Don’t Let Upgraded Mobile Tech Put Flights in Peril

Target: Jessica Rosenworcel, Chair of Federal Communications Commission

Goal: Heed concerns about potential interference of telecommunications technology with aircraft.

The long-planned 5G rollout by telecommunications companies is supposed to transform and fundamentally improve the way Americans utilize high-speed mobile networks. Another powerful consumer industry has concerns that the potential risks may outweigh benefits in some cases, however. The airline industry recently expressed worries that the frequency bands of 5G could interfere with key aviation equipment and, in the process, delay countless flights.

Specifically, the technology could adversely impact the effectiveness of altimeters, which help pilots navigate and land in conditions of low visibility. Certain aircraft, like the Boeing 787 and even Medevac helicopters, could experience particular problems with landing safely. Concern about these risks has already led to the cancellation of several flights.

While similar rollouts have not caused havoc in other countries, U.S. technology may pose more of a risk because the signals in the 5G technology more closely mirror aviation tech frequencies. In addition, American communications towers tend to put out more powerful signals. Any 5G networking deployed close to an airport may therefore pose a potential problem. Many airline and aircraft operators are not willing to take this chance.

While a temporary pause has been put on the 5G rollout, the planned action could resume in a matter of days. Sign the petition below to urge an indefinite delay until a compromise can be reached that protects all consumers in all involved sectors.


Dear Ms. Rosenworcel,

Never gamble with consumer safety. This creed should be at the heart of the debate about when a widespread 5G technology rollout should take place. Meeting artificial deadlines should not matter when experts in one industry are sounding alarms about potentially dangerous mishaps taking place literally in mid-air. Just because other countries have launched this technology smoothly (under different circumstances) does not mean you throw caution to the wind.

Remember that these other nations—such as France—took necessary steps to curb dangers such as diminishing the power of 5G frequencies near airports. This country should more deeply assess the matter and, most importantly, listen to the experts who know best. Please take as much time as needed to develop a comprehensive rollout plan that does not benefit one set of consumers at great expense to another group.


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  1. Tech companies just want more money. They don’t care if a plane goes down and people die. This is one time that the government needs to step in and say “no more”. It’s time to make companies responsible for their actions.

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