Demand Justice for Elderly Dog Burned in His Own Backyard

Target: Rachel Mitchell, District Attorney of Phoenix, Arizona

Goal: Secure justice for elderly dog horrifically burned to death in a deliberate attack.

Shocking reports have emerged about a horrific act of cruelty inflicted upon an innocent, elderly dog named Duke, in Phoenix. An unknown assailant drenched him in gasoline and set him aflame in his backyard. The brutality of this attack on a defenseless animal, peacefully asleep behind his home, strikes a chord of outrage and demands immediate attention.

Further distressing details reveal that Duke, a 16-year-old pit bull-mastiff mix, suffered from severe burns so catastrophic that euthanasia was deemed the only merciful option. This cruel incident not only highlights a disturbing act of violence but also raises alarm over the safety and well-being of animals in our communities. Silent Witness and PETA, in response, have combined their resources to offer a reward totaling $9,000 for information leading to the arrest of the individual responsible.

The necessity for action is clear. We urge immediate measures to ensure the individual allegedly behind this heinous act is apprehended and faces the full extent of the law. This petition calls on the District Attorney to prioritize this case, ensuring justice for Duke and preventing future acts of violence against animals. Do not such cruelty.


Dear DA Rachel Mitchell,

A case has emerged from Phoenix that encapsulates a horrific act of cruelty against a defenseless elderly dog. Reportedly, an individual doused Duke, a 16-year-old pit bull-mastiff mix, in gasoline and set him on fire while he was asleep in his backyard. The severity of Duke’s injuries led to the heartrending decision to euthanize him, to alleviate his suffering from the severe burns inflicted upon him.

The community is in shock, mourning the loss of Duke and deeply concerned about the safety of other animals. This act of cruelty not only took Duke’s life in a most barbaric manner but also posed a stark question about our society’s tolerance for violence against animals. The rewards offered by Silent Witness and PETA reflect the public’s desire for justice and the urgency of apprehending the individual responsible for preventing future acts of cruelty.

We implore you, as the District Attorney, to take swift and decisive action in this case. It’s crucial that thorough investigations are conducted to bring the perpetrator to justice, ensuring such a heinous act does not go unpunished. This will not only serve justice for Duke but also demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding the welfare of all animals in our community.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: This Year’s Love


  1. People are extremely sick these days. We all see horrible actions which are not even disputed. Liars about climate, elections, and everything else, makes all of us aware people can get away with anything these days and no one cares. America is the land of laws with no justice!!! That is what we have become. The person who did this needs to be burned badly just as he did to Duke. The poor dog did nothing to this scum but he burned Duke for fun. That’s not fun, that’s sick! The police don’t help, the DA’s don’t help, the judges don’t care, and nothing gets done. No one is punished even when it is obvious who is guilty. This is America today and then we infect other countries and the entire world is beyond repair.

  2. Mary young says:

    I hope they get that sick bastard and burn 🔥 him the same fucking way and I would love to be there to watch this bastard burn 🔥 to death

  3. Burn the fucker right on the spot – he deserves nothing better – rid the planet of all of these POS. OMG what a horrible horrible act of cruelty on a poor innocent dog. The world has gone to hell in so many ways and it is so sad when any animal is abused and tortured – the only way to stop the abuse is to re-instate the death penalty and rid the world of these assholes.

  4. Sherry Akridge says:

    The MONSTER that did this, deserves to die. This MONSTER does not deserve to breathe, to have a life.
    The MONSTER that did this, has or will do other acts of a horrific nature, if they are not put away.
    The MONSTER that did this will do anything. It should be a top priority to find this MONSTER!
    This is a very scary world to live in. The laws DO NOT punish these psychopaths, or put them away. It is disgusting!!

  5. Irene Leggett says:

    Just let the vigilantes find the depraved monster that carried out this heinous atrocity. Let them meet the culprit on a dark road, preferably with a baseball bat and then leave their filthy, stinking carcass to rot in the gutter. Lets have PROPER justice for this poor, innocent dog.

  6. Irene I so agree with you. A red hot poker shoved where the sun does not shine would be too good for this moron

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