Success: Harming Bulls for Bullfighting Prohibited in Spain’s Balearic Islands

Target: President Francina Armengol, Balearic Islands, Spain

Goal: Support new law that prevents killing or harming bulls for bullfighting in the Balearic Islands.

The first steps are being taken in Spain’s Balearic Islands to protect bulls from the cruel and barbaric practice of bullfighting. Although there is still a long way to go, the Islands have passed a new law imposing strict standards on bullfighting, so that animals cannot be harmed or killed during the fights. This could amount to essentially banning bullfighting altogether, because attracting spectators will be more difficult, and if a bull is hurt, fines will be harsh. Thanks to this, and petitions like this one at ForceChange that push for compassion over tradition, steps are being taken in the right direction.

Among other things, the amendment includes a 10-minute time limit in the bullring, a ban on sharp objects that could injure or kill the bull, anti-doping tests for both the animal and the bullfighter, and restrictions on alcoholic beverages and underage spectators. The age, weight, origin, and transport of bulls will be strictly regulated as well. Sign below to support this law and this push in the right direction toward the eradication of bullfighting.


Dear President Armengol,

Thank you for passing a law to regulate and prevent harming and killing bulls for human entertainment in bullfights in the Balearic Islands. Bullfighting is a cruel sport that should be regulated across the world—thank you for setting an example and moving in the right direction to protect these animals.

Strict rules requiring anti-doping tests, a ban on sharp implements, and the prohibition of injuring and killing bulls during a bullfight are “a victory for compassionate policy making,” as Joanna Swabe of Humane Society International says. I support this new law to protect animals from being harmed and brutally killed for entertainment purposes.


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Photo Credit: Christian Dalera


  1. Jenna Miles says:

    Oh great, they just torment them instead.

  2. Forget the lip service and regulation and just BAN this horrific practice altogether! Those bulls can’t wait for incremental baby steps to safeguard their lives and sanity!

    • Sadly, it is only by baby steps that any progress has been made at all for animals. Very frustrating for animal lovers, and hard on animals. As slow as it is, at least it is progress.

  3. Stop this now.

  4. lee whitehall says:

    Well, death by 999 cuts still sounds appealing for any participant in this barbarism.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Good to hear this❗️?
    Even if its baby steps.??
    Signed & shared.

  6. Thank you for not fearing to challenge worn out traditions.
    It is a promising beginning.

  7. SPAIN is a nation of animal murderers ??????
    I think so, with such a mass killer of an ex-king and their religious traditions shit. religious hypocrisy, barbaric beasts, falsity etc. pooh – pooh – pooh
    animals torment and worst-kill, deeper can not sink a folk. this scum of men is the mirror image of an entire nation ???? if so, then the governments must immediately change the law and the weak (all animals) protect.
    there are also those wonderful Spanish people who save and help animals – thank God

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