Seek Justice for Dogs Allegedly Found Dead in Home

Target: Joseph G. Fazzary, District Attorney of Schuyler County, New York

Goal: Prosecute the alleged abuse and neglect of animals in Queen City to prevent further suffering.

Recent distressing revelations have come to light from Queen City, Missouri, where several dogs were reportedly found in abysmal conditions, leading to charges of animal abuse and neglect against Violet Chuites. Authorities, acting on a tip, apparently uncovered two dead dogs and one barely alive in a cold, dilapidated residence without running water. This alleged mistreatment highlights a severe violation of animal welfare laws.

Further investigations revealed more disturbing details. The living spaces for these animals were seemingly devoid of basic necessities like food and water and were covered in feces, showing an apparent disregard for their well-being. Additionally, one of the rescued dogs exhibited chemical burns, indicative of further alleged abuse. Such conditions are not only heartbreaking but also reprehensible, urging immediate action.

The need for stringent legal action is imperative. The suffering seemingly endured by these animals must catalyze stricter enforcement of animal welfare laws and ensure that such alleged neglect and abuse are met with appropriate legal repercussions. Take decisive action and ensure justice is served, preventing future incidents.


Dear DA Joseph G. Fazzary,

We are writing to bring to your immediate attention the deeply troubling case of alleged animal abuse and neglect in Queen City, as recently discovered by local law enforcement. This case, involving multiple deceased and apparently neglected dogs, presents a shocking example of reported cruelty and a violation of animal welfare statutes. Such conditions should never be tolerated in our community.

The severity of this situation cannot be overstated. Dogs were reportedly found in an uninhabitable environment, malnourished, and suffering from severe neglect. The presence of chemical burns on one of the dogs adds to the gravity of the alleged abuse. These animals reportedly suffered immensely, and it is our moral duty to ensure their plight is not in vain. We urge you to prosecute these alleged crimes vigorously to set a precedent that animal abuse and neglect will not be tolerated.

We implore you to take swift and decisive action in this case. By ensuring that justice is served, you will send a strong message that our community prioritizes the welfare of all living beings and that such alleged acts of cruelty will be met with serious legal consequences. We count on your commitment to justice and your ability to effect change.


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  1. arrest these creeps

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