Articles written by: Shaunak All That Breathes

Bear Allegedly Used as Prop for Social Media Content Deserves Justice

A bear was allegedly subjected to demeaning and potentially harmful antics in a stunt. Address this behavior with swift legal action.

Community Dog Allegedly Fatally Injured by Reckless Driver Deserves Justice

A community dog was fatally injured by a car in a negligence-driven incident, according to reports. Seek stringent legal actions against the alleged perpetrator.

Stray Dogs Allegedly Poisoned and Assaulted Deserve Justice

Nine stray dogs were allegedly poisoned and assaulted, resulting in their death. Demand swift legal action against the culprits to ensure a strong prosecution and punishment.

Cats Allegedly Smeared in Feces and Urine Deserve Justice

Seven cats were reportedly found in deplorable condition, one was euthanized due to severe distress. Seek immediate legal action against the alleged abuser.

Cat Allegedly Left in Van for Days to Suffer Deserves Justice

A cat was allegedly left behind in a U-Haul van for days. Demand legal accountability for this act of alleged abandonment.

Cat Allegedly Killed Due to Caretaker’s Neglect Deserves Justice

A cat allegedly died due to neglect while under a caretaker’s supervision. Demand justice for the feline victim.

Dogs Allegedly Found Dead in Freezer Deserve Justice

In a shocking discovery, 53 dogs were reportedly found living in deplorable conditions. Demand rigorous legal action against the person allegedly responsible.

Innocent Terrier Mix Allegedly Strangled to Death Deserves Justice

A terrier mix met a cruel fate, allegedly strangled to death. Demand prosecution for the alleged perpetrator.

Terrified Puppies Dumped in Various Locations Deserve Justice

Five puppies faced a harrowing ordeal, dumped in various locations. Call for legal action against those responsible for this cruelty.

Heroic Dog Allegedly Killed While Saving Owner During Home Invasion Deserves Justice

A valiant dog named Angel allegedly lost her life defending her family from an intruder. Demand accountability and stringent legal repercussions for this appalling act.

Animals Allegedly Refused Welfare Check by Caretaker Deserve Justice

Thirty-eight animals were reportedly rescued from severe neglect. Demand accountability and proper care for these innocent beings.

Reportedly Abandoned Dog Family Near Rescue Center Deserves Justice

A dog and her puppies were reportedly abandoned near a rescue center, sparking outrage. Call for accountability and harsher penalties for animal neglect.

Establish Cruelty-Free Ceremonies in All Temples

A temple’s transition to a mechanical elephant for ceremonies set a precedent for animal welfare. Mandate similar practices nationwide.

Four-Year-Old Dog Allegedly Killed With Stick Deserves Justice

A beloved community dog was reportedly killed in a violent incident. Demand immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Horse Allegedly Left as Rubbish After Tragic Death Deserves Justice

A horse allegedly died due to a heart attack during a sulky race. The poor animal was reportedly abandoned roadside. Demand accountability and stricter enforcement against animal cruelty.

Wild Animals Allegedly Killed With Airguns and Crossbows Deserve Justice

Wildlife have allegedly been deliberately shot, causing long and painful deaths. Seek legal action against those responsible for these cruel acts.

Take Action Against Euthanization of XL Bully Puppy After Alleged Abuse

An XL Bully puppy, reportedly abused and emaciated, was allegedly euthanized without proper legal procedure. Call for immediate legal scrutiny and action.

Animals Allegedly Slammed on Ground and Killed Deserve Justice

More than 20 animals were allegedly killed in a disturbing incident at an environmental college. Demand rigorous legal repercussions for those involved.

Dogs Allegedly Killed in Overheated Kennel Deserve Justice

Five dogs allegedly perished tragically due to overheated conditions in a boarding facility. Seek legal repercussions.

Safeguard Banned Dog Breeds From Alleged Exploitation

Reports have surfaced about alleged mismanagement and exploitation of specific dog breeds. Ensure their protection and welfare.

Pony Allegedly Killed and Decapitated Deserves Justice

A pony and a donkey were reportedly attacked with a pickaxe and knives, and discovered dead. Seek immediate punishment for the individual allegedly behind these acts.

Dogs and Cats Allegedly Killed During Burglary Deserve Justice

Alleged acts of first-degree murder and animal cruelty have shaken a community. Demand decisive legal action.

Recently Pregnant Dog Allegedly Shot Dead and Left to Decompose Deserves Justice

A pit bull who’d recently given birth was reportedly found shot and discarded. Demand accountability and stricter animal cruelty laws.

Elephant Allegedly Used as Prop at Lavish Party Deserves Justice

An elephant was reportedly used as a mere prop in a noisy, crowded event. Demand stricter guidelines to ensure better treatment for animals.

Stop Torturing Animals to Test Beauty Products

Thousands of animals reportedly have painful substances forced into their eyes or sprayed on their faces and bodies to test cosmetics. Demand stricter enforcement and expansion of bans on animal testing.

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