Endorse Smart Solutions for Gun Violence Prevention

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Support biometric smart gun technology to address America’s gun violence epidemic.

No product safety regulations exist for one of the marketplace’s most deadly products: guns. One company wants to help change this trend with a revolutionary new technology featuring biometric smart guns. These guns would only fire if they were in the hands of an authorized user. Up to five people could be authorized to use the weapon through fingerprint and facial recognition technology. If an authorized individual pulls the trigger, then an electric signal would fire the weapon. If an unauthorized person attempts to use the gun, then it will not fire.

This technology could be a game-changer on a number of fronts. For one, it would help keep weapons out of the hands of children. Accidental deaths and suicides are a tragic consequence of gun access in the home. Statistics indicate that a gun in a residence is most often used (intentionally or not) on a person within the residence. Gun thefts are also a reality that help keep untracked weapons flooding the streets. Biometric technology could essentially render the gun useless to a thief.

The product manufacturers have addressed concerns by subjecting the smart gun to rigorous testing under a wide range of conditions. It has consistently held up as a safe and reliable option for self-defense. Testing has also been conducted to ensure the gun’s capabilities cannot be hacked or disabled.

Existing gun manufacturers are predictably resistant and have successfully derailed previous efforts at smart gun technology. Sign the petition below to prevent the same fate from befalling this promising potential area of compromise in the gun debate.


Dear President Biden,

During your previous presidential campaign, you expressed strong support for biometric measure gun technology. Since then, gun violence has become one of the leading (and at times the leading) causes of death for children. Firearm-related deaths in turn have soared to record levels, claiming tens of thousands of lives every year. Many of these deaths, including tragic accidents and suicides, may have been prevented with biometric technology.

The founder of Biofire Technologies was equally troubled by the deadly trends and invested his start-up efforts in creating the nation’s first commercially available biometric smart gun. This vigorously tested product has passed safety and reliability tests and, most importantly, it offers a real avenue for limiting unauthorized gun access through fingerprint and facial recognition technology. It could provide a path toward compromise for gun control advocates and gun rights advocates, the latter of whom support smart gun technology by a majority, according to recent surveys.

The gun lobby must not stand in the way of progress again. Please renew your pledge to make biometric gun technology a reality across America. This support could help save countless lives. As Biofire’s founder said, “I want to have an incremental positive impact on sort of the uniquely American challenge of gun deaths.”


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