Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Leah is a freelance writer, actor, and performer based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Success: Museum Pulls Cruel Animal ‘Art’ Exhibit

‘Art’ works depicting animal cruelty will be removed from the Guggenheim Museum’s exhibit following much controversy and outrage. Support the decision to remove the exploitative pieces.

Success: Facebook to Release Content of Russian Ads

Facebook has agreed to release the ads linked with Russian propaganda regarding the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and will update its policies regarding political advertising. Support this commitment to transparency and to our democracy.

Success: Anti-Puppy Mill Bill Passed

In a critical victory for innocent pets, the California Senate has passed a bill to put a stop to mass breeding and deplorable puppy mills. Support this important and humane decision.

Success: Law Punishing Sanctuary Cities Blocked in Texas

An unconstitutional ban on sanctuary cities in Texas was blocked by a court ruling. Support this upholding of human rights and America’s constitution.

Success: Nepal Criminalizes Forcing Women into Isolated “Menstruation Huts”

The cruel practice of banishing women from their homes during menstruation and forcing them into isolated huts has been criminalized by a new law in Nepal. Support this move to protect the rights and lives of Nepali women.

Success: Google Employee Behind Sexist Memo Fired

The Google employee who penned a discriminatory and sexist memo was fired. Support this decision to combat sexism in the workplace.

Success: Harsh and Unreasonable Abortion Laws Blocked by Judge

Four unjust abortion restrictions have been blocked by a judge in Arkansas. Support this victory for the human rights of women.

Success: Harming Bulls for Bullfighting Prohibited in Spain’s Balearic Islands

Spain’s Balearic Islands have passed a law that prohibits harming or killing bulls during a bullfight. Support this push in the right direction toward ending this inhumane practice.

Success: Anti-Horse Slaughter Amendment Passed

Horses in America will be protected from inhumane export and brutal slaughter for human consumption with the passing of new legislation. Sign below to support this move to protect these innocent animals.

Success: Laptop Ban Lifted on Flights from Middle East to U.S.

The controversial electronics ban on U.S.-Middle East flights has finally been lifted. Support the decision to lift the ban.

Success: Uber To Make Changes Addressing Sexism and Sexual Harassment

Uber has released a plan to reform and combat the rampant sexism and toxicity of its work environment. Sign below to support this commitment to implement those recommendations.

Success: Officer Who Fatally Shot 12-Year-Old Fired

The officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice has been fired. Support this action, and encourage the police department to publicly denounce his shooting of Tamir Rice.

Success: Policeman Accused of Shooting Unarmed Teen Fired and Charged With Murder

The white officer who allegedly shot and killed an unarmed black teenager has been fired and will be charged with murder. Support these moves to hold this man responsible, and not allow racism and police brutality.

Success: Dangerous Executions Blocked

The eight executions scheduled for a period of only 11 days in Arkansas have been stayed by a court ruling. Sign below to support the blocking of this dangerous and irresponsible execution plan.

Success: Spicer Apologizes for Claiming Hitler Didn’t Use Chemical Weapons

Press Secretary Spicer has apologized for his insensitive and false comment that Hitler did not use chemical weapons during the Holocaust. Support this apology as a first small step toward making things right.

Success: Officer Accused of Shooting Therapist With Hands Up is Arrested

The police officer who allegedly shot an unarmed behavioral therapist trying to help his autistic patient, while he lay on the ground with is arms in the air, was arrested and is facing charges for his actions. Support the decision to hold the officer accountable.

Success: Google Adds “Fact-Check” to Search Results

Google has added a “fact-check” tag into its search results, a major step in the ongoing process of filtering out fake and misleading news and facts. Support this step and urge that this progress continue moving forward.

Success: LGBT Community Protected From Workplace Discrimination

LGBT employees are protected from workplace discrimination under the Civil Rights Act after a ruling by a federal appeals court. Support this decision to preserve and respect human rights.

Success: Trump’s Requested Education Cuts Rejected

Massive cuts to the education and medical research budgets in favor of the construction of a border wall that Trump requested will not be included in the 2017 spending bill. Support this Congressional action, which is in the best interest of the country.

Success: Volkswagen Sites Raided in Emissions Probe

German police are investigating Volkswagen to determine who installed emissions manipulation devices after tens of thousands of VW vehicles were caught cheating on emissions tests, releasing 40 times the allowed amount of toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Support these steps to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Success: At Least One School District Will Protect Transgender Students

The Philadelphia school district has committed to protecting the rights of its transgender students despite the Trump administration’s attack on the rule ensuring these students have access to the correct bathroom at their school. Sign below to support this choice to respect human rights, as the whole country should be doing.

Success: Unfit Nominee for Labor Secretary Withdraws Nomination

Trump’s Secretary of Labor nominee, who has a track record for being sexist, anti-choice and anti-labor, has withdrawn his nomination after much concern from citizens and from both Democrats and Republicans. Support this decision that is in line with the wants and needs of the country.

Success: Motorists Brought to Justice for Hitting Pedestrian Protesters

Drivers will not legally be allowed to strike, injure, or kill protesters in the streets, since the North Dakota House voted down a bill that would have allowed this. Commend this decision to defend human rights and the basic principles of the democracy, upon which our country was founded.

Success: Decision to Gut Office of Congressional Ethics Reversed

Republicans in the House of Representatives have reversed their plans to strip the independent ethics office that oversees Congress of its power, in response to an avalanche of public outcry. Thank the House for keeping Congress accountable and listening to the voices of American citizens.

Success: DEA Reconsiders Ban on Life-Saving Herb

A life-saving plant was slated to be banned by the Drug Enforcement Administration, despite hundreds of years of medicinal use. The plan was widely opposed, and the DEA has responded by giving the herb a reprieve pending research and an official public comment period. Applaud the decision to listen to the needs of the people and reconsider the misguided ban.

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