Stop Gutting Homeowner’s Insurance for Benefit of Corporations

Target: Jimmy Patronis, Florida Chief Financial Officer

Goal: Support expanded insurance coverage and greater legal power for homeowners.

Florida is a frequent target for natural disasters, particularly hurricanes and floods that cause a tremendous amount of property damage. Homeowners are already at a disadvantage because their insurance policies often do not cover many of these events. Now the state has made matters even worse for these consumers with a number of policy shifts that seem to look out for the interests of insurance corporations rather than the citizens they supposedly serve.

The series of proposals, signed off by Governor Ron DeSantis, cripple the state’s public homeowner’s insurance option by enabling insurers to ratchet up rates exponentially year-by-year. Officials have even outright stated they want to force individuals, most of them disadvantaged, off the public option. In the name of allegedly increased marketplace competition, the state will also make the process much more difficult for people who want to take unscrupulous insurers to court. In addition, homes with roofs older than a decade will receive significantly less roof damage coverage under the new rules. Once again, the wins and the savings go to the insurers instead of the insured.

Sign the petition below to urge Florida leaders to stand up for consumers by standing against these reverse Robin Hood actions.


Dear Mr. Patronis,

With the horrific damage increasingly wrought by the climate crisis, homeowners in America need more protection than ever, particularly in coastal locations like Florida. Yet officials in this state have time and again chosen to strip needed safeguards for individuals and families who are making one of the most important purchases of their lives. The recent policy decisions concerning Citizens Property Insurance, the lesser coverage for older roofs, and the enhanced shields for insurers against lawsuits have tilted the scales decisively in favor of big-money insurance corporations.

Once again, the people stand to lose the most. Please use your influence as the head of the consumer services and insurance divisions to advocate for a reversal of these damaging dictates. Make consumer protection, not corporate protection, the true mission of this agency.


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