Don’t Let Benefit Cuts Overburden Struggling Consumers

Target: Mel Stride, UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Goal: Preserve real-terms benefits to alleviate poverty and keep consumer spending strong.

At a time when their economy is sliding into recession, the United Kingdom (UK) is mulling a move that would slash the income and benefits of the poorest ten percent while raising the fortunes of the wealthiest ten percent. This proposal, in line with previous cuts in the past few years, would diminish welfare benefits for the disadvantaged and disabled. Pensions could be at risk too. The lessening of benefits will pay for recent tax cuts that disproportionately favor the rich.

The personal toll of such a decision is evident, as more people sink further into poverty. But benefit slashes would have a broader impact on the consumer marketplace as well. The poor already pay a higher amount for essential goods and services in what is known as a poverty premium. And in the UK, they spend most of these funds in smaller shops and businesses. If these customers are forced to cut back, local economies suffer and the businesses that are the lifeblood of these economies must raise prices in turn. Inflation is then fed in a relentless cycle.

Sign the petition below to urge UK leadership to rethink this detrimental policy.


Dear Secretary Stride,

Real-terms benefit cuts are not the answer for a population and an economy already buckling under the stressors of inflation, instability, and more. This ill-advised action would only raise the poverty premium and upend local economies that need to provide goods and services to all customers. Moreover, inflation would surely rise.

A policy that takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich is a policy doomed to political, economic, and popular failure. Please keep benefits strong.


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Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder

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  1. Americans won’t soon forget this inflation provided corporations to gouge we the consumers to the point of our not having a sustainable life. All for greed. From laundry supplies to food and medication corporations all are raising prices even though they have done extremely well. They must enjoy watching as the rest of us suffer. Prices will drop one day and when that takes place don’t forget who put us under such pressure just to increase their bottom lines. Let’s not buy their products. That, and that alone, will knock them down and their businesses may close completely. Big corporations have failed before and they should be in that position, they earned it!

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