Don’t Return Dogs to Breeder Accused of Starving Them on Feces-Covered Property

Target: Adair F. Boroughs, United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina

Goal: Remove 41 dogs from the custody of their allegedly neglectful and abusive breeder.

Self-proclaimed breeder and Greer, South Carolina resident Joevaughn Meredith was recently charged with 12 counts of ill-treatment towards animals. A total of 41 dogs lived on Meredith’s property, reportedly among their own filth and feces in what law enforcement officers described as “horrific” conditions. Many of the dogs were apparently battling painful conditions such as eye infections and skin disease left untreated. The only water they had access to was seemingly dirty with a green and brown color. Per officers, most of the dogs were very thin.

Meredith willingly signed over 33 of the animals, but is adamant about keeping at least 8 of the dogs. Some of the animals were fairly healthy, and were left in the care of Meredith, who will be subject to routine investigations to monitor the dogs’ weight, health, and access to basic necessities such as food and water. Law officials should not have to conduct checkins in order for someone to take care of their pets. Someone who is capable of apparently neglecting his pets to such a degree once would seem to be very much capable of doing it again.

Meredith should not be allowed to keep any of his animals. Sign this petition to make sure all of Meredith’s dogs are removed from his custody.


Dear District Attorney Boroughs,

Recently, a resident of Greer, South Carolina was charged with 12 counts of ill-treatment towards animals. The man, Joevaughn Meredith, was reportedly running what he claimed to be a breeding operation—though few of the dogs were in condition to be sold. Officers on scene reported that the 41 dogs were found living in “horrific” conditions, in pens covered in their own feces and forced to drink greening water. Reportedly, many of the dogs showed clear signs of neglect; most were thin and others bore painful eye infections and skin diseases.

Meredith willingly surrendered his ownership of 33 of the dogs, but is adamantly insisting that he keep the remaining 8. For some reason, law enforcement officials have agreed to let him keep some of the animals—which are part of his self-proclaimed breeding operation—under the stipulation that they make routine visits to ensure the dogs are being cared for. Although this is a nice gesture, especially considering that many shelters are at or reaching capacity, this is not fair to the remaining dogs. Meredith has seemingly shown his inability to care for animals on his own, and should not be trusted to supervise any others. What happens when law enforcement officials stop checking in?

No more dogs should have to suffer under this man’s ownership. We are asking you, Honorable Boroughs, to please remove all 41 dogs from Meredith’s custody.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Gilda Provenzano says:

    South Carolina? I guarantee this pos will get these dogs back.

  2. You wouldn’t leave a child with a child abuser but you’re willing to give dogs back to known abusers? That’s sick and twisted and shows a distinct lack of reality and common sense. He will re-offend, he has already shown he cannot/will not take care of animals in his possession. To give any of those dogs back to him is blatant animal abuse by the state! He should have a lifetime ban from owning animals and lifelong probation.

  3. milantia roy says:

    What happens to judges who apparently have no common sense when it comes to punishing abusers for whatever reason? don’t you feel sorry for the poor defenseless animals? they do not feel remorse for the verdicts they give that favor those animal breeders who only do it for money only?

    • Patricia Schwartzmann says:

      Yes — and I also wonder, don’t they feel guilty favoring those degenerates who only care about money?

  4. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear District Attorney Boroughs,
    Please don’t give back the 8 dogs to Joevaughn Meredith – they deserve a good home and better luck!

  5. And why on Earth would any person of authority return and abused animal to the abuser that has got to be the stupidest idiotic thing I’ve ever heard of.

  6. STOP the cruelty. Once an offender always an offender. If this monster is abusing helpless dogs without a voice, what do you think he’s doing with humans who have a voice? Put this criminal in prison with lifetime ban to be near animals. Set an example and do not allow this abusive behaviour to continue.

  7. Alice K. Knight says:

    I cannot think of any reason why this individual should be allowed to continue to have any animal in her care. Stop this person from repeating any type of atrocity towards any animal.
    I don’t believe any person deserves a second opportunity to destroy any living being.


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