Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Leah is a freelance writer, actor, and performer based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Success: UN Takes Responsibility for Cholera Crisis in Haiti

The U.N. has finally claimed responsibility for its role in a cholera outbreak that started in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and has recently seen an alarming acceleration after Hurricane Matthew. Applaud the organization for taking responsibility and sending aid to combat the outbreak.

Success: Endangered Yellow-Legged Frog Recovers

Yosemite’s population of the endangered yellow-legged frog has shown astounding rates of recovery. The protection of this species under the Endangered Species Act gives very real hope for the safety and resilience of the frog and the ecosystem it is a part of. Thank the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for its efforts to preserve this species.

Success: Judge Suspended for Defying Gay Marriage Laws

A judge disobeyed federal law and ordered lower courts to withhold marriage licenses from same-sex couples. He was suspended without pay for the remainder of his term, and cannot run for this office again. Applaud this decision to uphold the integrity of the American judicial system and ensure justice for the people.

Success: Soaring Pharmaceutical Costs Addressed

Life-saving prescription drugs may soon become more easily affordable thanks to new laws aimed at reducing price gouging by greedy drug companies. Praise this move, which could save millions of people from unnecessary suffering or death.

Success: President Permanently Protects Planned Parenthood Funding

Family planning and health care for people nationwide will be saved thanks to a new rule proposed by the Obama administration. Commend this rule and the protection of affordable health care clinics across the country.

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