Reduce Potent Greenhouse Gas to Fight Global Warming

Target: Michael S. Regan, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator

Goal: Craft stronger rules to reduce methane emissions and the rate of climate change.

Methane is a powerful accelerant that is responsible for at minimum 25% of global warming. Cutting emissions is the fastest opportunity we have to slow the rate of this environmental catastrophe, a quick fix while we decarbonize our energy systems.

Methane has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide and the biggest offender is the oil and gas industry; responsible for 13 million metric tons of methane emissions every year. These emissions come from active, damaged and even abandoned wells across our country and it’s time we do something about it.

Tell the EPA that we need to protect our communities from the dangers of methane pollution.


Dear Mr. Regan,

Methane is a powerful accelerant that’s responsible for at least 25% of the global warming we experience today. Reducing methane pollution from the oil and gas industry is one of the fastest and cost-effective ways to slow the rate of warming while cutting rates of air pollution for the millions of Americans who live near oil and gas wells.

Each year the oil and gas industry emits 13 million metric tons of methane, which come from active, damaged and even abandoned wells across the United States. It is time to act, and with your support the U.S can better regulate these harmful emissions at their source and adopt commonsense policies to seal polluting wells that have been long abandoned.

By adopting stronger regulations for methane pollution, the EPA can create American jobs while working to clean up the air and groundwater. Please advance policies that protect our air, climate, and the health of our communities.


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  1. Methane is the worst pollutant for global heating. Please establish stronger laws for emissions as this is the worst culpert creasing global warming by 25%. We must cap open mines, lost and non-functioning mines. That would help us save on Methane not going into our air as it is worse than carbon for all living things. Of course Russia may be wiped out as they are sitting on mounds of Methane which once the ic above them melts … good bye Russia.
    However, we are not far behind. Let’s use our intelligence and not allow more Methane to leek into the air. If we don’t stand up to this threat, Nature will push us down and we may not be able to rise afterward.

  2. Carolyn Hale says:

    Look at ND reservoir reserves — NDIC’s flare is not being controlled (has never been controlled?) at any level and now three months behind on well info. . . Just saying — this is Big enough to quit smoking — 24-7 — anytime. . C. Hale — Reservoir tech

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