Human Rights

Success: United States Can End Harmful “Remain in Mexico” Immigration Policy

The Supreme Court has ruled the Biden administration can end the policy that sent asylum seekers at the southern border back to Mexico. Sign this petition to celebrate this victory.

Don’t Allow Personal Data to Be Used to Enforce Anti-Abortion Laws

Personal data such as period tracking apps, internet search histories, and call and text logs could be used to prosecute pregnant individuals traveling out of state to get abortions as well as those who help them. Call on Congress to protect our digital privacy.

Provide Aid in Aftermath of Earthquake That Killed and Injured Thousands

A killer earthquake has compounded the humanitarian crisis in an already-suffering Afghanistan. Demand restoration of aid to these grieving and shattered communities.

Stop Climate Change From Killing Black Women and Children

Black women in the United States are experiencing a maternal mortality crisis driven by climate disparities. Call on Nancy Pelosi to stop these injustices and end the crisis.

Protect People of Color From Discriminatory Police Response

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are reportedly more likely to experience excessive force and arrest in one Washington County. This racist and discriminatory treatment must end. Call on the sheriff to adopt alternative policing methods.

End Constitutional Exceptions for Slavery

The specter of legalized slavery still lingers in too many state constitutions. Demand lawmakers remove loopholes that leave the door open for forced servitude and bondage in the Land of the Free.

Don’t Turn Away Victims of Next Humanitarian Crisis in Genocide-Ravaged Nation

Refugees are traveling as far as 4,000 miles to escape threats to their lives in Rwanda, the former site of deplorable genocide. Demand a key place of refuge not slam their doors on desperate families.

Crack Down on White Nationalist Violence

Thirty-one Patriot Front men apparently planned an attack at an LGBTQ+ Pride event. The men have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to riot. Call upon officials to ensure this is investigated as a potential domestic terrorist attack.

Don’t Allow Indefinite Detention of Immigrants

Detained immigrants do not have the right to a bond hearing, per a Supreme Court ruling, effectively allowing for their indefinite detention. The US Justice Department must act now to ensure every immigrant has a chance at freedom.

Protect Trans People From Healthcare Discrimination

Healthcare discrimination continues to disproportionately affect transgender people due to a Trump era rule change. Call on the Biden administration to formally reverse these changes to the Affordable Care Act and protect the rights of trans folks.

Stop Millions From Starving Due to Climate Change

The extreme temperatures, droughts, and flooding brought on by climate change have been destroying bigger and bigger portions of the world’s food crops. The U.S. must act to stop increasing worldwide famine. Call on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to take urgent action on climate change.

Stop Hateful Political Attacks Based on Gender Identity

Transgender Americans are being attacked at every angle, from their healthcare to their right to privacy. Urge federal protections for these marginalized populations used and abused by opportunistic politicians.

Punish Apparent Cover-Up of Horrific Sex Abuse by Church Leaders

Church leaders have seemingly once again broken the trust of the youngest members of society by covering up sexual abuse of children. The Southern Baptist Convention reportedly protected accused abusers instead of the children they victimized. Demand justice for these brave survivors.

Don’t Deny Undocumented Youth Access to Work and Study

Most childhood immigrants, known as Dreamers, graduating high school in 2022 won’t be authorized to work in the U.S. These folks are being denied access to opportunity and success in the country they grew up in. Contact House Speaker Pelosi to demand comprehensive immigration laws to protect undocumented immigrants.

Treat All Refugees Equally

Refugees fleeing war-torn countries like Afghanistan are not receiving the same welcoming treatment extended to those from Ukraine. Sign this petition to call on President Biden to treat all refugees equally, regardless of race, religion, or country of origin.

Prevent Civil Rights Abuses and Deadly Tragedies During Arrests

Two unarmed Black men were allegedly shot in the back of the head by police. These deadly incidents occurred in different states just weeks apart. Demand federal authorities take on the task of investigating contentious cases involving law enforcement.

Defend Nation Against Gun Massacres

Every day, Americans are being gunned down in streets, schools, churches, grocery stores, restaurants, and even their own homes. Politicians do nothing but wipe the blood off their hands before attending the next reelection event. Call on them to confront this urgent matter of national security.

Image of a protest sign with white background, gold sparkly border, blue text, and pink hearts. The sign's text reads: "Trans and GNC Youth. We love you. We see you. We stand with you."

Stop Ban on Gender Affirming Treatments for Trans Youth

An attack on trans youth would deny them safe medical treatments and force teachers to ‘out’ students. Stop this latest hate campaign targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

Give Closure to Families of Indigenous Children Kidnapped, Abused, and Killed in Name of Assimilation

Thousands of Native American children were physically and psychologically traumatized at so-called schools operated by the federal government. Many of these children died on school grounds. Demand current leaders help make amends for these still-resonant atrocities.

Don’t Let Judges Control Women’s Bodies

The Supreme Court is poised to launch an attack on women’s reproductive freedom. Demand politicians stop sitting on the fence and take action to protect women’s rights.

Don’t Let Famine Kill Millions

A three-year drought propelled by the climate crisis has put children and countless communities at risk of starvation and malnutrition in Somalia. Other nations are largely ignoring this impending catastrophe. Demand action to stop the next killer famine.

Rescue Trapped Ukrainian Civilians Facing Starvation, Torture, and Slaughter

The lives of thousands of people hang in the balance in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol. They are trapped, starving, desperate, and the targets of possible genocide. Demand international leaders ramp up efforts to save these innocents from annihilation.

Stop Reported Kidnapping, Rape, and Enslavement of Migrant Farm Workers

Death by assault, kidnapping, blackmail, and slavery: these grave abuses allegedly unfolded over years on Georgia’s onion farms. Guest migrant workers desperate for a better life were the apparent victims of mass exploitation. Demand authorities protect these vulnerable humans.

Defend Youth From Transphobic Legislation

Trans rights are under attack. Don’t let transphobic legislation strip youth of their human right to healthcare regardless of their gender identity.

Don’t Deprive Ukrainian Refugees of Fair Work and Family

Ukrainian farm workers are reportedly being underpaid, overworked, and separated from their families in the United Kingdom. Demand better legal protections and employment options for these war-time refugees.

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