Take Legal Action Against Student for Allegedly Stepping on Cat’s Head

Target: He Rong, Minister of Justice, China

Goal: Hold the perpetrator accountable for the reported cruel mistreatment of a cat.

A top student known as Xu, despite his academic excellence, has drawn significant public outrage due to a disturbing incident captured on video where he is allegedly seen stepping on a cat’s head inside a bucket. This alleged act, widely shared across social media platforms, not only sparked widespread condemnation but also led to his rejection from a prestigious university’s program. Such alleged cruelty mustn’t be overlooked, but rather, addressed with stern legal measures to prevent future occurrences.

Further examination of this incident reveals that Xu, after achieving the highest score on his entrance exam, failed to secure admission to the School of Physics at Nanjing University. This decision followed the exposure of the video showcasing his alleged abusive act towards a helpless cat. Authorities have since initiated an investigation, and while Xu has issued an apology and written repentance, the gravity of his alleged actions demands a more consequential response.

The distress caused by such actions extends beyond the immediate suffering seemingly inflicted on the animal; it undermines societal values and trust in the moral compass of future leaders. Demand immediate and appropriate legal action against Xu to serve as a deterrent against similar behavior and to uphold justice for the allegedly wronged animal.


Dear Minister He Rong,

We, the undersigned, wish to bring to your attention a deeply troubling incident involving a top student who was recorded in a video allegedly mistreating a cat most cruelly. This young man, identified only as Xu, is reportedly seen in the video stepping on a cat’s head while the animal was trapped in a bucket. This reported act, which has caused significant public uproar, not only raises serious concerns about the character of an individual poised to become part of our academic and professional communities but also calls into question our societal commitment to compassion and justice.

As you may be aware, the incident led to Xu’s rejection from the School of Physics at Nanjing University despite his top scores. While academic consequences are indeed a step towards accountability, they cannot replace the need for legal consequences in matters of alleged cruelty. The evidence presented by the video led to police investigations and a subsequent public apology from Xu; however, these actions alone do not suffice to address the severity of the alleged act or to prevent future incidents.

Therefore, we urgently request that you take immediate legal action against Xu for his alleged cruelty towards the cat. This case must be treated with the seriousness it deserves, with appropriate charges laid to reflect both the alleged act and its impact on the community and to demonstrate that such behavior will not be tolerated. Let us ensure that justice is served and that a clear message is sent about our societal values.


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  1. jail him

  2. louis gauci says:

    There are no Animal welfare laws in China. We need to contact the embassies of the evil country and urge them to pass the much needed animal welfare laws.

  3. Irene Leggett says:

    What else can you expect from that most gut-wrenchingly cruel, vile, brutal, sadistic and barbaric country CHINA. The psychotic masses in CHINA are so in-bred that they have NO compassion, NO empathy, NO decency, NO integrity and NO MORAL ETHICS WHATSOEVER. They torture, torment, abuse and horrifically kill any creature that walk, fly, crawl or swim. I truly wish these deranged, depraved masses were wiped off this planet….

  4. This is China’s problem. However, I think the country is leaning more to protect animals than to waste them. At least I hope so. The people of China do have pets and pet owners love their pets. In some way, even if a small way, the people do have some say in government. They want pets. Sadly, Xu seems mentally unbalanced. Intelligence is most useful but only if from a mind not burdened with evil. This man is trouble. He has a long life but carries so much debris in his mind, he may not function on a normal level. Animal abuse is all over the globe. It must stop! Humans are too stupid to understand we will flourish as we allow animals to flourish as well. Glad he was denied his wishes for taking the life of an innocent.

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