Animals Allegedly Living in Property ‘Unfit for Habitation’ Deserve Justice

Target: Michael A. Gailor,  State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Middlesex, Connecticut

Goal: Ensure rigorous prosecution of individuals allegedly responsible for animal neglect and cruelty in Middletown.

Reports emerged from a Middletown residence on Hill Avenue, uncovering a distressing scenario of alleged animal neglect. Reportedly, authorities were alerted to the situation involving drug activities at the property, leading to a broader investigation by Middletown Police and Animal Control. What they discovered was reportedly unsettling: thirty-one dogs, two ducks, and a cat lived in conditions described by police as “deplorable” and “unfit for habitation.”

The residence, also featuring a homeless encampment, was subsequently condemned. Animal Friends Humane Society intervened to assist the overwhelmed animals. These animals are now under care, and not yet available for adoption due to the need for recovery from their allegedly traumatic experiences. The society’s update indicated a heartbreaking scene of animals struggling to adapt to a life outside of the filth they were subjected to.

This situation calls for decisive legal action. The allegations of animal cruelty by Kenneth Currey and Morgan R. Marshall, if proven true, should lead to stringent legal repercussions. Uphold strong legal standards to deter such alleged cruelty and to protect the welfare of all animals.


Dear Attorney Michael A. Gailor,

We write to you deeply concerned about a recent case involving over thirty animals allegedly rescued from conditions of neglect and cruelty at a residence in your jurisdiction. This case, as reported, paints a grim picture of suffering and mistreatment that no living being should endure. The police described the living conditions of these animals as “unfit for habitation,” a term that underscores the urgency of your intervention.

Further investigation revealed that Kenneth Currey and Morgan R. Marshall are charged with cruelty to animals. These charges, based on the evidence collected, suggest a disturbing disregard for the well-being of vulnerable creatures. We urge you to pursue this case with the full force of the law, ensuring that justice is served and that a clear message is sent regarding our community’s intolerance for such alleged acts of cruelty.

Our demand is simple yet crucial: prosecute those allegedly responsible for this neglect to the fullest extent of the law. This case not only impacts the immediate welfare of these animals but sets a precedent for how similar cases are handled in the future. Let us stand together for those who have no voice and ensure that justice is not just done, but seen to be done.


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