Protect Millions of People From Flooding Caused by Climate Change

Target: Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Demand the U.S. compensate Pakistan for their role in the climate change crisis.

Pakistan is responsible for less than 1% of all global emissions. And, yet, it recently became among the countries most affected by climate change. Floods were caused by heavier than normal monsoon rains and melting glaciers—all affects of global climate change. So far, these floods have killed at at least 1,000 people and 1 billion farm animals, and forced another half million out of their homes and into relief camps. About one third of the entire country was reportedly submerged underwater.

People in Pakistan are suffering. Animals in Pakistan are suffering. And the U.S. is partially to blame. This catastrophe in Pakistan is a deadly reminder that if wealthier countries—such as the U.S.—don’t change our fossil fuel reliant habits soon, the possible ramifications for our their countries and other blameless ones will be tremendous.

Sign this petition to demand the U.S. and other fossil-fuel dependent countries compensate Pakistan for the damages they have caused. It is time for us to live up to their international obligations.


Dear President Biden,

Recent floods—fueled by heavier than normal monsoon rains and excess glacial melting—has left one third of Pakistan underwater. An estimated thousand people have already died, including hundreds of children, as well as 1 billion farm animals. About 500,000 people are currently stranded—the flood having destroyed their homes and personal belongings—and have ended up in relief camps throughout the country.

Pakistan is responsible for a mere 1% of the world’s emissions. In comparison, wealthier countries like the U.S.,—the world’s largest contributor of carbon—Canada, Japan, and most of Western Europe which make up only 12% of the population are responsible for over 50% of carbon emissions. Others should not have to suffer because of our country’s greed.

We are asking you, Mr. Biden, to compensate Pakistan for the damage we have caused them and provide them with vital resources the people of Pakistan need to survive and rebuild.


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Photo Credit: Abdul Majeed Goraya / IRIN 

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