Over 1,000 Buffalo Reportedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Target: Antônio Augusto Brandão de Aras, Attorney General of the Republic, Brazil

Goal: Bring allegedly abusive São Paulo dairy farmer to justice.

When the veterinarian in charge of emergency care for a herd of over 1,000 buffalo arrived at the abandoned dairy farm, he called it “a war scene.” Environmental police responded to reports of “malnourished and mistreated animals” allegedly and counted 667 trapped in a confined area, along with countless carcasses. The rescue efforts are still ongoing, but over 500 of these poor animals have apparently died from starvation so far.

Rescuers stated they found buffalo with sunken features and protruding bones who were too weak to stand, and some that had to be lifted up with the aid of heavy machinery in order to be examined and cared for. Others reportedly fell and never stood back up. Over 500 apparently died where their starving counterparts stood living among the dead. It is too soon to say how many more buffalo may die from their condition, already too far gone to save.

When asked about the conditions at his farm, the owner claimed he did nothing wrong. Stating he had left plenty of food and water for the buffalo he abandoned, he suggested that some died from natural causes.

There is apparently nothing natural about the way these emaciated buffalo died. There is no excuse that could justify the suffering that the farm owner apparently inflicted on his animals, who depended on him and earned him a good sum of money in the dairy business.

The farmer has already been fined with environmental infractions, but civil police have not yet brought charges. Sign below and demand that authorities conduct a thorough investigation and charge him to the fullest extent with animal cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Brandão de Aras,

Over 500 buffalo have died surrounded by their starving compatriots on an apparently abandoned dairy farm in your jurisdiction. Reports indicate that several were too weak to stand when veterinarians finally arrived to provide emergency care, and that more continue to die, already too far gone to save regardless of relief provided.

These animals were seemingly mistreated and malnourished, living skin-and-bones, and the farmer who reportedly abandoned them must be brought to justice and charged to the fullest extent with animal cruelty.

This farmer had the audacity to say that he did not do anything wrong and provided the animals with sufficient food and water. The evidence seems to speak directly against this claim.

Please, charge this man for his alleged severe animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Kleomarlo

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