Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Prevent Civil Rights Abuses and Deadly Tragedies During Arrests

Two unarmed Black men were allegedly shot in the back of the head by police. These deadly incidents occurred in different states just weeks apart. Demand federal authorities take on the task of investigating contentious cases involving law enforcement.

Stop Seaweed Invasion From Strangling Coastal Ecosystems

Fish, turtles, and other marine life are in danger because the climate crisis is choking beaches with piles of potentially destructive seaweed. Demand solutions to address this growing ecological risk.

Senate: Don’t Go on Vacation in Midst of School Shooting Tragedy

Once again, elementary school classrooms are covered in the blood of children. Urge the nation’s leaders to stop making excuses and to take decisive action to prevent mass shootings.

Dogs Allegedly Killed by Police Officer and Buried at Training Facility Deserve Justice

Several dogs were allegedly abused and even killed at a dog training facility run by a police officer within the K-9 department. Demand this man face maximum punishment if he is found guilty of violating two important oaths.

Boost Baby Formula Supplies and End Parents’ Pain

Infants around America are being deprived of sustenance largely because of the domination of a few baby formula manufacturers. Call for a bust-up of this destructive monopoly that is hurting hungry children.

Defend Nation Against Gun Massacres

Every day, Americans are being gunned down in streets, schools, churches, grocery stores, restaurants, and even their own homes. Politicians do nothing but wipe the blood off their hands before attending the next reelection event. Call on them to confront this urgent matter of national security.

Dogs Reportedly Shot in Face and Beaten Until Their Bones Snapped Deserve Justice

At least three men accused of crimes like shooting a dog in the face and beating another until the animal’s ribs broke have gotten off with probation. Urge local authorities to enforce real punishments for animal cruelty.

Protect Europe From Further Russian Aggression

The Russian military is once again rolling into Eastern Europe to conquer and oppress its neighbors. Ask NATO’s leaders to protect more innocent countries from facing the tragic fate of Ukraine.

Black Bear Mother Shot to Death Deserves Justice

Bobbi, a beloved black bear mother with two cubs, was fatally shot in a seemingly senseless act of violence. Demand a comprehensive investigation and possible charges relating to this tragic killing.

Stop Politicians From Dictating School Curriculums

Censorship and politics are keeping students from experiencing a full and complete education. Urge honest, critical engagement about racism and other difficult subjects in America’s classrooms.

Restore Ecosystem-Building, Water-Cleaning Oyster Populations

Oysters play a crucial role in water filtration and marine eco-diversity. Demand the former oyster capital of the world help revitalize these important contributors to the natural order.

Give Closure to Families of Indigenous Children Kidnapped, Abused, and Killed in Name of Assimilation

Thousands of Native American children were physically and psychologically traumatized at so-called schools operated by the federal government. Many of these children died on school grounds. Demand current leaders help make amends for these still-resonant atrocities.

End Ban on Cohabitation in Single-Family Homes

Officials in a Kansas town are trying to dictate with whom their constituents choose to live. Demand these out-of-touch leaders stop compounding the rent and housing woes of desperate consumers.

Success: Disadvantaged Communities Protected From Environmental Racism

Big polluters have long invaded disadvantaged communities and torpedoed environmental and public health in the process. Commend leaders for a renewed commitment to environmental justice.

Puppy Who Allegedly Endured Bone-Breaking, Head-Busting Assault Deserves Justice

A puppy sustained serious injuries after allegedly being thrown across a room with force. Call on prosecutors to pursue a fitting sentence upon conviction.

Protect Employee Health With Four-Day Workweek

Overworked employees are increasingly facing mental and physical health problems. Demand America’s labor leaders give a shorter work week a shot at solving the expanding worker crisis.

Don’t Let Judges Control Women’s Bodies

The Supreme Court is poised to launch an attack on women’s reproductive freedom. Demand politicians stop sitting on the fence and take action to protect women’s rights.

Justice for Cat Allegedly Trapped in Cage and Shot in the Head

A caged cat was shot and killed, and the two people allegedly responsible for the horrific act have not faced any meaningful punishment. Compel the system to do its job in holding reported animal abusers fully accountable.

Stop Plastic Pollution From Killing Elephants

Elephants are dying tragically after eating toxic plastic from landfills. Call for action to combat this deadly crisis.

Success: Homemade Guns Responsible for Thousands of Crimes Regulated by Law

Deadly guns that can be made from home in minutes are fast becoming a dangerous new front in the epidemic of gun violence. These ghost guns cannot be traced, putting them within easy grasp of would-be criminals. Applaud the long-overdue effort to take these weapons out of the darkness.

Provide Mental Health Services to Soldiers at High Risk of Suicide

A rash of suicides recently rocked a naval aircraft carrier. These latest tragedies are part of a troubling trend of mental health crises being ignored in the armed forces. Call on leaders to help save their soldiers from deadly despair.

Stop Gerrymandering and Protect All Voters’ Rights

Politicians across the U.S. are using their power over voting district maps to stack the odds in their favor at the expense of voters. Racial and partisan gerrymandering is out of control. Urge Congress to clean up its act with fair redistricting.

Don’t Let Famine Kill Millions

A three-year drought propelled by the climate crisis has put children and countless communities at risk of starvation and malnutrition in Somalia. Other nations are largely ignoring this impending catastrophe. Demand action to stop the next killer famine.

Dogs Reportedly Found Starving and Emaciated in Feces-Filled Pen Deserve Justice

Two dogs nearly died after they were reportedly found starved, dehydrated, and imprisoned in a tiny enclosure. Two of the people accused in this disturbing case got off with a light sentence. Sign the petition to urge a stronger punishment for the third allegedly involved party if he is found guilty.

Plant Trees on Farms to Fight Climate Crisis

Agroforestry could be a tremendous environmental boon, but officials are seemingly reneging on their investment in this important eco-tool. Demand decisive action that will realize the potential of tree-planting in agriculture.

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