Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Fly Rainbow Pride Flags in Classrooms to Support Bullied Youth

The rainbow pride flag, a symbol of safety for some of the nation’s most marginalized youth, is being attacked and banned in classrooms. This is the latest toxic behavior coming from self-centered adults in America’s school systems. Demand one school district lift its destructive ban on this LGBTQ+ symbol.

Grow Grains Capable of Fighting Climate Change and World Hunger

Sustainable grains, an unlikely but powerful ally, can help the world survive the climate crisis. This crop grows yearly without replanting, reducing the need for destructive farming practices. Demand global investment in sustainable grains that can put farmers on the front lines of successfully combating climate change.

Apparent Exotic Animal Hoarder Accused of Allowing Zebras to Escape Must be Punished

The case of the escaped zebras took a tragic turn when one died in a snare trap and another was found dead on the owner’s property. The owner is accused of hoarding exotic animals and has been accused of multiple violations in the past. Demand authorities prosecute him.

Protect Orangutans, Tigers, and Forests From Law-Breaking Palm Oil Producers

Illegal palm oil production is ramping up at the expense of forests and the climate. Demand the global palm oil leader enforce its own rules to protect vital habitats and punish flagrant violators.

Stop Dangerous Descent Into Authoritarian Rule

Poland is once again slipping into authoritarianism, and the results could be dire and far-reaching. Demand the government cease and desist efforts to extricate itself from widely popular European Union membership.

Don’t Support Deplorable Detention and Abuse of Refugees

African refugees are facing abuse, death, and inhuman detention in Libya. One of the world’s most powerful alliances is apparently funding and enabling these violations. Urge the European Union to think twice about its support for an escalating human rights crisis.

Save Giant Sequoias From Fiery Destruction

Three-thousand-year-old trees are being destroyed by human recklessness. Giant sequoias deserve and need protection from human-driven infernos. Demand more resources be devoted to protecting these irreplaceable giants.

Stop Slaughtering Pigs and Killing Marine Life in the Process

Farms are slaughtering pigs at an unprecedented rate, and are also responsible for the deaths of countless marine animals. Urge an end to this industry’s reckless and immoral practices.

Topple Tax Havens and Legal Shields for Billionaires

All manner of financial crimes have found safe harbor in the United States. The wealthy, powerful, and criminal from around the world are legally protected and their billions shielded. Call for an end to the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else.

Stop Silencing Victims of Workplace Abuse With Threats of Legal Recourse

Workplace harassment and violence are enabled and protected by non-disclosure agreements. These forms of legal intimidation have silenced victims and survivors for too long. Demand an end to their misuse and abuse.

Success: Majestic Land and Marine Monuments Restored After Disastrous Trump Cuts

Awe-inspiring natural wonders have endured relentless assaults from the fishing and drilling industries. Federally protected monuments in Utah and New England sustained some of the most egregious attacks. Applaud the reversal of fortune that will protect these regions and all their inhabitants.

Protect Hundreds of Greyhounds from Cruel Deaths Due to Blood Sport

Hundreds of greyhound dogs die in the United Kingdom every year—and many more are abused and abandoned—to feed the greed of the racing industry. Demand government officials who are supposed to protect these animals finally prohibit exploitative greyhound racing.

Don’t Withhold Life-Saving COVID-19 Vaccines From the Poor

Moderna, maker of arguably the world’s best vaccine against COVID-19, is striking deals almost entirely with rich countries at the expense of poor and more at-risk populations. Demand a balancing of the scales for public health efforts that will ultimately help the entire world.

Remove Images of Murder and Other Viral Violent Content From Social Media

When images of a young woman’s lifeless body went viral on social media, the quest for justice for her and her family began. Urge a Congress supposedly determined to take on social media giants to hold these corporate entities accountable for their inaction on violent content.

Combat Climate Change to Prevent Global Water Crisis

Water shortages and disasters could cause a catastrophic global state of emergency. The United Nations warns of massive turmoil for Earth and all its living beings as a result. Demand America set the right example for a planet wasting its most precious resource.

Stop Torture and Slaughter of Animals for Fur Sales

Fur farms are ground zero for torture and slaughter that rivals the worst animal cruelty cases. Importing and selling fur products with a horrifying legacy allows abusers to profit from this cruelty. Demand the United Kingdom uphold its pledge to protect animal rights by banning barbaric fur sales once and for all.

End Government-Backed Execution and Oppression of LGBTQ+ Populations

LGBTQ+ Malaysians face criminalization, ostracization, and often torture and death…all permitted by a government that is seeking a place on the human rights council. Demand world leaders take this nation to task for a hypocritical and deeply damaging stance that has hurt millions of people.

Success: Exploited Food Delivery Workers’ Rights Restored

Food delivery workers have experienced gross underpayment and threats to their dignity and safety. They deserve better after giving sustenance and stability to Americans through natural disasters, pandemics, and other challenges. Applaud a major city’s plan to better protect these essential employees’ rights.

Don’t Feed Mad Cow-Infected Animal Remains to Livestock

Farm animals may soon be forced to consume the remains of other animals, exposing them to a fatal infectious illness in the process. Demand a stop to this disgusting practice.

Bust Big Tech’s Mobile App Monopoly

Big tech bullying of app stores and developers is undermining the marketplace and robbing millions of consumers of choice. Demand an end to these underhanded business practices.

Give Peace to Family of Missing Black Man

The family of missing 24-year-old Daniel Robinson wants his case to receive the same focus as higher-profile mysteries. Help shine a brighter spotlight on the pain of Black families who feel left behind in their quest for answers.

Stop Rampant Animal Cruelty and Abuse in Birthplace of Domestication

One of the birthplaces of animal domestication is reportedly brimming with unchecked abuses against dogs, goats, and a host of other creatures. No laws currently exist to protect these vulnerable animals. Demand a transformation of Kurdistan from safe harbor for animal cruelty to torch-bearer of animal rights.

Don’t Promote Bullfighting and Other Cruelty in “Jackass” Franchise

The soon-to-be-released movie ‘Jackass Forever’ allegedly includes multiple incidents of abuse involving snakes, bulls, and other captive animals. Demand the producers of this “reality” show wake up to the realities of animal exploitation.

Stop Funding Climate Killers

America’s banks and lenders are subsidizing pollution that is wrecking the environment and unleashing economic chaos. Help put these climate crisis enablers in the hot seat.

Prevent Pet Food From Becoming Deadly Superbug Factory

Raw pet foods and antibiotic-injected livestock feed pose an imminent threat to humans and the animals that consume them. Both products are potential breeding grounds for lethal antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Urge reform in the industries responsible for these dangerous products.

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