Fund Renewable Energy Solutions in Isolated Communities

Target: Katie S. Dykes, Director of the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

Goal: Implement sustainable energy solutions in remote communities.

Remote Alaskan communities find themselves in the grip of an energy crisis, a dire situation amplified by their geographical seclusion. These isolated regions depend heavily on costly and environmentally harmful diesel generators to meet their energy demands. This disproportionate reliance on diesel power has far-reaching consequences, most notably in terms of environmental impact. Greenhouse gas emissions, driven by the combustion of diesel fuel, are steadily on the rise, contributing significantly to the escalating global climate change crisis.

This issue is twofold, as these communities are not only grappling with the immediate effects of pollution and climate change, but are also locked into an unsustainable and expensive energy infrastructure. The need for a radical shift towards sustainable energy solutions is paramount. Allocating funding and resources to implement clean, renewable energy sources is not just a necessity for these remote Alaskan communities, but a crucial step in mitigating the broader impacts of climate change on a global scale.

Isolated regions are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including thawing permafrost and shifting weather patterns. This jeopardizes the stability and efficiency of existing energy infrastructure, making it imperative to transition to sustainable, renewable energy sources.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action and the allocation of resources by the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection to implement renewable energy solutions in these remote Alaskan communities.


Dear Director Dykes,

We write to you with a profound sense of urgency regarding the critical energy situation in remote Alaskan communities. The prevailing reliance on diesel generators is not only economically unsustainable, but also ecologically disastrous. The consequences of this energy crisis extend far beyond Alaska, as it contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, further accelerating climate change on a global scale.

The unique challenges faced by these isolated communities demand tailored solutions. We implore you to allocate substantial funding and resources to fast-track the implementation of renewable energy alternatives in these areas. Solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy solutions are not only environmentally responsible, but also economically viable in the long term.

The resilience of these communities and the mitigation of climate change are at stake. By supporting renewable energy initiatives in remote Alaskan communities, we can demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices and ensure a more stable and secure future for all.


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Photo Credit: Jim Greenhill

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