Success: Motorists Brought to Justice for Hitting Pedestrian Protesters

Target: Representative Al Carson, North Dakota House Majority Leader

Goal: Support the decision to hold drivers legally accountable for hitting, injuring, and in some instances killing street protesters.

Drivers in North Dakota will not be free to legally hit and injure protesters in streets or on highways, thanks in part to petitions like this one at ForceChange. The North Dakota House voted down a bill that would have allowed this, in a victory for free speech and especially for protesters speaking out against the Dakota Access Pipeline, who were the main target of the bill.

If this bill had passed into law, drivers would have been able to hit, injure, and even kill protesters blocking traffic, as long as it was “negligent” and “unintentional,” which would be easy for any driver to claim. Our country was founded on the right of its citizens to vocally oppose actions of their government, and this bill would have violated that, forcing those speaking out to fear for their lives. Sign below to commend the North Dakota House for voting down the bill and defending our democracy and the citizens of our country.


Dear Representative Carson,

The North Dakota House made a just and honorable decision when it voted down House Bill 1203 and chose not to allow drivers to legally strike, injure, and kill pedestrian protesters. If this bill were made law, it would have trampled over the rights and values that our country was founded on. American citizens have the right to publicly express dissent without fearing for their lives.

Holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions is reasonable, fair, and safe, and will also prevent intentional harm and even death to peaceful protesters in cases of political or ideological disagreement. Anything else would be a violation of human rights. Thank you for ensuring our rights as American citizens, and not legalizing the injury of protesters at the hands of motorists.


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Photo Credit: Fibonacci Blue


  1. You have the right to protest and demonstrate…what you do NOT have the right to do is block public access and stand in front of ambulances and fire trucks. If you want to impress me with your cause then don’t stand in front of my fire truck when I’m trying to go help someone!!

  2. Such a relief to know that this insane proposed bill was voted down. I am horrified, though, that this bill proposal was not IMMEDIATELY trashed, and that the people proposing the bill were not IMMEDIATELY FIRED.

  3. Angela Rabon says:

    As I said, protesting is legal; murder is not!

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