Articles written by: Tiffany White

I am a freelance writer living in Tennessee who has a deep passion for animal welfare, environmental, and other progressive causes.

Success: Dogs Killed and Crammed in Freezers Receive Justice

A self-appointed animal rescue operator has reportedly confessed to the deadly negligence she was accused of inflicting upon dozens of defenseless dogs. Commend the wheels of justice finally turning in this long-term cruelty case.

Stop Legal Silencing of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Survivors of sexual violence are too often refused their day in court. Demand an end to the statute of limitations that denies victims justice and lets abusers go unpunished.

Protect Endangered Sea Urchins From Illegal Fishing

Sea urchins are being fished to extinction in Sicily. Urge a full-scale effort to save this imperiled species.

Cats Rescued From Alleged Dire Neglect Deserve Justice

Dozens of cats were rescued from reportedly deplorable conditions. Demand the caretakers of these animals receive a fitting punishment if found guilty.

Save Fish From Population Collapse

Conservation in Britain is sleeping with the fishes. Call for stronger protections for the region’s struggling fish populations.

Success: Youth Lead the Way in Climate Activism

Children are taking the initiative to secure the world’s future. Applaud their determination to hold leaders to account for the climate crisis.

Probe Potential Role of Discrimination in Non-Binary Student’s Death

A non-binary teen’s death has sparked a renewed outcry about the safety of LGBTQ+ students within school systems. Call for an investigation into alleged failures of one state’s education leaders to protect and not oppress its students.

Prevent Millions From Running Out of Water

Residents of one major city may soon lack one of the most vital resources for health and well-being: water. Call for urgent remedies to a catastrophic water shortage in Mexico City.

Safeguard Consumers From Potentially Dangerous Pain Relief Supplements

Unregulated supplements appear to pose an increasing risk to the well-being and lives of unsuspecting consumers. Call for enhanced consumer protections.

Stop Letting Public Servants Dictate Personal Relationships

Public servants will be given the authority to determine which couples are allowed to marry in Tennessee. Call for an end to this latest attack on marriage equality.

Free Captive Elephants From Premature Deaths

Asian elephants are having their lives diminished and shortened in captivity. Demand freedom and protection for this iconic species.

Success: College Loan Burden Lifted for More Students

The fight against student loan debt has received another significant win. Celebrate the continued removal of barriers to higher education.

Don’t Destroy Infertile Couples’ Dreams

So-called pro-life politicians in Alabama are taking parenting opportunities away from people who are actively seeking them. Demand the state’s leaders curb a legal attack that imperils in-vitro fertilization.

Don’t Throw Gas on Wildfires

A region hit by the worst effects of the climate crisis may soon have another weapon aimed at them: a massive pipeline that will decimate energy transition goals. Demand the agency responsible for this potential ecological and public health disaster halt its destructive plans.

Animals Allegedly Found Ill, Malnourished, and Freezing Deserve Justice

Accused serial animal abusers are seemingly getting slaps on the wrist. Demand stronger legal repercussions in a case involving almost 60 alleged victims.

Enact Ban on Conversion Therapy

Harmful conversion therapy practices could soon be prohibited in Scotland. Demand an end to these destructive and discredited techniques aimed at the LGBTQ+ community.

Do Not Let History Repeat Itself in Germany

Xenophobia is once again creating dangerous and oppressive conditions, this time in a nation with a dark history. Demand German leaders do more to fight anti-immigrant extremism.

Rescue Birds of Prey on Brink of Collapse

Africa’s birds of prey are in danger of going extinct. Help save these high flyers who serve crucial functions within their environments.

Don’t Let Animal Rescuers Become Animal Abusers

People who are supposed to be safeguarding animals are too often endangering them instead. Demand one nation finally take the initiative and beef up its animal welfare and animal sanctuary standards.

Bring Missing Indigenous Persons Home

California took an important step in confronting the crisis of violence and missing persons cases afflicting indigenous populations. Call on stewards of these needed actions to bridge gaps that are still endangering and costing lives.

Protect Kids From Allegedly Intentional Lead Poisoning

The recent rash of lead poisonings presumably resulting from applesauce consumption may have been an intentional act. Demand justice for the young victims if foul play is proven.

Don’t Let Financial Aid Flubs Derail College Aspirations

Financial assistance for millions of college students is at risk because of a delayed and problem-plagued rollout of a new application system. Help ensure the college dream stays alive for stressed-out students.

Save the Day for Groundhogs

Groundhogs are too often killed simply for living their natural lives. Demand more efforts to conserve these celebrated animals.

Success: Florida Manatees on Road to Recovery

One of Florida’s most famed marine animals is making a promising comeback. Applaud the ongoing conservation of the manatee.

Do Not Legalize Imprisonment and Killing of the Homeless

A new proposed law in Kentucky could put homeless individuals at risk of imprisonment and even death. Demand an end to the criminalization of extreme poverty.

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