Consumer Protection

Recall Cancerous Sunscreen Products

Sunscreen is meant to protect us from skin cancer, yet the FDA allows unsafe levels of known carcinogens in many commonly used sunscreens. Urge the FDA to recall these products, and make sunscreens safe for everyone.

Prevent Deception and Fraud in Online Retail

Consumers may at last have recourse for damages suffered in the often-abused digital marketplace. Demand transparency and accountability from online retailers.

Success: Action Taken to Save Infants From Harmful Foods

Infants are exposed to poisoned and improperly labeled baby foods due to a lack of regulation. Thanks to proposed legislation, this concern can be a thing of the past. Sign this petition to applaud the Baby Food Safety Act of 2021.

Stop Endangering People With Toxic Chemicals in Food

The Kraft-Heinz company allegedly poisons consumers with dangerous chemicals in their processed foods. Phthalates are linked to serious health issues like thyroid disorder and sexual dysfunction. Sign this petition to protect consumers from this ghastly substance.

Idaho, Stop Taxing Periods

Menstrual products are subject to a sales tax in Idaho, where hair loss treatment is not. This taxation of menstruating individuals is an act of discrimination and must be put to a stop. Tell Idaho to stop taxing periods.

Stop Poisoning Infants With Toxic Baby Foods

Infants are victims of poisoned and improperly labeled baby foods due to a lack of regulation surrounding heavy metal content. These toxins can cause illness that lasts throughout their lives. Sign this petition to protect children from harm.

Wisconsin: Stop Taxing Periods

In Wisconsin, menstrual products are subject to luxury tax, while gun club memberships are not.This inequitable taxation of menstruating people is discriminatory and unconstitutional. Tell Wisconsin to stop taxing periods.

Provide Communities Battered by Punishing Winter Weather With Sustainable Power

Millions of people were left defenseless against a merciless Arctic storm. The power grid that should have protected them failed in devastating fashion. Urge needed changes to this dangerous and deadly system.

Make the Stock Market Fair for All

The GameStop frenzy has exposed an unjust system where rich hedge fund managers rake in billions by regularly manipulating the market to their advantage. Demand better trading practices that give every investor, and every American a fighting chance.

Stop Peddling Products Containing Animals to Unsuspecting Consumers

Consumers looking for plant-based products must carefully read labels to ensure their purchases are not derived from animals. With society moving in this direction, urge the government to make it mandatory to clearly label any product that is made from animals or their parts.

Stop the Spread of Covid-19 at Costco Stores

Costco’s nearly 100 million customers must flock to the stores to redeem their member coupons, exposing themselves and others to Covid-19. Call upon this company to make these member checks redeemable online, so people can stay home and stop the spread of the global virus.

Success: Facebook Cracks Down on Hate-Filled Propaganda-Spreader QAnon

Facebook has taken decisive action against a rapidly growing provocateur of hateful propaganda and violence. Legions of QAnon manipulators will now be left without a home base for their dangerous disinformation campaigns. Support Facebook’s full-on ban of this defamatory agent of chaos.

Walmart: Don’t Become Super-Spreader of COVID-19

Walmart has seemingly enabled non-compliance with mask-wearing, putting lives in danger. Failure to follow public health guidance from real professionals has helped proliferate the spread of COVID-19. Urge Walmart to enforce its own rules and protect public health in the process.

Don’t Allow Trump’s Hygiene Routine to Sway Energy Regulations

Rules that have saved consumers untold millions in energy costs could be abandoned, all due to complaints from President Trump. The destruction of valuable conservation laws benefits no one and is an obscene waste of time during the ongoing crises. Demand that this plan be dropped.

Demand Corporations Display Political Contributions on Their Websites

Big businesses donate millions to political campaigns each year. The recipients of these donations are not often disclosed, giving consumers little choice as to where their money goes. Demand that businesses be forced to make their donations available for public view.

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Amazon: Stop Making Facial Recognition Tech Used For Racial Profiling

Amazon is continuing to produce facial recognition products that contribute to racial profiling, even as other tech companies like IBM are vowing to drop this dangerous technology. As stories of police brutality saturate national headlines, Amazon’s decision to keep supplying these tools for discrimination sends a clear message of complicity. Demand that Amazon discontinue the production of all facial recognition products immediately.

Provide Funding for Struggling Globe Theater During Coronavirus Lockdown

London’s Globe Theater may be on the verge of shutting down forever due to decreased income, thanks to the stay-at-home regulations during the coronavirus outbreak. Venues such as this theater are not eligible for government emergency funding, but they are more important than people realize. Sign this petition to protect a big part of London’s rich cultural landscape.

Stop Vastly Inflating Prices on Essential Goods During Pandemic

Consumers are feeling the stranglehold from unethical businesses that are pricing them out of essential goods and services. Price-gouging is the latest disastrous consequence of COVID-19, but national leaders can ease the pain. Demand consumer protection from preposterous price-gouging.

Protect Consumer Credit Battered by COVID-19 Crisis

Countless Americans could have their lives ruined by bad credit due to the economic crisis ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic. This could plague them well into the future, affecting their ability to purchase homes and finance businesses. Urge relief for consumers being unfairly penalized for circumstances beyond their control.

Save USPS from Privatization at the Hands of Big Corporations

If opportunistic politicians have their way, corporations may soon be determining when and if Americans get their mail. Without a critical lifeline, the nation’s postal service legacy could vanish. Help rescue this important American institution.

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Success: Restrictions on Plant-Based Food Labeling Dismissed

A ridiculous ban on the use of words like “burger” and “sausage” in plant-based food labels has been dismissed in the Netherlands. This ban would have forced plant-based food companies to sell their products using such unappetizing terms “veggie discs” or “protein tubes.” Sign this petition to thank the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for their wise decision to reject this unnecessary ban.

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Protect Privacy of Video Chat Users Who Were Falsely Promised Data Security

The video chat company Zoom falsely claimed to provide end-to-end encryption that would protect its users’ privacy. Demand that Zoom actually implement this encryption to ensure the safety of the individuals, businesses, schools, and even medical and government entities that rely on its services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stop Excessive Toilet Paper Hoarding That Damages Environment

The rampant stockpiling of toilet paper throughout America in the wake of the coronavirus is not only greedy, but dangerous. The need for this much toilet paper could lead to the cutting down of more trees to produce it, as at least one major paper product company still uses tree pulp rather than recycled materials; this could lead to even more deforestation than is already happening. Sign this petition to put a stop to the “toilet paper apocalypse.”

Stop Leaving Cell Phone Consumers Stranded in Life-or-Death Emergencies

Consumers are dying because they mistakenly relied on their cell phones’ outdated location services during life-threatening emergencies. A majority of 911 calls come from mobile phones, but penny-pinching providers will not upgrade their technology to ensure desperate callers can be found. Demand these careless companies stop putting lives at risk.

Stop E-Cigarette Company’s Advertisements on Kids’ TV Networks

The Juul e-cigarette company has been sued for purchasing ad space on children’s networks, including an affiliate geared towards preschoolers. The vaping crisis among today’s youth is already at dangerous levels, and Juul’s flagrant irresponsibility will only worsen things. Demand Juul remove their dangerous ads from these networks immediately.

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