Stop Abandoning Refugees in Hour of Need

Target: Dominic Raab, UK Minister for Human Rights

Goal: Do not attempt to separate immigration issues from human rights.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Gaza Strip are currently displaced (without access to critical sustenance) and in constant danger as hostilities continue all around them. Ukrainians are still facing similar refugee struggles a year-plus after the Russian invasion began. And in Africa alone, over 32 million citizens have been displaced in conflict zones.

The latter reality is the subject of a court case in Europe that might further worsen the plight of refugees. The case revolves around whether the United Kingdom (UK) can forcibly remove tens of thousands of asylum seekers to Rwanda. Critics have argued the move would further imperil refugees and violate key parts of the European Convention. Now, UK legislators are even considering removing issues related to refugees and immigration completely from the region’s Human Rights Act.

Sign the petition below to urge restraint on actions that could deal a serious blow to immigrant rights worldwide.


Dear Minister Raab,

With an ever-increasing number of displaced people in all corners of the globe, the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers will continue to be a key aspect of humanitarian efforts. The United Kingdom can be a leader in this cause, or it can chart a path forward defined by instability and inhumanity. The agreement with Rwanda that would lead to forced displacement of scores of human beings is teetering this region toward the latter tragic outcome.

Separating immigration policy from the Human Rights Act would fortify this dangerous course and embolden other nations to treat people in the most desperate need with similar disregard.  Please abandon this ill-fated idea. A ‘not our problem’ approach violates the very mission of this ministry. Refugee rights are human rights.


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