Human Rights

Drop Unfair Charges Against Pro-Democracy Protester

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been subjected to a humiliating and absurd legal charge due to his decision to wear a protective face covering. This is yet another attack on those fighting for human rights in China. Demand that this charge be dropped without delay.

Stop Problem Police Officers From Endangering Lives and Destroying Law Enforcement Legacy

Police officers with a confirmed track record of excessive force complaints are repeatedly let off without consequence, risking the lives of innocent people like Breonna Taylor, who may never see justice. Virginia is taking tentative steps towards correcting this problem with police reform. Show support for enhanced police decertification that keeps reckless, dangerous elements out of law enforcement.

Success: California to Allow Nonviolent Offenders to Become Firefighters

Nonviolent offenders who valiantly fought wildfires will now be able to get training to become professional firefighters when they are released. Thank California lawmakers for pushing for this legislation to bolster the firefighting force and rehabilitate people who have been in prison.

Walmart: Stop Reportedly Cutting Employees’ Hours and Pay During the Pandemic

Walmart is reportedly cutting employees’ hours and increasing workloads for little or no extra pay. This comes despite their recent announcement that sales have risen considerably during the pandemic. Demand that Walmart immediately give employees more hours and better pay.

Ban the Harmful Practice of Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy remains legal in the state of West Virginia, but one city stands the chance of being the first in the state to ban the practice. Sign the petition to ask that Charleston, WV protect its LGBTQ community and ban conversion therapy.

Investigate Apparent Cold-Blooded Execution of Defenseless Woman

An unarmed woman appears to have been murdered by soldiers in Mozambique in disturbing video footage which recently surfaced on social media. Demand that authorities take responsibility for this apparent crime and investigate it immediately.

Investigate Violence and Abuse at Georgia State Prisons

Over 20 inmates at Georgia state prisons have been murdered and COVID-19 cases run rampant. Violence, abuse, and neglect have become commonplace at these institutions. Demand that the federal government launch an investigation into the Georgia state prison system.

Don’t Deprive At-Risk Prisoners of Crucial Mental Health and Disability Support

A significant number of Western Australian prisoners perish due to the effects of untreated mental illness. The government has failed to provide sufficient medication, counseling, or other mental health support for inmates. Demand that Australian authorities carry out their obligation to offer mental health care and treatment to those in need.

Twitter: Stop Deleting Evidence of Human Rights Atrocities

Social media sites are deleting evidence of human rights atrocities. This makes it impossible to get justice for victims. Demand platforms stop this censorship.

Free Slavery Descendants From Bonds of Oppression

Citizens in Nigeria are prohibited from becoming leaders or even marrying who they want….all because they are descendants of slaves. This discrimination is perpetuated in popular media outlets. Demand a real end to caste systems that punish human beings for circumstances beyond their control.

Success: Settlement Reached for the Family of Breonna Taylor

The Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky agreed to pay the family of Breonna Taylor a $12 million settlement and institute changes within the police force. Sign below to thank Mayor Fisher for taking positive steps toward bringing justice to Breonna Taylor.

Investigate Allegations of Forced Hysterectomies in Immigrant Detention Center

Women in a Georgia immigrant detention facility may have been subjected to invasive surgeries in a violation of their human rights. Demand that these reports be investigated to protect the health and wellbeing of those affected.

Investigate Alleged Mass Sterilization of Migrant Women by “Uterus Collector”

Women are reportedly undergoing hysterectomies without their consent at an immigration detention center. This could be the tip of the iceberg of human rights abuses that may include uninhabitable living conditions and imminent health risks. Demand a thorough investigation into these unsettling allegations.

Aid Citizens Still Stranded By Hurricane Laura in Path of New Tropical Storm

Thousands of Louisiana residents have been displaced from their homes without clean water or electricity for weeks in the wake of Hurricane Laura. Relief has been slow to arrive as news of the destruction has competed with other headlining national news. Sign this petition to demand aid for these citizens before more storms hit.

Trump: Do Not Deport Legal Immigrants Who Contribute to Economy

The Trump administration is rolling back a legal means of immigration into the United States for thousands of people who came for humanitarian protection and have contributed to the economy. Soon, immigrants who have been in the US for decades could be forced to leave. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to maintain Temporary Protected Status.

Release Two Dozen Human Rights Activists from Illegal Detainment

Human rights activists, students, journalists, and religious figures have been illegally detained by Cambodian authorities for their peaceful protests. Demand their immediate release.

Don’t Force Prisoners Into Cramped COVID-19 Hot Zone Due to Wildfires

Prisoners in Oregon state are being forced into an already overcrowded penitentiary due to wildfires and rushed evacuations. Authorities have confirmed that the cramped conditions could increase the spread of the coronavirus. Demand the governor protect incarcerated individuals from Covid-19 by allowing the release of eligible prisoners.

Facebook: Don’t Delete Evidence of Human Rights Violations

Facebook’s policy of deleting content it deems offensive could be destroying invaluable evidence needed to convict war criminals. Demand that the company work with other social media networks to preserve potential evidence of human rights violations.

Release Hero Who Inspired “Hotel Rwanda” From Unjust Arrest

Paul Rusesabagina, the heroic Rwandan whose actions during the 1994 genocide brought the crimes in his country to the attention of the world, has been arrested for supporting parties that oppose President Paul Kagame’s government, and held without contact with family or lawyers. Demand that Rusesabagina’s legal rights be recognized and that he be granted a fair trial.

Fire Officers Who Reportedly Shot an Unarmed 13-Year-Old Boy

An unarmed 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome was reportedly shot by police several times while having a mental health episode. He suffered injuries to his shoulder, intestines, bladder and both his ankles. Demand that any officers involved in the shooting be fired and prosecuted.

Forbid Police From Responding to Mental Health Crises

An unarmed 13-year old boy was reportedly shot numerous times by police during an episode of mental distress. Demand that police officers be barred from responding to episodes in which deadly force cannot possibly be justified.

Save Children From Poverty, Despair, and Crushing Inequities

Millions of children are living in poverty, exclusion, and physical and emotional pain under the negligent watch of the European Union. Migrant kids face especially brutal inequities such as no access to meaningful healthcare and depleted educational opportunities. Demand real change that could give these youth a fighting chance.

Stop the Brutal Murder of Women Across Turkey

Women in Turkey are facing a rise in femicide and rape. Demand that the nation’s government protect women from this brutal violence and hold perpetrators accountable.

Protect the LGBTQ Community from Discrimination

LGBTQ communities still face discrimination in every city, county, and state. One city is set to take an important step toward bringing this injustice to an end. Demand that the Great Falls City Commission vote to protect LGBTQ individuals.

Trump: Stop Using Pandemic as an Excuse to Bail Out Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has been given the right to pay far less than normal to the government for the ability to drill on public lands, thanks to the Trump administration’s new coronavirus relief policy. This massive economic handout is depriving American states of desperately needed oil revenues during the pandemic. Demand Trump stop using Covid-19 as an excuse to bail out the fossil fuel industry.

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