Human Rights

Don’t Let Women Die at Hands of Morality Police

Massive protests have erupted in the wake of an Iranian woman’s death in the custody of the morality police. This woman was reportedly deprived of her freedom, and her life, because of a headscarf. Demand real change to prevent the next tragedy.

Success: Rights of Unionizing Workers Supported and Upheld

In the battle between megacorporation Starbucks and its employees, the underdog workers are scoring needed victories with unionization and employee benefits. Applaud these wins for workers’ rights.

Stop Restricting Use of Public Beaches

Maine’s coastline is a beautiful resource that should be accessible to all residents. However, the state has closed off many of its public areas, negatively affecting both tourism and local morale. Support access to public beaches.

Provide Basic Income That Supports America’s Artists

Artists make the world beautiful and many of them live in poverty due to unemployment and low wages. Universal basic income would provide them much-needed relief and time to focus on their creative passions. Demand the president establish a basic income for struggling artists throughout the United States, as the worth of their work is inestimable.

Stop Allowing School Cafeterias to Throw Away Fresh Food

Hundreds of thousands of tons of usable food are thrown away each year in the United States, while millions of people go hungry. Support reducing food waste at schools to help people and the planet.

Stop Exploiting Innocent Refugees for Political Gain

The bussing of refugees by two governors is creating a burden on taxpayers and compounding a humanitarian crisis. Cynical politics is once again taking a devastating real-world toll. Demand a more humane and less exploitative approach to the plight of these people.

Demand Reparations for Victims of British Slave Trade

The Caribbean is struggling to remain financially afloat while weathering the effects of climate change. The British Commonwealth can help by paying reparations to a community they wronged during the slave trade. Demand the new king take moral and financial responsibility for his nation’s troubling history.

Don’t Punish Royal Protesters for Speaking Out Against Colonial Legacy

Protesters in the United Kingdom are reportedly being deprived of their right to free speech in the wake of the queen’s death. Urge authorities to uphold democratic ideals during this grieving period.

Don’t Push Vulnerable People Back Onto the Streets

Essential funds that keep people at risk of COVID housed will soon dry up. Call for a renewal of this funding to save our neighbors in need.

Success: Draconian Abortion Bans Blocked

Pro-choice advocates have secured important recent wins in the fight for reproductive rights. Applaud these victories and what they convey about American beliefs regarding privacy and freedom.

Don’t Allow Water Crisis to Disrupt Education of Black Students

Black university students have been forced into coping without water due to an ongoing crisis exacerbated by recent flooding. Demand the state of Mississippi allocate the proper resources and funding to help them end this catastrophe once and for all.

Justice for Black Pastor Arrested for Watering Plants

Body camera footage shows officers arresting Pastor Michael Jennings for seemingly no reason while he was watering his neighbor’s plants. Demand these officers are terminated, if found guilty of wrongful arrest.

Eliminate Food Waste by Feeding the Hungry

Post-pandemic spikes in unemployment and homelessness have been accompanied by increased national food insecurity. Help feed those living in poverty while reducing runaway food waste.

Protect Millions of People From Flooding Caused by Climate Change

Flooding caused by climate change has submerged one third of Pakistan, forcing half a million people out of their homes. Demand wealthier countries that are responsible for most of the world’s emissions face the consequences of their actions and compensate Pakistan in funding and aid.

Don’t Source Police Manuals From Private, For-Profit Company

Police departments are increasingly using a for-profit company to source their policy manuals. Experts claim the company prioritizes legal protection for officers over preventing police violence. Call on the Justice Department to protect Black lives.

End College’s Support of Food Service Company Used by For-Profit Prisons

Many US universities use the same food service providers as for-profit prisons. Financially, and otherwise, this supports companies profiting from the carceral state. Call on one school to cut its connections with one such company.

Raise Minimum Wage to Slow the Houseless Epidemic

Skyrocketing numbers of people are unable to afford housing in the United States and houselessness is a looming reality for many federal minimum wage workers. Demand lawmakers raise the minimum wage and act against the houseless epidemic.

Stop Detaining Immigrants in Prisons

Immigrants are being held indefinitely in U.S. prisons without any formal criminal charges. This practice is completely inhumane and must be stopped. Call on officials to end this human rights violation.

Provide Accessible Mental Health Treatment to Combat Pandemic-Induced Crisis

The mental health crisis in the United States has reached staggering levels following the Covid-19 pandemic. We can no longer ignore the millions of Americans that need access to basic healthcare. Call on lawmakers to implement universal mental healthcare.

Restore Clean and Abundant Water Supply to Minority Community

Residents of Mississippi’s capital currently have little to no access to drinking water. Years of ineptitude and inaction by state leaders helped create this crisis. Demand these politicians finally invest in their constituents’ future.

Call Mount Rainier By Its Indigenous Name

Indigenous tribes throughout Washington are calling for the state’s largest mountain to have its original name restored. Support this decolonial movement and call on officials to change the name of “Mount Rainier” back to Tahoma.

Starbucks: Support and Uphold the Rights of Unionizing Workers

Starbucks is allegedly engaging in union busting activities after workers organized in hundreds of stores across the country. These workers voted to unionize, and Starbucks needs to support their cause. Demand this company respect workers and engage fairly with their union.

Don’t Sell Private Data to Immigration Enforcement

A company is allegedly selling the private data of individuals to law enforcement agencies, including federal immigration enforcement. This places many people, particularly immigrants, at great risk. Call on the company’s CEO to stop these potential civil rights violations.

Don’t Give Abusers Legal Access to Firearms

A significant loophole in the Violence Against Women Act has allowed stalkers and other perpetrators of physical violence towards women access to firearms. Demand Congress deny these individuals access to deadly guns and put the victims first.

Federally Legalize Cannabis to Stop Unnecessary Incarceration

The criminalization of cannabis at the federal level has, for decades, disproportionately affected communities of color. Demand the Senate take steps towards ending the racial disparities that exist in incarceration for cannabis usage and legalize the drug throughout the U.S.

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