Animal Welfare

Safeguard Banned Dog Breeds From Alleged Exploitation

Reports have surfaced about alleged mismanagement and exploitation of specific dog breeds. Ensure their protection and welfare.

Pony Allegedly Killed and Decapitated Deserves Justice

A pony and a donkey were reportedly attacked with a pickaxe and knives, and discovered dead. Seek immediate punishment for the individual allegedly behind these acts.

Ensure Justice for Alleged Dog Abuse Incident Captured on Camera

A terrier mix was reportedly abused in a shocking incident shared on social media, sparking widespread concern. Ensure justice with swift legal action.

Demand Justice for Cat Allegedly Killed on Camera

After a cat’s apparent brutal murder, the accused perpetrator was effectively allowed to walk free. Demand more stringent repercussions for animal abuse.

Punish Those Allegedly Involved in Death of Cat Due to Barbaric Abuse

A cat suffered internal damage and eventually died as a result of shocking abuse, according to reports. Demand accountability and justice.

Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Facing Life-Threatening Actions in Grooming Salon

Animals in a grooming salon were allegedly subjected to horrific abuse. Seek legal action against the groomer reportedly involved.

Take Action Against Alleged Sexual Abuse of a Dog by Inmates

A dog was allegedly sexually abused by inmates, calling into question the safety of animals in the prison system. Seek immediate legal action against those allegedly involved and move to protect all animals behind bars.

Dozens of Dogs Apparently Left Starving to Death in Abandoned Houses Deserve Justice

Thirty-six dogs were found starving and trapped in an abandoned residence, with 146 discovered dead on another property, according to reports. Demand justice now.

Demand Justice for Animals Allegedly Killed in Catapult Attacks

Disturbing reports allege youngsters use catapults to harm and kill animals in a chilling trend. Call for stringent legal measures against such alleged cruelty.

End Reported Torture of Horses at Log-Pulling Festival

Horses have reportedly been beaten and tortured in the name of tradition. Demand immediate legal intervention against such alleged cruelty.

Horse Killed by Reported Stress-Related Heart Attack Deserves Justice

A shocking 74 horses met their demise at a racing festival due to alleged mistreatment and stress. Demand stricter regulations to ensure their protection.

Demand Justice for Over 150 Dogs Allegedly Unshielded From Harsh Weather

Over 150 dogs and puppies were reportedly found in poor and unsanitary conditions in need of urgent rescue. Demand accountability and stricter regulations against such cruelty.

Seek Justice for Innocent Animals Allegedly Killed Due to Severe Neglect

Several animals have reportedly suffered and died due to felony animal abuse. Demand accountability and harsher penalties for those allegedly involved.

Success: Dogs Killed and Crammed in Freezers Receive Justice

A self-appointed animal rescue operator has reportedly confessed to the deadly negligence she was accused of inflicting upon dozens of defenseless dogs. Commend the wheels of justice finally turning in this long-term cruelty case.

Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Found Surrounded by Own Waste

Over two dozen dogs were rescued from allegedly dire conditions in a home, suffering from injuries and neglect. Demand legal accountability for the alleged mistreatment.

Dogs and Cats Allegedly Killed During Burglary Deserve Justice

Alleged acts of first-degree murder and animal cruelty have shaken a community. Demand decisive legal action.

Recently Pregnant Dog Allegedly Shot Dead and Left to Decompose Deserves Justice

A pit bull who’d recently given birth was reportedly found shot and discarded. Demand accountability and stricter animal cruelty laws.

Don’t Subject Animals to Terrifying Airlifts

A cow was airlifted for a veterinary visit, sparking debates about animal welfare. Demand stringent safety protocols.

Seek Justice for Roosters in Life-Threatening Cockfighting Events

Roosters are forced into life-threatening situations in cockfighting events, all for the enjoyment of human spectators. Demand an end to this cruel practice.

Save Dogs From Suffering in Overcrowded Shelters

Overcrowded shelters are reportedly leading to undue suffering for dogs, with many there for reasons tied to alleged legal issues. Seek justice for animals facing such hardship.

Justice for Over 200 Animals Allegedly Abused at Rescue Center

Over 200 animals were allegedly found living in filthy conditions without access to food or water. Demand legal action against those apparently responsible.

Justice for Scores of Animals Reportedly Abused at “Sanctuary”

Scores of animals were reportedly found in danger at a well-known sanctuary. Demand legal action against those allegedly responsible.

Alleged Cruelty at Prestigious Dog Show Demands Reform

Fans accused a renowned dog show of alleged cruelty and bad breeding practices. Call for stricter health assessments for competing dogs.

Demand Justice for Cow Allegedly Forced to Beg and Left to Die

A cow was allegedly forced to beg and then left to die on the road. Demand justice and an end to cruelty.

Seek Justice for Animals Allegedly Found Trapped in Feces-Covered Apartment

Over a dozen animals were reportedly found in dire conditions, malnourished and living amongst their own waste. Seek immediate legal action against those allegedly responsible.

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