Consumer Protection

End War on Peaceful And Just Trade Resolution

The abrupt shut down of the World Trade Organization’s higher court puts all consumers at risk. Global trade wars could become the new norm, with consumers and businesses being the collateral damage casualties of war. Urge an end to this self-serving assault that could hurt millions worldwide.

Hold Ford Accountable for Allegedly Endangering Auto Consumers’ Lives

Ford consumers lives and pocketbooks were endangered due to the company’s apparent neglect of a transmission problem. These malfunctions reportedly caused cars to shutter, loose acceleration, and even stop abruptly. Demand company officials who seemingly instigated a cover-up face the consequences.

End Financial Fraud Among U.S. Companies

Big business has waged financial fraud against people in need by hiding behind the anonymity of their owners. Demand that this change.

Stop Discriminating Against Women Credit Card Holders

Apple card gives women far lower credit offers than men, apparently judging them to be less trustworthy in a blatant act of discrimination. Sign our petition to demand that this unfair treatment be ended immediately.

Black Diamond: Stop Propping Up the Gun Industry

If you buy outdoor gear from Black Diamond, your dollars are helping finance the manufacture of ammunition designed to kill. In an age of mass shootings, no company that assists us in enjoying the outdoors should be involved in the gun industry. Tell Black Diamond’s parent company to divest from Sierra Bullets.

Navient: Stop Swindling Student Loan Borrowers

A top company has allegedly compounded the financial woes of millions of students through illegal and deceptive action. Urge this enterprise to honor its oath to faithful customers.

Protect Disabled Riders of Public Transportation from Injury

The safety of disabled riders is being put at risk by a new Bay Area transit entrance design. Now, with the first gates opened for service in parts of the region’s train system, their worries are a reality. Demand Board President Dufty stop using these dangerous, potentially injurious gates now.

Prevent Financially Devastating Presidential-Imposed Tariffs

American consumers and workers will take a financial hit if President Trump imposes tariffs on Mexico. This will put a strain on farmers and send the price of agricultural products through the roof. Demand U.S. leaders unite to end this presidential-imposed tax on Americans before it begins.

Stop Monsanto From Allegedly Deceiving Public

The Monsanto company and its chemicals’ apparent link to cancer has been carefully hidden from the public for years. Journalists who do voice their concerns are reportedly attacked and discredited by the company. This is unacceptable, and it must stop. Pressure the Monsanto company to start cleaning up their act.

Uber: Pay Employees a Fair Wage

Uber is refusing to pay its drivers decently, putting customer satisfaction and employee well-being at risk. Demand Uber leadership use promising stock market prospects to improve the lives of loyal employees and consumers alike.

Put an End to the Net Neutrality Stalemate

Net neutrality may again be shot down, thanks to critics who have already doomed many citizens to a censored and restricted internet. Demand that Congress step up and defend our right to equal web access.

Stop Letting Free-Range Meat Go to Waste

There are literally tons of free-range, organic and free lean meat rotting on America’s roadways. States that have legalized roadkill harvest attest to the benefits both to low income resident and to local public works budgets. Help advance common-sense roadkill laws.

Stop Promoting Businesses Accused of Sexual Assault and Rape

TripAdvisor promotes businesses whose staff were accused of sexual assault and rape. Sign this petition to demand they provide safe services to its users.

Success: Alliance Formed to Combat Sexism in Advertising

U.N. Women and several big companies have joined together to form an alliance against sexism in advertising. This is a big step for the advertising world, which has continued to rely on gender stereotypes and hypersexualization for years. Sign this petition to thank the Unstereotype Alliance for tackling this issue.

Success: United Airlines Compensates and Apologizes to Passenger Dragged Off Flight

A passenger was forcibly and violently dragged off a United Airlines flight, sparking public backlash. The company has finally accepted full responsibility for what occurred and has promised to make the necessary changes. Sign this petition to thank United Airlines for stepping up.

Tell Home Depot: Remove Toxic Chemicals From Your Shelves

A home improvement project shouldn’t expose you or your family to dangerous chemicals. But right now you can walk into The Home Depot and buy paint strippers containing chemicals tied to more than 50 deaths nationwide and which are linked to liver and lung cancer. Urge Home Depot to stop selling products containing these deadly chemicals.

Success: Company Pulls Ads from Bill O’Reilly’s Show after Claims of Sexual Harassment

The web company Angie’s List has pulled ads from Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News talk show after multiple women accused the television commentator of sexual harassment. Thank the company for putting women’s rights and safety before their own financial bottom line.

Success: Starbucks Begins Placing Recycling Containers in Stores

Starbucks has been in the spotlight for years because of how many of their cups end up in landfills. However, they have recently begun placing recycling containers and testing completely recyclable cups in the UK. Sign this petition to show your support and ensure this action continues.

Success: Wells Fargo CEO Steps Down Under Pressure

Wells Fargo’s CEO has decided to leave his position as investigations continue into the company’s use of illegal banking practices. Lawmakers have called for his resignation because they believe the executive may have known about the illegal acts for years. Praise Stumpf’s decision to leave the company.

Success: Wells Fargo CEO Steps Down After Scandal

A top banking executive is resigning in the wake of a massive scandal of which he allegedly had direct knowledge. Commend the campaign that led to this response.

Success: Philadelphia Becomes First Major City to Implement Soda Tax

Philadelphia has become the first major U.S. city to institute a tax on soda and other unhealthy beverages. Applaud the passage of this progressive new measure.

Success: Campbell’s to Stop Using BPA

Renowned soup manufacturer Campbell’s has vowed to eliminate a dangerous chemical from its soup cans. Praise the company’s dedication to a cleaner and healthier product.

Success: Tampon Company Publicly Lists Ingredients

The ingredients of a corporation’s tampons will now be listed on their website and packaging after a woman lost her leg due to toxic shock syndrome when she used a tampon labeled ‘natural.’ Applaud this decision that will make the ingredients of this corporation’s tampons and pads transparent to all consumers.

End Misleading Supermarket Prices

Misleading price tags designed to trick consumers are being used by major supermarkets. Protect shoppers from dishonest deals and support fair and accurate pricing.

Campbell Soup

Success: Campbell Soup to Identify GMO Ingredients on Labels

The Campbell Soup company will now show GMO ingredients on their products’ labels. Applaud their decision to be more transparent in what consumers are eating and drinking.

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