Dog Reportedly Shot to Death By Police Officer Deserves Justice

Target: Inkster Police Chief William T. Riley

Goal: Fire the officer who allegedly shot an innocent pet.

A man in Michigan called the police after a fight broke out at a local gas station. Little did he know that the phone call would end with the alleged murder of an innocent dog. As soon as the cop arrived on the scene the caller’s pup, Moose, approached the police vehicle in a friendly way, his body language loose and his tail wagging. The officer reportedly shot Moose four times. Conveniently, the officer’s body camera stopped working right before the incident, but someone who had been filming in the area caught the whole ordeal on video.

Cops kill between 25 and 30 dogs every day in the United States. Shockingly this number is likely an underestimate as police are not required to report animals they shoot on the job. The Department of Justice recently declared the number of dog deaths at the hands of police officers an epidemic. Yet as families are left dealing with the trauma of the horrific loss of their pets, officers almost never suffer any consequences.

This problem is directly related to police murders of civilians. Time and again, the American public is told that officers’ job is to serve and protect, yet what cops do in our communities is terrorize our neighbors and our pets. This trigger-happy officer who would apparently rather shoot first and ask questions later is a clear danger to the community.

It is time to begin holding officers accountable for their abuse against animals. Sign now and demand that this Inkster, Michigan police officer should be fired for reportedly slaughtering Moose.


Dear Chief Riley,

An officer in your department was apparently filmed shooting a non-violent, unthreatening dog owned by a citizen who reported a fight at a gas station. He reportedly shot the dog, Moose, four times, and his body camera happened to stop working just before the incident, which means that he would not have been caught if he wasn’t filmed.

This is entirely unacceptable. There is a reckoning that must happen when it comes to the way police officers interact with the public, and that starts with you and officers like you. When an officer kills a citizen or their pet it breaks the trust that the public puts in law enforcement. This is a relationship that has been fraying for a long time, and it is only going to get worse unless the powers that be reconcile with the community. That must start with firing the officer who allegedly slaughtered Moose in the streets.

Please, make this death right and begin to restore the communities trust in you.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: pixundfertig


  1. This vile,dog hating killing,uneduacted,mentally deranged oinker pig cop, must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.A slow and agonising death for this vile scumbag dog killer is essential!
    This vile bastard MUST pay BIGTIME!!!!

  2. Police need to be well rounded in their training so this type of incident doesn’t continue to happen. This happens all too often. Police are afraid of dogs but if this is the case they should not be on the force especially if not properly trained. Tragically innocent dogs and pets are killed every day and this needs to stop and it will by providing proper education. This was a shame and the owner will never forget. If we can turn this tragedy into a learning then possibly this won’t have to happen in the future. It is also a responsible owner who watches out for their pet and trains their pet to stay by their side. This will alert other pet owners to stay away from police in action.

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