Human Rights

Success: Officers Who Allegedly Shoved Protester to the Ground Charged

Two officers who reportedly shoved a 75-year-old peaceful protester to the ground were charged with felony assault, thanks to a decision made by district attorney John J. Flynn. Applaud Mr. Flynn for holding police accountable and bringing justice to the man who was reportedly shoved to the ground.

Protect Domestic Abuse Victims Struggling with Inadequate Support

Women suffering from domestic abuse in the United Kingdom are facing significant challenges getting help as funding is stripped away from agencies meant to provide legal counseling, funding, and advice. Demand that the British government act quickly to provide abuse victims and survivors the support they need and deserve.

Trump: Stop Defaming Peaceful 75-Year-Old Man Assaulted by Police

Donald Trump is lying about a 75-year-old peaceful protester who was assaulted by police, suggesting the man was “a set up” who was “scanning” police communications and faked the incident. The victim, Martin Gugino, remains hospitalized with a brain injury caused by the police assault. Demand Trump stop defaming this innocent man.

Shut Down White Supremacist Racist Website That Reportedly Threatens Interracial Couples

An openly racist website is publishing the private information of interracial couples in the apparent hope of inciting violence against them. This kind of hate should not and cannot be tolerated. Demand real legislative change that will stop racists from being able to violently target interracial couples.

Mike Adams - UNCW

Fire Professor Who Posted Racist Tweet After George Floyd’s Death

Just four days after George Floyd’s death, a professor posted a tweet comparing the North Carolina lockdown to a “slave state” and referring to the governor as “Massa Cooper.” This hateful post is one among many that have served to foster bigotry and divisiveness at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Demand that UNCW take a stand against racism and fire the professor immediately.

Ban Killer Chokeholds Responsible for Deaths of George Floyd and Eric Garner

Deadly law enforcement techniques like the ones that killed George Floyd and Eric Garner are still in widespread use by police departments nationwide. Demand an end to these brutal, lethal abuses of force.

Success: Minneapolis Police Department to be Disbanded

The Minneapolis City Council voted to dismantle their police force which was responsible for the death of George Floyd. This comes after tireless protesting and organizing by Black Visions Collective, the Black Lives Matter movement and thousands of Americans nationwide. Applaud Black Visions Collective for protecting the black community from police brutality and working to dismantle the police department.

Help America’s Children Find Care as Parents Head Back to Work

Without daycares, American parents may be forced to leave the workforce. America’s future generations and the institutions that support them deserve our support. Sign the petition to demand funding for daycares across the nation.

Protect Child Maids from Abuse, Exploitation, and Murder

A young girl serving as a maid was allegedly murdered at the hands of her employers. Sign the petition to demand an amendment to child labor laws that would protect children in the domestic sphere.

End Sale of Teargas and Rubber Bullets for Use Against Protestors

Sales of teargas and rubber bullets by companies in the United Kingdom to United States police forces have continued throughout the recent protests over George Floyd’s death, indicating a preference for profit over human rights. These weapons have resulted in mass injury and death. Demand that these sales be stopped immediately.

Don’t Jeopardize Human Right to Free Speech in the Name of Counterterrorism

Citizens of the Philippines may soon face arrest, jail time, and denial of legal representation all for speaking out against their government. This destruction of free speech has been pitched as a counterterrorism measure. Demand that this heinous proposal be withdrawn immediately.

Protect Citizens from Police Brutality By Implementing Widespread Reform

Widespread police violence has led to the harm and deaths of thousands of peaceful protestors and innocent American citizens. Hundreds of cell phone videos have recently been released displaying this violence, sparked by the death of George Floyd. Demand Attorney General William Barr implement immediate and widespread police reform in order to end senseless violence and killing.

Stop Providing Local Police Departments With Military Weaponry

President Trump revived a Pentagon program that puts military-style weaponry into the hands of local police forces and law enforcement agencies. This means that police departments are equipped with tools like bayonets and grenade launchers. Sign this petition to stop this program and keep these tools out of the hands of police meant to protect and serve American citizens.

