Amazon: Answer to Accusations of Stealing Tips From Delivery Drivers

Target: Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon

Goal: Enact stronger safeguards against misuse of delivery driver tipping funds.

Many Americans will be visited by Amazon delivery drivers during the holiday season. A sizeable percentage of these employees with a high workload are Flex drivers–individuals contracted by Amazon who drive their own autos rather than company-issued vehicles. Amazon recently launched an initiative through voice assistant Alexa that would allow consumers to tip these workers who have in the past reportedly delivered packages for 14-plus hours with minimal or no breaks. Critics, however, wonder if well-meaning consumers will once again be burned by the shipping giant.

In the past, Amazon has offered its customers the opportunity to compensate Flex contractors, promising tippers that all of their tips would go to the drivers who delivered their packages. Yet the company settled a lawsuit that accused it of taking these proceeds—to the tune of 60-plus million dollars—and putting the money toward its own labor and operating costs instead. Amazon had even apparently hidden this tipping information from drivers. Now, the attorney-general of Washington, DC has filed a separate legal action  onbehalf of the consumers who were seemingly deceived. Amazon leadership has called the lawsuit “baseless,” signaling that the conglomerate is still refusing to take responsibility for its actions.

Sign the petition below to demand this multi-billion-dollar entity be honest about past transgressions and be fully transparent about its current and future tipping programs on behalf of already-burned consumers.


Dear Mr. Jassy,

In 2021, Amazon settled with the Federal Trade Commission and paid out over 60 million dollars worth of tips owed to its delivery drivers. This settlement, along with the amended practices that followed, is an implicit acknowledgement of wrongdoing. Yet Amazon has chosen to go on the defensive over a lawsuit that concerns the consumer deception reportedly involved in the tipping program.

Your customers, along with your employees, are your backbone. Treat them with respect by taking ownership of past bad practices. Moreover, do everything in your power to ensure that the future of driver tipping on Amazon is a process built on trust and complete transparency.


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  1. Thou shall not steal! But Amazon steals from their employees? That the slugs of the earth. Fix it!

  2. josie Olive says:

    That is why I NEVER NEVER NEVER ORDER FROM THAT DICK. There is a special place in hell for this asshole

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