Consumer Protection

Stand Up for Consumers’ Reproductive and Medical Rights

Walgreens has decided to stop distributing the drug needed for medical abortions, bowing to empty threats from opportunistic politicians that apparently matter more than serving all of its consumers equally. Demand a different course of action from another pharmacy influencer.

Demand Transparency in Political Advertising Law

A new law meant to encourage much-needed transparency in political advertising could unintentionally open the door to suppression of free speech. Demand a well-purposed legal text to promote free speech and pluralism on the internet.

Don’t Put Dangerous Dark Chocolate on the Shelves

Dark chocolate poses a possible health risk to consumers due to the reported excessively high levels of dangerous metal found within it. Urge more steps be taken to curtail this ongoing alleged hazard.

Microsoft: Stop Promoting Online Disinformation

A platform affiliated with Microsoft is letting millions of dollars flow to websites flagged for spreading blatant disinformation. Such a step has the potential to spread harmful lies and hate speech on the web. Demand a ban on funding disinformation sites.

Demand Official Investigation of Alleged Accounting Fraud Scheme

A top conglomerate has been accused of stock market manipulation in a crucial report by a major law firm. The subsequent investor fallout resulted in a loss of some $110 billion in its value. Demand an official inquiry by the government.

Success: Tesla’s Reportedly Dangerous Self-Driving Cars Under Investigation

The Autopilot suite in Tesla vehicles has been under the scanner of federal agencies due to its alleged responsibility for multiple crashes. The Department of Justice requested further clarifications from the company on this matter. Acknowledge this timely action taken by the US Government.

Don’t Let Consumers Become Digital Pirates or Victims of Piracy

Chatbots, image generators, and other content creation hubs powered by artificial intelligence are on the rise and raising complex questions about digital piracy. Demand leaders provide legal clarity on this sticky subject.

Don’t Let Antifreeze in Cough Syrup Claim Kids’ Lives

Children have allegedly died after taking a commonly used medicine: cough syrup. Demand an immediate and comprehensive investigation into this urgent consumer health crisis.

Ban Cancer Causing Chemical in ‘Roundup’ Weedkiller

The chemical in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller causes aggravated cancer risks, according to a recent study. Demand the EPA impose tougher restrictions on this dangerous chemical.

Fast Track Investigation Into Potentially Dangerous Tesla Autopilot Feature

Tesla’s much-hyped autopilot technology has been involved in several fatalities in recent years. The Department of Transportation recently initiated an investigation into an eight-vehicle crash disrupting the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Demand a speedy resolution of the probe to ensure the safety of America’s roads.

Stop Gas Stoves From Lighting Flame to Environment and Kids’ Health

Gas stoves are a source of dangerous carcinogens and cause 12 percent of childhood asthma. Yet, vested interests are trying to prevent a shift to proven safter alternatives. Demand leaders prioritize public well-being and ban these health hazards.

Don’t Let Benefit Cuts Overburden Struggling Consumers

The poorest UK citizens could soon lose important benefits that boost their quality of life and their ability to be fully participating consumers in the marketplace. Demand leaders reject an idea that would only favor the rich.

Amazon: Answer to Accusations of Stealing Tips From Delivery Drivers

Amazon has reportedly been raking in tens of millions of dollars in tip money intended for workers. Tell the company to stop its apparent deception of consumers and employees.

Amazon: Be Transparent Regarding Offensive Streaming Content

Amazon recently decided to keep an antisemitic documentary on its video streaming platform. Naturally, there was some backlash from those who may feel the film is a personal attack on their identity. Urge the CEO of Amazon Web Services to create a more transparent system for how the company chooses content to protect all paying consumers.

Stop Holding the US Back From Economic Growth

President Joe Biden’s efforts to produce more goods domestically have spurred conflict regarding trading relationships between western countries. However, growth in the US means increased trade opportunity for the world and it should be encouraged. Urge international leaders to give the US a chance to show the benefits of its economic growth.

Break Up Ticketmaster’s Live Entertainment Monopoly

A day of excitement for eager concert fans quickly transformed into crushing disappointment. A major monopoly dominating the music industry shares a large part of the blame. Help end Ticketmaster’s overreaching stranglehold on the consumer experience.

Don’t Let Twitter Imperil Consumer Privacy

The personal data of millions of Twitter users could be at risk. Demand authorities stop company chaos from making consumers collateral damage.

Protect Consumers From Losing Big in Cryptocurrency Bubble Burst

Cryptocurrency is in freefall, and it is taking investors along for the ride. Demand leaders protect consumers from unchecked and unregulated greed.

Don’t Squeeze Every Dollar Out of Distressed Consumers

A popular low-price discount store may be unfairly overcharging customers for its supposed bargain buys. Call for an end to these reportedly deceptive practices.

Stop Political Attacks From Escalating Into Real-Life Attacks

Political attack ads are seemingly helping drive extremism and violence. Demand a social media giant push for truth and transparency in political ads on behalf of consumers.

Stop Charging More to Dairy-Free Customers at Coffee Shops

Some people prefer non-dairy milk in their coffee drinks and others may require it because of medical dietary restrictions. However, this often-necessary modification costs the consumer more money at Dunkin’ coffee shops. Demand Dunkin’ support consumers’ needs and stop charging more for non-dairy milk.

Don’t Let Soccer Fans Die For Sport

A massive sports event turned into a massive tragedy after 131 people died at a soccer game. Serious violations and breaches allegedly fueled the deadly crush and stampede. Call for accountability and needed change to protect players and fans.

Prevent Offshore Wind Turbines From Destroying Fishing Industry

Offshore wind turbines have serious potential to disrupt the local fishing industry, putting legacy fishermen at risk. Demand these turbines undergo strict review to ensure that workers don’t lose their livelihoods in the name of preserving the environment.

Cut Credit Card Fees That Overburden Consumers

Consumers could save hundreds of dollars a year if changes to the credit card fee system come to pass. Demand lawmakers side with Americans over powerful and greedy conglomerates.

Keep Potential Anorexia and Bulimia Inducers Out of Kids’ Hands

Weight loss supplements are fueling the fire of the eating disorder epidemic amongst teens. Demand lawmakers take action to curb the sale of these possibly dangerous substances.

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