Consumer Protection

Protect Vulnerable Communities From Destructive Tsunamis

Tsunamis are an under-recognized but deadly threat to coastal communities near and far. Demand more expansive funding for the technologies and warning systems that could stop these disasters from becoming insurmountable crises and tragedies.

Prevent Amusement Park Tragedies Following Teenager’s Fall to Death

A teenager lost his life after falling from an amusement park ride, and safety violations could have possibly played a role in the tragedy. Demand accountability in this incident and similar cases where recreation turns deadly.

Don’t Enable Russia’s Censorship

YouTube has become the last man standing in Russia’s war on media and truth. Demand the influential platform resist calls to sever its availability to the Russian people.

Amazon: Stop Selling Suicide Poison

Despite years of pleas, the world’s top online retailer is still peddling a product that’s potentially associated with several suicides. Grieving family members, and Congress itself, have not moved the needle of action. Help enact the needed change and save lives.

Prevent Pandemic of Podcast Disinformation

Podcasting platforms have become the latest haven for conspiracy theorists and opportunistic profiteers spreading chaos and division. Meanwhile, real lives are being destroyed by online lies. Demand leaders stop letting these destructive elements stay unleashed.

Stop Criminal Misuse of Apple Tech Trackers

A new Apple product is the source of serious security concerns. Demand the company take every measure possible to prevent criminals from using AirTag locaters as victim-tracking devices.

Don’t Let Upgraded Mobile Tech Put Flights in Peril

Planned widespread technology that could deliver high-speed internet to the masses could also interfere with important aircraft operations. Airline passengers could be facing even longer delays and more cancellations if miscommunications between the aviation and telecommunications industries are not resolved. Demand a resolution to this consumer crossroads.

Stop Swindling Consumers Desperate for Health and Food Essentials

Major grocery and retail chains are taking advantage of Americans’ desperate need for essential items. Prices on products like groceries and COVID-19 tests are soaring. Demand an end to price gouging that swindles consumers on a devastating scale.

Stop Strangling Innovation and Competition

Patent trolls threaten the vitality of business start-ups and options for consumers. Demand renewed protection against these hostile actors and their abuse of the legal system.

Save Lives From Insidious Suicide Websites

Dangerous online presences may be pushing people in mental health crisis into taking their own lives. Demand tech companies protect consumers from the deadly impact of suicide websites.

Success: Communities Protected From Lead Exposure

Lead-contaminated and health-hazardous drinking water could soon be a danger of the past. Applaud leaders for taking on a long-standing affront to consumer protection.

Stop Deceiving Families About Deplorable Nursing Home Conditions

Five-star nursing homes have allegedly successfully hidden serious negligence and other violations against residents on their grounds. Meanwhile, the government that is supposed to supervise these caregivers and protect citizens often looks the other way. Urge essential reforms in this flawed, misleading, and dangerous system.

Success: Infrastructure to Receive Billion-Dollar Upgrade

America’s infrastructure is about to receive a major boost thanks to continued calls for change. Applaud an investment that will benefit transportation, communication, public health, the environment, and more.

Stop Theft of Shipped Packages That Steals Consumers’ Money and Time

Consumers are losing their already-paid goods to thieves at an alarming rate. These packages disappear from railyards, ports, and backs of trucks. Demand leaders take action to stop this wholesale robbery of the American people.

Nine Concertgoers Killed in Music Festival Disaster Deserve Justice

Thousands of people attended a Houston music festival for fun and instead endured tragedy. Accountability for this mass casualty event can only be achieved with impartial and independent investigations. Demand clear answers for victims and survivors.

Stop Gutting Homeowner’s Insurance for Benefit of Corporations

Florida homeowners are facing setbacks in their insurance coverage and their ability to receive just compensation from unscrupulous insurers. Demand the state prioritize these valued consumers over corporate greed.

Stop Deadly Chemicals from Harming Families

Chemicals that are linked to infertility, brain tumors, Parkinson’s disease and leukemia are in products we use everyday. Tell the EPA to do its job and get these deadly chemicals out of our homes.

Ban the Use of Toxic Teflon in Cookware

Teflon contains hazardous chemicals that accumulate in the human body and never biodegrade. Ban its use in cookware and utensils.

Remove Images of Murder and Other Viral Violent Content From Social Media

When images of a young woman’s lifeless body went viral on social media, the quest for justice for her and her family began. Urge a Congress supposedly determined to take on social media giants to hold these corporate entities accountable for their inaction on violent content.

Bust Big Tech’s Mobile App Monopoly

Big tech bullying of app stores and developers is undermining the marketplace and robbing millions of consumers of choice. Demand an end to these underhanded business practices.

Don’t Let Social Media Become Haven for Anti-Semitic Hate

Anti-Semitism is alive and thriving on social media platforms like Facebook. Demand this company take a stronger lead in keeping disinformation and hate speech from reaching millions of consumers.

Stop Putting Apparently Poisonous Makeup on the Market

A toxic substance found in popular cosmetics could be putting the health of countless consumers at risk. Demand regulatory agencies hold the non-transparent makers of these potentially hazardous products to a much higher standard.

Stop Playing Tug-of-War With Embattled Consumers

Northern Ireland is the latest center of dispute between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The region’s consumers are set to bear the brunt of the burden of these continued fights. Urge cooler heads to prevail and a unified plan of action to emerge.

Stop Unfairly Cutting Consumers From Credit Options

Credit is too often the death blow to consumers wanting that long-sought-after big purchase. Individuals with the ability to pay should not be defined by one number. Demand the replacement of credit scores with a more inclusive and accurate system for lenders and borrowers.

Prevent Further Tragedy Due to Deteriorating Infrastructure

A condo’s collapse in Florida may have killed over 150 people. Disturbing reports have emerged about strong warnings regarding the building’s safety…warnings that were apparently ignored. Urge a stronger standard for accountability as the search for answers continues.

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