Success: Dangerous Executions Blocked

Target: Judge Alice Gray, Pulaski County Circuit Court

Goal: Support the court decision to stay slew of Arkansas executions.

Many have voiced concern and protest, including this petition at ForceChange, about a spate of eight executions in Arkansas set to take place over just 11 days, before the expiration date of one of the lethal injection drugs. Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Alice Gray has ruled to effectively stay all of the executions, because of concerns of how the state obtained one of the three drugs it uses in lethal injections.

The drug, vecuronium bromide, is not the same drug that will expire at the end of the month. However, medical supply company McKesson Corp. claimed that the state obtained the drug under false pretenses. The company was told the drug would only be used in its proper medicinal way in prison health clinics, meaning that the state deliberately circumvented them in order to use the drug for executions. Sign below to support this court ruling to block these dangerous and even potentially illegal executions.


Dear Judge Gray,

The decision to stay the eight rapid-fire executions scheduled in Arkansas was the right one. It is dangerous and irresponsible to plan a slew of executions in only 11 days simply because a lethal injection drug is going to expire.

Additionally, the fact that one drug, vecuronium bromide, was essentially illegally obtained by the state for this purpose could not be allowed to stand. Thank you for upholding the laws of our country, and for protecting its citizens with your ruling.


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Photo Credit: Josh Rushing


  1. Karen Redd says:

    Stupid people, I guess it’s okay to kill three people, let’s give a shit if the killer suffers. Or the one that raped and killed a mother in front of her 11 year old daughter then tried to beat the daughter to death, thank God at least he failed on that one. Or the one that escaped from prison for raping and killing a college girl then raped and killed another one. Two others killed the innocent girls simply doing their jobs at work in convenience stores then robbed the places. Awwwww, poor MURDERERS, let’s give a shit if they suffer LIKE THEY DAMN WELL SHOULD. Yeah you go ahead and worry about the waste of breath maggots that tortured, raped, and killed these poor poor people who had their lives stolen from them. Whine for them, don’t think of the heartbroken families of the victims who had their loved ones viciously stolen from them. You see I do have a heart, I feel for them, not the viciously dangerous absolutely cold and heartless MURDERERS who would easily do the same to any of us.
    You stupid wimpy fools make me want to throw up. I bet it’d be different if it was your family wouldn’t it?

  2. Amen. Can’t say it any better

  3. DON’T SIGN SUCH A STUPID PETITION. IS the same as saying criminals can do all and go without any blame, any punishment, this is ridiculous.
    The stupid judge should be the next one victim of this criminals. Yeah so many concerns about the criminals and the victims no one think about? This judge should be the 1 one thinking of them, is because of them she is there, to make justice. She disappoints everyone and deserves to be punished, she is not competent. This is just a stupid excuse to not make justice. This criminals should suffer the same they have done, should be tortured and after all that killed in the most painful way. Karen is totally right and of course I am not signing.

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