halted and investigated immediately.

Do Not Ban Abortions Involving Life-Threatening Conditions

Poland is considering banning abortions in cases where the fetus has a serious or life-threatening condition. These types of abortions make up the majority of the very small legally performed procedures in a country that is already very conservative regarding this issue. Urge the Polish Prime Minister to keep abortions legal in the case of life-threatening conditions.

Save Displaced Innocents From Civil War, Starvation, and Violent Death

Civil unrest and simmering local conflicts in Ethiopia put the lives and livelihoods of countless citizens, including thousands of children, at imminent risk. Demand leaders prevent an all-out civil war that could plunge this country into a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

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