Don’t Let Soccer Fans Die For Sport

Target: Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA

Goal: Punish and rectify security breaches that reportedly contributed to deadly stampede at soccer stadium.

A raucous soccer matchup in Indonesia, where the sport known as football routinely draws spirited crowds, ended in tragedy. Over 130 fans, including dozens of minors, were crushed and trampled to death. The chaotic events began when some fans became irate after the game between rival teams ended. Spectators were soon on the field, crowd control officers were deployed, and the situation quickly escalated. When tear gas was reportedly dispersed (even seemingly into the stands), the crowd grew panicked and frantic attempts to leave the stadium led to the fatal stampedes.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) governs soccer and other sports. This organization has strict prohibitions against the use of tear gas and other harmful substances for the purpose of crowd control. The local officers allegedly violated these guidelines, and questions also remain about other potential security breaches in this stadium. Despite multiple reported violations and safety concerns, this governing body apparently will not sanction Indonesia’s soccer league. In fact, the country is still set to host an international soccer tournament for youth in the next year.

These dangers must be urgently addressed and infractions strictly punished. Sign the petition below to demand FIFA carry out its duty to safeguard the sport, all its representatives, and its global legion of fans.


Dear Mr. Infantino,

You characterized the events that took the lives of 131 people at an Indonesian stadium as “a dark day.” Questions and fierce criticisms still remain about the potential breaches of conduct by on-site officers that day, as well as safety protocols within the stadium itself. With these concerns still very much present, FIFA is sending the wrong message by not sanctioning Indonesia’s soccer federation.

These alleged infractions did not result in the loss of a few points or a game. Lives were lost, and accountability must happen before any real reforms can take place. Despite this “tragedy beyond comprehension,” in your own words, Indonesia will still seemingly be rewarded with hosting the under-20 youth tournament. Over 30 children died in terror in a football stadium, and now the youth of the world are expected to perform at their best….and no doubt worry about their very safety.

Please protect the players and devoted fans whose passion for this sport should not cost them their lives. Show them that taking responsibility matters. Sanction Indonesian football and do everything in your power to fix this dangerously broken system.


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Photo Credit: Furknsaglam

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