Articles written by: Shaunak All That Breathes

Family Dog Allegedly Shot in Face During Domestic Dispute Deserves Justice

In a horrifying incident, a family dog was allegedly shot in the face. Seek legal consequences for the suspect.

Maltese Pup Allegedly Slapped on Head by Groomer Deserves Justice

A small dog allegedly suffered at the hands of a groomer during a routine appointment. Demand accountability and proper legal sanctions for this reported cruelty.

Cat Allegedly Abandoned in Tied Bags Deserve Justice

A cat was reportedly left to perish, confined within multiple tied bags on an embankment. Pursue immediate legal action to address this cruelty.

Shelter Cat Allegedly Abused With Ear Tattoo Deserves Justice

An 8-year-old shelter cat was found with an unsettling ear tattoo, sparking concerns of prior abuse. Seek legal action to investigate and punish those potentially responsible.

Horse Allegedly Suffering From Untreated Wounds Deserves Justice

A horse used for hauling displayed alarming signs of alleged mistreatment. Demand justice and stricter regulations to prevent such cruelty.

Alleged Mismanagement of Stray Dog Sterilization Needs Urgent Attention

Alleged mismanagement in a stray dog sterilization program has surfaced. Demand accountability and proper oversight.

Caged Dog Allegedly Tortured With Shock Collar Deserves Justice

A shocking video reveals a dog allegedly enduring torture inside a cage. Urge swift legal action to prevent animal abuse.

Animals Allegedly Living in Property ‘Unfit for Habitation’ Deserve Justice

Over thirty animals were reportedly rescued from severe neglect in a home. Seek legal action against the suspects.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten With Leash on Video Deserves Justice

A shocking incident reportedly involved a puppy being beaten by its walker using the leash. Call for strengthened legal penalties for animal cruelty.

Animals Allegedly Abandoned to Die in Apartment Deserve Justice

Several animals were reportedly abandoned and left to die in a Virginia apartment. Demand accountability for this seemingly cruel act.

Dog Allegedly Forced to Get Euthanized Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found emaciated and abandoned, left in conditions so dire it necessitated euthanasia. Demand prosecution for this alleged neglect.

Golden Retriever Shot and Left in Agony Deserves Justice

A Golden Retriever mix was shot in his leg, suffering from severe trauma. Demand accountability for this act of cruelty.

Husky Allegedly Shot Between Eyes Deserves Justice

An increasing trend of extreme animal abuse reports has emerged, with recent cases appearing to show shocking cruelty. Take immediate legal action to ensure justice.

Dogs Allegedly Found in Critical Condition Due to Mistreatment Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals, including critically injured dogs, were reportedly found in dire conditions. Call for decisive legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Pit Bulls Allegedly Forced into Cruel Dogfights Deserve Justice

Alleged forced fights between pit bulls have surfaced online. Demand legal action against the organizers.

Pets Allegedly Brutalized at Grooming Center on Camera Deserve Justice

In a shocking discovery, pets were allegedly subjected to cruel treatment. Demand legal repercussions for the perpetrator.

Animals With Reportedly No Food, Water, or Medical Care Deserve Justice

Alleged incidents of animal cruelty have surfaced, highlighting the urgent need for action. Call for strict legal measures against those responsible.

Cows Allegedly Crammed Into Vehicle Without Food and Water Deserve Justice

Cows were reportedly transported without essential needs. Demand immediate legal action against the accused.

Reportedly Tortured Mouse at Technological University Deserves Justice

A mouse was allegedly trapped and scalded to death in a horrific act of cruelty. Call for immediate legal action against those responsible.

Crab Reportedly Used in Cruel Political Stunt Deserves Justice

A crab was reportedly subjected to unnecessary pain for a media stunt. Call for accountability and respect for animal rights.

Elephant Allegedly Exploitated for Entertainment Deserves Justice

An elephant allegedly endured mutilation for entertainment purposes. Advocate for its justice now.

Puppies Allegedly Beaten in Presence of Little Girl Deserves Justice

A disturbing report reveals puppies allegedly mistreated and beaten in front of a little girl. Demand swift legal action against those responsible.

Demand Action Against Alleged Animal Abuse Network

An alleged global media network has been creating and sharing videos of animal abuse. Take immediate action.

20 Dogs Allegedly Poisoned by Tainted Meat Deserve Justice

Twenty dogs were found dead, allegedly poisoned by tainted meat. Seek accountability and legal action for their tragic demise.

Millions of Dogs and Cats Slaughtered For Meat Deserve Justice

Shocking practices at  wet markets have been exposed, where dogs and cats are brutally killed. Take stringent legal actions against this cruelty.

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