Articles written by: Caleb Macduff

House Afghan Families Displaced Due to Taliban Rule

Afghan refugees are struggling to find housing after fleeing from the Taliban. The United States is ill-equipped for the number of asylum seekers coming to the country. Demand that the president expand the refugee program and allocate resources to help these victims of a war they did not cause.

Over 1,000 Buffalo Reportedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Hundreds of buffalo reportedly died of starvation after their owner abandoned the herd. Rescuers state those who survived were emaciated, living skin and bones. Demand justice for these animals.

Amazon Employees Reportedly Forced to Remain at Work During Deadly Tornados Deserve Justice

Fourteen workers lost their lives when they were reportedly forced to remain at work during a series of deadly tornados. These deaths were seemingly avoidable if not for two companies’ actions. Cite Amazon and Mayfield Consumer Products for their apparent fault.

Stop the Slaughter of Whales for Blood Money

Japan is still allowing commercial whale hunts, with hundreds of these majestic creatures killed every year. Sign the petition to ban this cruel and inhumane practice.

Ban Military Style Weapons Used in Deadly School Shootings

Four students were killed, and seven others injured in a school shooting in Michigan. The gunman reportedly used an assault rifle to shoot the eleven people in minutes. Please, act now to ban assault rifles and stop such horrific acts.

Google Must Stop Promoting Climate Denialism

Climate change is real and worse than ever. One of the biggest blockades to fixing the problem is denialism, which is currently being promoted by Google. Sign the petition now to stop Google from running ads for anti-science publishers.

Get Cancer-Causing Chemicals Out of Our Drinking Water and Food

Deadly chemicals are infecting the water we drink and the food we eat. Demand the government take immediate action to combat these toxins.

Two Pit Bull Puppies Abandoned in Freezing Park Deserve Justice

Two Pit bull puppies were dumped in a park in such frigid temperatures that they nearly froze to death. They were dangerously skinny and clearly left by someone. Please, make sure that whoever abandoned them is brought to justice.

Help Children Succeed With Publicly Funded Preschool

Children with access to early education are far more likely to succeed in school. Publicly funded preschool can ensure that all kids have access to this vital opportunity. Demand that every U.S. child be given access to free schooling.

Stop Letting Children Die for Smoothies

Acaí berries are incredibly difficult to harvest and are often picked by children. These young workers are exploited consistently, and there are no protections in place to ensure their rights. Please, sign the petition to keep children from dying.

Success: Toxic Vehicle Emissions Reduced in Fight Against Climate Change

Vehicle emissions, a major contributor to rising greenhouses gasses and climate change, will soon be reduced thanks to a landmark announcement by environmental advocates. Sign the petition to thank them for taking steps towards a cleaner future.

Ponies Reportedly Beaten and Sold for Meat at Auction Deserve Justice

Video footage appears to show ponies at an auction being kicked, starved, and abused. Some are reportedly sold for meat. Ban the sale and abuse of these majestic creatures.

Save Rare Dolphins From Human-Caused Extinction

A rare species of dolphin is going extinct due to human activity. Listing them as an endangered species will help to ensure their survival. Sign this petition to save these wonderful creatures.

Don’t Force Job-Seeking Former Prisoners to Disclose Criminal Background

One in three Americans has a criminal record, and nearly half of those are unable to find work after being released. This is due in large part to “the box,” the portion of employee applications that asks if you are a criminal. Sign the petition to end this discriminatory practice today.

Dog Reportedly Shot to Death By Police Officer Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was reportedly shot four times outside of a gas station in Michigan. The officer who seemingly shot him apparently turned off his body cam before the incident. Get justice for Moose and fire the accused police officer.

End the Failed, Racist Mass Incarceration System

The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country in the world. This is due to racist policies that primarily affect Black and brown citizens. Sign the petition to end mass incarceration in America.

Children Reportedly Forced to Make Chocolate in Dangerous Conditions Deserve Justice

Major chocolate companies like Hershey’s reportedly continue to use exploitative child labor. These children are apparently forced to work in awful conditions for low wages and aren’t able to go to school. Sign the petition to end child exploitation in the chocolate industry.

Ensure People of Color Have Their Voices Heard at the Ballot Box

Voting rights have been eviscerated by the Supreme Court and racist laws made by the GOP. This especially puts People of Color at risk of not having their voices heard. Restore voting rights before it’s too late.

Stop Condemning Nonviolent Drug Offenders to a Cycle of Poverty

The war on drugs has been shown to be completely ineffective. It has only succeeded in punishing nonviolent offenders and forcing many into homelessness, bankruptcy, and an endless cycle of poverty. Demand that the government take action to wipe these offenders’ records clean.

Stop Medicare Cuts From Affecting Millions

Cuts to the Medicare program will go into effect in January 2022. While certain representatives are working to change that, it is important to ensure Congress doesn’t let these cuts don’t happen. Please, act now to call Congress to work together.

Save Whales Reportedly Dying at Theme Park

Fifteen whales have reportedly died at a theme park that seemingly has inadequate facilities and should be shut down. All remaining animals must be sent to a sanctuary. Tell the government to save these innocent creatures.

Stop Torturing Animals in Labs for Pointless Testing

Animal testing subjects millions of defenseless creatures to needless pain and suffering. It is also ineffective, only working 1 out of 10 times on humans. Help end this practice today.

End Destruction of Natural Wilderness That Fights Climate Change

Scotland’s peatlands, one of the largest carbon sinks in the world, are shrinking rapidly due to human interference. The land will begin to emit carbon if not properly cared for and contribute to global warming. Demand protection for this natural fighter of climate change.

Stop Dissecting Bears’ Gallbladders for Unnecessary Medicine

Bear bile is a traditional Asian medicine that is harvested by keeping bears in cages and cutting into their gallbladders. This is an entirely unnecessary practice that continues to torture animals to this day. Add your voice to those calling for the end of vicious bear bile farming.

Reduce Potent Greenhouse Gas to Fight Global Warming

Methane accounts for 25% of global warming and is 80 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. Oil and gas companies are by far the biggest offenders and need stronger regulation.

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