Animal Welfare

Seek Justice for Starved Cats Allegedly Forced Into Cannibalism

Reportedly, cats starved in a pound were forced into cannibalism. Demand accountability and humane treatment reforms.

Take Action Against False Animal Cruelty Allegations

A surge in false abuse reports diverts critical resources from genuine cases. Demand accountability for those misusing the system.

Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Four dogs were reportedly discovered in states of severe emaciation, with five more found deceased, allegedly due to starvation. Call for stringent legal consequences for those implicated in this egregious animal cruelty.

Seek Justice for Golden Retriever Allegedly Found Lifeless in Sack

A golden retriever was allegedly found lifeless, hidden in a sack. Demand stringent legal repercussions for this alleged act.

Seek Justice for Dogs Allegedly Poisoned With Ammonia and Suffocated

Eighty-six dogs were found reportedly living in deplorable conditions, facing apparent neglect. Seek legal repercussions for those allegedly responsible.

Let Task Force Take Up Arms Against Animal Cruelty

One major American city is taking its animal cruelty problem seriously with the creation of a revolutionary task force. Demand state leaders follow suit.

Reportedly Abandoned Dog Family Near Rescue Center Deserves Justice

A dog and her puppies were reportedly abandoned near a rescue center, sparking outrage. Call for accountability and harsher penalties for animal neglect.

Establish Cruelty-Free Ceremonies in All Temples

A temple’s transition to a mechanical elephant for ceremonies set a precedent for animal welfare. Mandate similar practices nationwide.

Demand Justice for Wildlife Allegedly Killed and Left to Terrorize Village

Dozens of bloodied hares and birds of prey were reportedly left as a grim message by poachers. Demand immediate legal action.

Stop Alleged Illegal Hunting Near Children’s School

School children appear to have been put in danger by reckless, illegal hunting near a school. Demand legal action against those involved.

Take Action Against Use of Snake Venom for Entertainment

A party reportedly exposed attendees to potentially deadly snake venom. Demand justice and stringent action against those responsible.

Four-Year-Old Dog Allegedly Killed With Stick Deserves Justice

A beloved community dog was reportedly killed in a violent incident. Demand immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Horse Allegedly Left as Rubbish After Tragic Death Deserves Justice

A horse allegedly died due to a heart attack during a sulky race. The poor animal was reportedly abandoned roadside. Demand accountability and stricter enforcement against animal cruelty.

Wild Animals Allegedly Killed With Airguns and Crossbows Deserve Justice

Wildlife have allegedly been deliberately shot, causing long and painful deaths. Seek legal action against those responsible for these cruel acts.

Demand Justice for Sheepdog Allegedly Abandoned in Snowstorm

A sheepdog was allegedly left outside in a snowstorm without essential care. Demand immediate legal action.

Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Locked Away Without Food or Water

Multiple dogs were found in deplorable conditions, reportedly suffering from severe malnutrition and neglect. Call for immediate legal action against the accused.

Seek Stronger Penalties for Premeditated Cases of Animal Cruelty

A stray dog was shot with an arrow in a cruel act of alleged revenge that resulted in only a minor penalty. Demand stricter accountability in animal cruelty cases.

Stop Killing Roosters for Human Entertainment

Fifty roosters were reportedly found in distress, part of an alleged illegal cockfighting ring. Call for stringent legal consequences for all involved.

Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Neglected and Abused

Several dogs were reportedly found neglected and abused. Demand legal punishment for this alleged wrongdoing.

Stop Reportedly Abusing Racing Horses With Electric Shock Devices

Allegations of horses subjected to electric shocks before a major racing event have surfaced. Demand legal accountability for the alleged cruelty.

Seek Justice for Animals Allegedly Found Starving and With Severe Medical Issues

Twenty-two animals were reportedly removed from a property due to severe neglect. Demand legal accountability for this alleged maltreatment.

Seek Justice for Bison Reportedly Killed and Decapitated

Two bison were reportedly found dead, one decapitated, in a shocking act of cruelty. Call for legal accountability for those allegedly responsible.

Demand Justice for Cats Allegedly Found Overwhelmed by Flea Infestation

Five dead cats were reportedly found in a dire situation, and a call for justice is paramount. Hold those allegedly responsible accountable.

Take Action Against Euthanization of XL Bully Puppy After Alleged Abuse

An XL Bully puppy, reportedly abused and emaciated, was allegedly euthanized without proper legal procedure. Call for immediate legal scrutiny and action.

Animals Allegedly Slammed on Ground and Killed Deserve Justice

More than 20 animals were allegedly killed in a disturbing incident at an environmental college. Demand rigorous legal repercussions for those involved.

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