Save Lives From Insidious Suicide Websites

Target: Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

Goal: Limit visibility and prominence of websites that encourage suicide.

For too many people, the holiday season is not a time of good cheer but a crushing period where the deep anguish they feel is amplified. Suicide rates often skyrocket during this time of year. And when individuals experiencing seemingly unbearable emotional pain seek aid online, sometimes they do not find a helping hand. Instead, they find a hand ready to push them toward despair and, tragically, death.

So-called suicide websites have become a dangerous presence online. A major newspaper recently published an investigation into one such site. According to the report, the site allegedly gives individuals explicit instructions on how to take their own lives. Members have reportedly posted goodbye threads on the site…never to be heard from again. The reporting alleges that this one site alone contributed to the suicides of 45 people.

Congress recently called on the Department of Justice to explore options for a criminal investigation. Perhaps more critically, they implored technology companies to monitor these sites and restrict access when discovered. Sign the petition below to urge prominent tech giant Google to heed these calls and help safeguard vulnerable consumers from deadly exploitation.


Dear Mr. Pichai,

So many consumers rely on your search engines to educate and enlighten them. Especially during these volatile times, vulnerable people go online searching for something deeper. You do not want to lead them directly to entities that would exploit and manipulate their pain. An investigation by the New York Times recently revealed the troubling rise of websites that promote, encourage, and perhaps even aid and abet suicide.

Will Google be known as a company that helps save lives or helps end them? Please honor the bipartisan calls of America’s leaders to closely monitor this growing threat and to keep these dark websites that feed on pain and despair from gaining an even more dangerous foothold on the world wide web.


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  1. patricia schwartzman says:

    I am just quoting someone that said that ‘TECHMNOLOGY’ was created by Satan …

  2. patricia schwartzman says:


  3. If you do not have the right to your own body, and life, or the ending of that life, and voluntary destruction of that body – what do you have the right to. THE RIGHT TO DIE MUST BE PROTECTED. *In 2015 had a family member with terminal cancer, who was in a LOT of pain. I helped them to die, ( by building them an “exit bad/suicide hood” ),and I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets. I am am sick to death, ( no pun intended), of all the holier-than-thou, sanctimonious, judgmental “religi-tards/jesus apes” out there who just can’t seem to mind their own damn business! *It’s like the abortion issue… Don’t want an abortion? Fine – then, don’t have one. Don’t “believe” in suicide? Fine – then, don’t do it. MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS.

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