Gun - Rudy van der Veen

Ban Dangerous “No-Knock” Warrants That Reportedly Led to Breonna Taylor’s Death

Plainclothes police officers allegedly broke into Breonna Taylor’s home without identifying themselves as police — a practice that shockingly is legal in Kentucky and much of the US. This dangerous tactic has reportedly resulted in Taylor’s tragic death and others before hers. Demand that Kentucky serve as an example for the nation by banning this unconstitutional practice.

Success: Police Department Responsible for Deaths of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee Under Investigation

Two African Americans, Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, died by deadly police force in Louisville in separate incidents. Their controversial killings and the police department responsible for both are now being investigated at the local and federal level. Applaud these needed steps in accountability and ultimate justice.

Justice for Women Allegedly Abducted and Assaulted as Payback for Protests

Female protesters were allegedly beaten, shamed, and sexually assaulted following their arrest in Zimbabwe. A dictator with a history of human rights abuse allegations may have used police and military forces as weapon of revenge in this disgusting reported crime. Support these women in their quest for justice against alleged state-sponsored brutality.

Terminate Police Officers Who Knocked 75-Year-Old Man to the Ground

A video shows police officers forcibly pushing an elderly man to the ground, causing him to smash his head on the pavement and bleed from the ear. The officers proceed to walk by and step around the non-responsive man. Sign this petition to urge the Mayor of Buffalo to terminate the police involved in the incident.

Fire Alleged White Nationalist Police Officer Who Sports Nazi Tattoos

A Philadelphia police officer with strongly alleged ties to white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups has been found to be working for that city once more despite having been fired previously. Demand that he be removed from his position for the sake of decency and justice.

Tom Cotton - Michael Vadon

Remove Hateful Op-Ed Calling for Military Violence Against Protesters

The New York Times published an op-ed calling for “an overwhelming show of force” from the U.S. military to quell nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism. Demand that the Times remove and apologize for amplifying this message of tyrannical violence.

Police cars - PikRepo

Terminate Atlanta Police Officers for Use of Excessive Force on Black College Students

Six police officers attacked two black college students who were driving through a protest in Atlanta. Footage of the incident shows the them smashing the car windows, forcibly pulling out the driver and the passenger, and proceeding to use stun guns on them. Sign this petition to urge the Atlanta mayor to terminate all six officers.

Remove Racist Statues from Richmond

A statue of Robert E. Lee still stands prominently in the streets of Richmond, Virginia. It has been targeted in Black Lives Matter protests happening in the wake of the death of George Floyd because it stands as a symbol of racism and white supremacy. Sign this petition to urge the mayor to have the statue removed.

Video camera - Bruno Massao

Stop Police From Collecting Identities of Peaceful Protesters

Los Angeles police are collecting video footage of peaceful protesters that could be used to discriminate against them. Capturing the identities of anti-police-brutality protests could have dangerous consequences. Demand that the LAPD stop collecting footage and instead focus on their duty to serve and protect.

Fight Against Child Labor and Child Marriage in Yemen

Children in Yemen are suffering. Their abuse has only worsened due to the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. Demand that the wealthiest country in the world step up to help.

Punish Mother Whose Alleged Neglect Resulted in Death of Two Toddlers

The bodies of two toddlers were discovered in a creek one week after they went missing. Their mother allegedly allowed them to wander off on their own, seemingly flat-out refusing to help authorities find them and claiming she did not care where they went; she has been charged with criminal neglect. See that this woman is harshly punished for this alleged murder by inaction.

Protect the Lives of Nebraska’s Meatpacking Workers

Thousands of American meatpacking workers have fallen ill due to COVID-19, yet they have not received basic workers rights or protections. Demand that the government step in to protect these essential workers.

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