Horse Allegedly Starved to Point of Death Deserves Justice

Target: Mr. Kevin McCrae, Grant County Prosecuting Attorney, Washington

Goal: Investigate and ensure strict penalties for individuals allegedly responsible for the neglect and abuse of the horse, and enforce stronger animal welfare regulations.

In Grant County, Washington, an allegedly neglected horse was reportedly found in dire conditions and had to be euthanized. Deputies responded to a property on Road 10 Northeast, about 10 miles north of Moses Lake, where they discovered a 20-25-year-old gelding in a corral. The horse was allegedly in a deplorable state, with protruding bones, untrimmed hooves, hair falling out, and pest damage. Reports indicate algae-contaminated water and no noticeable food source indicated starvation, dehydration, and exposure to excessive heat.

Despite efforts by deputies and the Rodeo City Equine Rescue to save the horse, it reportedly collapsed and could not support its weight. A local veterinarian reported the horse had suffered neglect for approximately a year and decided to euthanize it. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office has recommended a felony charge of first-degree animal cruelty against the horse’s owner.

This incident underscores the urgent need for strict enforcement of animal welfare laws. Authorities must take swift action to investigate and prosecute the responsible parties, ensuring justice for the neglected horse. Review current regulations and practices to prevent similar cases of animal cruelty in the future.


Dear Mr. Kevin McCrae,

A recent incident in Grant County, Washington, has brought to light a deeply disturbing case of alleged animal cruelty. Deputies responded to a property near Moses Lake and reportedly discovered a severely neglected horse in deplorable conditions. The horse, a 20-25-year-old gelding, allegedly showed signs of extreme neglect, including protruding bones, untrimmed hooves, and hair loss. Despite efforts to save the horse, it collapsed and reportedly had to be euthanized.

The alleged neglect this horse suffered for approximately a year highlights the need for immediate legal action. We urge you to conduct a thorough investigation and ensure the responsible individuals are held accountable. This case also calls for reviewing and reinforcing animal welfare laws in our county to prevent future occurrences of such cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Helena Lopes


  1. goh maria says:

    RIP poor baby. Meantime, please ensure that its heinous soulless owner be punished severely for animal cruelty and never be allowed to own another pet again forever!

  2. We have no animal welfare laws which are strict enough to make people aware of what they do to their animals will be done to them. It should be that way but the laws we have don’t do anything to stop the torture. It is torture to be hungry and this horse was locked up and could not care for himself. Do the same to the owner of this horse. One year and no one checked to see if the horse was okay? This is a first degree animal cruelty charge yet it’s first degree murder! The owner is responsible no matter the excuses offered. Hunger hurts and it takes a long time to kill. The owner is accountable. Give him a trial and then send him to prison. Period. No tears for this person. They deserve none.

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