Demand Justice for Puppy Allegedly Beaten and Kicked

Target: Todd Spitzer, District Attorney of Anaheim, California

Goal: Ensure the alleged abuser faces justice for his purported cruelty

A shocking incident has emerged, involving a small tan dog with distinctive white paws and a white snout, allegedly beaten and kicked mercilessly. Surveillance footage captured near Brookhurst Street and La Palma Avenue reportedly shows Joseph Michael Sanders, who was later arrested, engaging in what appears to be violent acts against the dog. The helpless animal’s screams and yelps, heartbreakingly audible off camera, suggest a severe and disturbing assault.

Further details indicate the dog was carried and then allegedly kicked out of the camera’s view, a scenario suggesting deliberate concealment of the act. The arrest of Sanders on felony cruelty-to-animals charges points to the gravity of the purported offenses. Yet, despite these charges, the whereabouts and condition of the dog remain a mystery, amplifying concerns for its well-being and the urgent need for justice.

The severity of this alleged incident not only shocks the conscience but also calls for a decisive legal response. It is imperative to pursue justice vigorously to prevent future atrocities and ensure that such alleged cruelty meets with the full force of the law. Demand that the legal system take swift and resolute action in this case.


Dear DA Todd Spitzer ,

We, the undersigned, urge your office to take immediate and rigorous action concerning the disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty involving a small tan dog, reportedly subjected to brutal treatment by Joseph Michael Sanders. As described, the alleged incident was severe enough to lead to Sanders’ arrest on charges related to animal cruelty.

The available footage, which purportedly captures the act, alongside the audible distress sounds made by the dog, presents a compelling case of deliberate and heinous abuse. Such actions not only harm the immediate victims but also set a reprehensible example that such behavior might be without severe consequences. It is crucial that this case not only be pursued with all due vigor but that it also serves as a stern warning against similar acts.

We respectfully demand that your office ensure the prosecution of the alleged perpetrator is pursued to the fullest extent of the law, reflecting the severity of the accusations. This case is not merely about one individual and one dog; it is about our community’s moral obligation to stand against cruelty and to uphold justice for all beings, regardless of their species.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: RK Ajoria

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  1. Alice K Knight says:

    Please make a strong effort to find this dog. It is essential, considering the abuse it has endured. This pup needs to be safe and away from harms way.

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