Demand Justice for Cat Struck and Killed With Blow Dart

Target: Tricia Power, Director of Bryant Animal Control, Arkansas

Goal: Ensure thorough investigation and legal action against the individual responsible for the cat’s death by blow dart.

A cat’s life was tragically cut short in a distressing incident out of Bryant. Struck by a blow dart with such force that it penetrated the animal’s skull, the feline was found deceased. Such an act, hinting at deliberate harm, has sparked outrage and a demand for justice within the community.

This harrowing situation came to light when animal control officers, responding to a call, discovered the cat with a fatal head injury. Upon closer examination at the shelter, it became evident that a blow dart was the cause of death. This act, suggesting a level of malice and cruelty, has left many in shock and calling for accountability. Arkansas law differentiates between misdemeanor and felony animal cruelty, with the latter addressing instances of intentional harm or torture. The fate of this case, teetering between these two classifications, now lies in the hands of legal authorities.

The importance of a rigorous investigation cannot be overstated. This incident not only highlights a serious act of alleged animal cruelty but also underscores the need for increased vigilance and legal protection for vulnerable animals. As the population grows, so too does the potential for such acts of violence. It is imperative that this case not only leads to justice for the victim but also serves as a deterrent for future cruelty. Demand a full and exhaustive inquiry into this matter and ensure that those responsible face the full weight of the law.


Dear Director Power,

The recent incident involving a cat killed by a blow dart in Bryant has deeply disturbed and concerned us. Such an act, indicative of deliberate cruelty, demands not only our attention but swift and decisive action. This case, representing a stark violation of animal welfare, calls for a comprehensive investigation and, where the evidence supports, legal action against the perpetrator.

Animal cruelty of this nature not only robs an innocent creature of its life but also signals a grave risk to the community at large. The malicious intent required to commit such an act cannot be overlooked or underestimated. We implore you to utilize all available resources to uncover the truth behind this heinous act. The legal framework in Arkansas clearly delineates the severe consequences intended for such cruelty, especially when it appears to be intentional.

Our demand is clear. We seek a thorough investigation into this tragic event and, following the evidence, appropriate legal action against the individual or individuals responsible. This case must be pursued with the utmost seriousness to ensure justice for the deceased cat and to signal to the community that such acts of cruelty will not be tolerated. Your role in this process is pivotal, and we trust in your commitment to animal welfare and justice.


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Photo credit: Pixabay

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