Bust Big Tech’s Mobile App Monopoly

Target: Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Give greater freedom to developers and consumers in mobile marketplace.

Tech giants like Apple and Google have often been accused of monopolizing markets and unfairly squeezing out competitors. Their practices might make them winners, but in the end consumers and smaller businesses lose out because they lack choices. A bipartisan effort could soon give consumers more freedom and control in the online marketplace, though.

Three senators on both sides of the aisle introduced the Open App Markets Act. This legislation, in the senators’ own words, would create “fair, clear, and enforceable rules” concerning the allowance of third-party apps on major platforms logging more than 50,000,000 users. Currently, these conglomerates have what is known as gatekeeper control over the main mobile operating systems. They dictate all aspects of app distribution and can and do leverage terms in favor of their own app markets. For example, iPhone users have a tough if not impossible time installing third-party app stores or content purchased from these stores on their phones. Apple has also been accused of punishing and making progress difficult for developers who try to distribute their apps through an alternative outlet.

The new legislation, if enacted, would remove these roadblocks and barriers for consumers and developers alike. Sign the petition below to support this important protective effort on its journey through Congress.


Dear Senator Schumer,

Co-sponsor Senator Richard Blumenthal made the case best for the Open App Markets Act. He characterized this safeguard against “Big Tech bullying” as an effort that would “break these tech giants’ iron-clad grip, open the app economy to new competitors, and give mobile users more control over their own devices.” Officially, the legislation would allow an easier path for third-party app stores and app developers on leading global platforms.

At its core, this effort would also bolster a free and fair marketplace, shatter damaging anti-competitive practices, lend a hand to start-ups, and enhance consumer choice. With a major antitrust investigation just concluded and a broad-based antitrust legislative push recently introduced, now is the time to stand behind small businesses and consumers and promote the competition that sustains capitalism. Please bring this essential bipartisan effort to the floor for debate and a vote as soon as possible.


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