Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Save Sextortion Victims Before Tragedy Strikes

Blackmail involving the sexual exploitation of minors is an increasingly dangerous threat. Demand stronger legal safeguards against crimes with horrific repercussions.

Protect Elephants From Train Strikes

Elephants are at high risk of injury and death from preventable train collisions in railway-laden India. Demand investment in systems to protect these endangered animals.

Success: 600-Day Shelter Dog Finds Forever Home

A canine survivor of horrendous neglect has found his forever home after nearly 600 days of waiting. Celebrate the happy ending to this one-time horror story.

Don’t Let Possibly Faulty Pumps Puncture the Heart

A heart pump relied upon by thousands of critically ill patients could pose a serious health risk. Urge a recall of this possibly dangerous product by the agency tasked with safeguarding American health.

Don’t Send Reproductive Rights Back to the Civil War

Arizona is the latest ground zero for the criminalization and demonization of reproductive rights. Call on state leaders to end the country’s most draconian abortion ban.

Demand Justice for 40 Pit Bulls Confiscated From Property

Multiple dogs were rescued from a residence that was allegedly the subject of numerous animal welfare complaints. No legal action has seemingly been taken against the person presumably responsible for these animals. Call for a full investigation and related charges if wrongdoing is found.

Protect Planet’s Largest Blackwater Swamp Refuge From Mining Destruction

A new mining threat could upend a thriving swamp ecosystem, undermine protections for a wildlife refuge, and unleash millions of tons of harmful carbon emissions every day. Demand a veto from state leaders for this long-term ecological risk.

Don’t Slash Social Security Benefits for Older Americans

Continued attacks on social security could undermine its benefits for hard-working Americans. Call for thoughtful reforms that will not worsen the lives of recipients.

Don’t Grant Licenses to Kill Against Magpies

An Australian icon of the skies is being targeted for death. Urge an end to the culling of magpies.

Achieve Internet Access for All

High-speed internet could soon be out of reach for millions of low-income Americans. Call for the continuation of a program that can help the most at-risk consumers stay connected.

Uncover Truth About Reportedly Fatal Shooting of Actress’ Pet Dog

An apparent altercation between a pet German Shepherd and a delivery driver ended with the dog’s death. The facts of the case are still in dispute. Demand an investigation to get to the truth.

End Legally Approved Attacks on Birth Control

Contraception and reproductive rights are facing a new line of attack thanks to an archaic law. Call for a repeal of this insidious targeting of freedom.

Protect Vulnerable Bridges From Collapse

A ship’s collision with a major bridge resulted in tragedy, but this horrific event may have been prevented with better infrastructure. Demand stronger protections for America’s aging bridges and for the travelers who depend on them.

Prevent Dire Consequences of Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanos are becoming an ever-increasing threat to the environment and to public safety. Demand more investment in lessening the likelihood of a devastating disaster.

Cows, Goats, and Horses Allegedly Killed and Endangered by Neglect Deserve Justice

Dozens of farm animals were rescued from alleged rampant neglect and cruelty. Call for strict legal accountability if the suspects are found guilty.

Endorse Smart Solutions for Gun Violence Prevention

Smart technology is coming to America’s firearms. Demand leaders support an effort that could curb preventable gun injuries and deaths.

Promote Paid Leave for All

Americans are working in sickness and distress in massive numbers, fearing for their livelihoods. Call for a restoration of quality work-life balance.

Prevent Large-Scale Starvation and Famine

Millions of human beings in Haiti are on the brink of famine. Urge American leaders to stop retracting a helping hand.

Don’t Derail Transportation and Consumer Goods

Aging infrastructure and a series of strikes are threatening Germany’s once-vibrant rail industry. Call for a commitment to correcting this far-reaching economic disabler.

Hit the Brakes on Gas Station Development

Gas station investments are an affront to green energy efforts and an ongoing threat to the environment. Demand divestment from these fossil fuel enablers.

Let Task Force Take Up Arms Against Animal Cruelty

One major American city is taking its animal cruelty problem seriously with the creation of a revolutionary task force. Demand state leaders follow suit.

Throw Out Junk Behind Wrongful Convictions

Discredited forensics has sent countless innocent people to prison, and possibly some to their death. Demand the immediate removal of bite mark analysis and other junk science from America’s courts.

Keep Politicians Out of the Classroom

Education and learning are increasingly under attack by politicians. Demand leaders who lack the training and knowledge stop trying to co-opt America’s past and future.

Prevent Partisan Judge Shopping

The impartiality of judges in high-stakes legal cases is increasingly being called into question. Demand the abolishment of a practice that fuels this public distrust.

Don’t Let Glacial Melting Become Self-Fulfilling Doomsday Prophecy

A glacier that could have dire consequences for the entire planet is in danger of collapse. Demand urgent action to prevent this global disaster.

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