Stop Political Attacks From Escalating Into Real-Life Attacks

Target: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Inc.

Goal: Enforce truth in advertising and transparency for politically based advertisements.

The husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was reportedly violently attacked with a hammer in the couple’s residence. The suspect allegedly wanted to go after Speaker Pelosi, who was not home at the time. Even though the apparent assault may have been a result of political extremism, at least one high-profile politician—Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin—seemed to make light of the events and use them as political fuel. A few weeks before this incident, an alleged assassination plot against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was revealed. Once again, the motive is believed to be political in nature.

Despite the increasingly threatening atmosphere of today’s politics, attack ads are still a frequent sight during election season. And makers of these ads, no matter their platform, have no obligation to abide by truth in advertising laws that prohibit false claims and outright lies. Social media outlets have even less restrictions because they are not even obliged to disclose the organization responsible for the ad or even that the information presented is a political advertisement. In this way, thinly veiled ads often get passed along as if they were confirmed facts. This advertising Wild West then inevitably leads to heightened emotions and the apparent potential for violence.

Congress, predictably, has failed to enact proposed laws like the Honest Ads Act that would require at least some transparency and accountability from social media ads. The two major drivers of online political advertisements, Google and Facebook, have set their own guidelines. While Google has a stated policy against false claims in politically based ads, Facebook has not taken a similar approach.

Sign the petition below to urge this major influencer to protect consumers and perhaps save lives.


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg.

Political violence is rising at an alarming rate, and you would likely admit—even if not publicly—that social media has seemingly played its part. While political ad makers have the advantage of not being beholden to truth in advertising, your competitors have recognized that their consumers deserve these standards. Please follow their lead.

In addition, do what the politicians will not and mandate transparency from the entities that post political advertisements on Facebook. Help lower the dangerously high temperature by putting consumer interests and safety first.


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  1. When did Americans become barbarians? I wouldn’t want this done to my house and all those who involved themselves in the January 6th attack wouldn’t want this done to them either. The one statement we learn in school, life, and church is, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Even religion teaches that rule. Some also say be the change you out want to see in the world. This is the change Americans want to see?
    Businesses want to make more money and do nothing to safeguard the information put on their various sites. Violence is not the answer. I was concerned a mentor might hit earth one day. now thinking people have found a way to force any mentor to go off course and prevent earth being hit. Let me reassure you that if such an event did occur and the world felt the fear of a mentor hitting earth, fully knowing the damage which would be done, we would see the sights of men like Zuckerberg running and begging for their lives. What about the quality of life for us all now? All our opinions are important but we each must be accountable for our words and actions. Allowing platforms to operate with out people responsible for having a name and their identity shown. No more hiding behind an open mike, so to speak. Say your truth then sign your name.

  2. The world has gone to shit since social media, absolutely all the bullshit lies, violence, cruelty and hate that is free to flourish on the net, there are no laws on the net! Adults and rednecks with no fucking brain to start with, have all become completely brainwashed and the young are growing up with all this garbage and they believe it as this is all they know, they are lead to believe their lives are in danger so they all gotta get guns to protect themselves,,, wtf are they so afraid of? they are the ones terrorizing society. And with the likes of Don Frump,,, well look at all the ciaos he is causing, all the violent numb skulls worship him, he can do no wrong in their eyes. Not to mention the damage frump has done for the climate,, there is no turning back now! It’s too late! And now there are other countries following frumps lead,,, if they loose an election,, they won’t step down and their devoted brainwashed followers cause ciaos and violence in society. And all this has escalated because of social media, not to mention some of the BS tv channels that are allowed to spew out all the same kind of shit. It saddens me now to see what a bloody mess the world is in because psychopaths have a stranglehold on everything. I was lucky enough to grow up in a very different world as a child, no SM, no redneck governments and all their idiot believers, I would hate to be a kid today,,, what lies ahead for them is frightening esp with climate change and all the violence that is now the norm in society.

    • I probably grew up in the same world as you. We had, bikes, roller skates and actual toys to play with. We used our imaginations instead of staring at a screen all day. Our friends were real people, not faces on a screen. I agree with you that social media has caused many problems: bullying, easy access to porn, “connecting” with people you can’t trust, false information, and more. But the internet has also given us expanded knowledge – a means to learn more without leaving home. This is especially great for people with limited mobility. I guess it all comes down to the manner in which the media is used. My rating system is: 3 for Facebook, etc and 8 for other internet uses. Each individual needs to choose.

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