Human Rights

Stop Publication of Book By Officer Involved in Death of Breonna Taylor

One of the officers who was involved with the death of Breonna Taylor will soon have a book published recounting his perspective of the event. Breonna didn’t get to speak out and neither should this man. Sign this petition to urge Post Hill Press to halt the publication of the book.

Seek Maximum Sentence for Derek Chauvin’s Murder of George Floyd

Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts he was facing for the death of George Floyd. Sign this petition to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum sentencing for Chauvin.

Fire Cops Who Reportedly Hog-Tied Elderly Woman With Dementia Accused of Shoplifting

An elderly woman with dementia reportedly had her arm broken and was hog-tied by cops who made jokes about the incident. One officer apparently turned off his body-cam to cover-up the evidence. Demand these police officers face justice.

Discharge Army Soldier Who Reportedly Intimidated and Shoved Black Man

An active-duty US Army soldier reportedly intimidated and shoved a Black man who was walking on public property. Sign this petition to urge the discharge of this accused racist from his military service.

Success: Chauvin Found Guilty of All Charges in Death of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd stirred America and the world. A guilty verdict against his accused killer, Derek Chauvin, has brought some measure of justice. Applaud the vigilant prosecution of this explosive case.

Urge Victim-Blaming Police Chief to Resign

Police reportedly approached a Black and Latino active-duty Army lieutenant with guns drawn during a routine traffic stop. The police apparently refused to tell him why he was being forced to exit the vehicle and threatened him. The police chief managing these cops has stated that the Army lieutenant should have complied and does not deserve an apology. Sign this petition to urge the police chief to resign.

Prosecute Officer Who Reportedly Knelt on Suspect’s Neck During Arrest

A NYPD officer reportedly knelt on a suspect’s neck during an arrest that was caught on video by onlookers. He is not facing prosecution, despite recent restrictions on this maneuver. Sign this petition to urge the Attorney General to prosecute this officer.

Trump: Take Responsibility for Death of Veteran at Capitol Insurrection

Ashley Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran, was shot and killed by Capitol police at the January 6 insurrection. A Trump supporter, Babbitt attempted to gain access to the Capitol, threatening the safety of the lawmakers inside. Urge Trump to take responsibility for Babbitt’s death and express condolences.

Do Not Let Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Seven Times Return to Police Force

The police officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, is returning to work without discipline or charges. Sign this petition to urge the Kenosha Police Department to fire this officer.

Don’t Overwhelm Children With Ineffective, Age-Inappropriate Curriculum

Children in Alberta, Canada are threatened by an overwhelming curriculum focused on world history and topics like Genghis Khan. Sign this petition to protect kids from an inappropriate learning experience.

Stop Head Garment Ban That Discriminates Against Muslims

Religious garments worn by Muslims could soon be banned in Switzerland. This restriction on certain kinds of face coverings would prevent hundreds of thousands from freely practicing their religion. Demand an end to this discrimination.

Fire Cop Accused of Attacking Peaceful Black-Latino Soldier

Two police officers allegedly used excessive force and threatened an active-duty military officer during a traffic stop. Only one of the officers has been fired. Sign this petition to call for the accused police officer to be removed from his position.

Fire Cop Who Shot and Killed 20-year-old Black Man During Traffic Stop

A police officer shot and killed a 20-year-old Black man during a traffic stop in Minnesota. Allegedly, the police officer meant to fire a taser and accidentally fired his weapon instead. Demand he be held accountable.

Stop Soldiers From Terrorizing and Massacring Civilians

Widespread massacres, assaults, and forced displacements have gripped Ethiopia. An alleged mass execution caught on video only reinforced condemnations of potential military involvement in war crimes. Demand international leaders investigate and act with urgency.

Justice for Girl Allegedly Bound to Rapist and Beaten

A young rape victim was reportedly bound to her alleged rapist with a rope, publicly shamed, and beaten by a mob in the latest episode of rampant violence against women in India. The reported incident was caught on video for the world to see. Demand accountability in the apparent re-victimization of a sexual assault survivor.

Coca-Cola: Speak Out Against “Jim Crow” Voting Restrictions

The right to vote is under attack in Georgia. Demand that one of America’s most influential corporations take a stand against anti-democratic voting restrictions.

Restore Public Confidence in the Police After Alleged Abuse of Power

Two police officers allegedly stalked and photographed a Member of Parliament, a serious crime that only adds to the public’s distrust in the force. Sign this petition to urge the chief of police to fully investigate this accusation and restore honor to the service.

Save Refugees From Death Due to Unsafe Shelters

Refugees of genocide are now being endangered in their supposed safe harbors. A fire at their shelter claimed 15 lives and could result in the loss of hundreds more. Demand stronger safeguards for traumatized Rohingya families.

Don’t Let Misogynistic Murderers Off the Hook

Every day, girls and women are harassed, attacked, and killed because of their gender. This violent hatred continues to fuel deplorable crimes in America and around the globe. Help ensure the safety of females everywhere.

Don’t Abandon Starving Children From World’s Worst Famine

Children are without food, clean water and shelter in war torn Yemen. Demand real help for a ravaged and starving nation.

Success: Youngest Americans Protected From Poverty and Homelessness

One in six children live in extreme poverty…and these estimates were calculated before the onslaught of a global pandemic. Promising provisions in the newest U.S. rescue plan could help change the narrative in America. Applaud these efforts to end another epidemic plaguing the country.

Don’t Allow Missing Children to Go Unreported

Shockingly, caretakers are frequently not held legally accountable for failing to report a missing child. Too often, these cases end in ultimate tragedy. Safeguard children from this insidious form of neglect and abuse.

Success: Leaders Take Up the Fight for Voting Rights

Voting rights are under constant attack in America. Promising actions taken by the president and Congressional leaders could soon change this troubling narrative. Applaud key wins in the war against voter suppression.

Reopen LGBTQ+ Community Center Raided by Security Forces

An LGBTQ+ community center in Ghana was raided and shut down by security forces, denying the LGBTQ community their safe space. Demand the center be reopened.

Demand Justice for Asylum Seekers Abused by Border Patrol

The French and Italian border patrol has been allegedly abusing asylum seekers and denying their basic rights. There have been several reports of violence and destruction of documents necessary for refugees to seek asylum. Demand justice for persons abused by the authorities at the border.

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