Success: Sanctuary City Defunding Order Blocked

Donald Trump tried to use an executive order to withhold funding from sanctuary cities that protect immigrants from deportation. Applaud the U.S. judge who blocked this order.

Success: Judge Rules Against Trump’s Sanctuary City Defunding

The Trump administration’s attempt to block funding for sanctuary cities has been temporarily halted by a district judge. Applaud the activist community who fought for this ruling against overreaching, unconstitutional measures that would ramp up deportation of vulnerable immigrants.

Success: Arkansas’ Howard Zinn Ban Defeated

A Republican attempt to ban Howard Zinn books from public schools has been defeated. Sign this petition to praise lawmakers for taking a stand for free speech.

Success: Article on Trump’s Estate Removed From State Department Website

An article about President Trump’s golf course was removed from the State Department’s website due to immense backlash. Sign this petition to thank the department for removing the article and ensuring that ethics laws are kept.

Success: Texas Voter ID Law Ruled Discriminatory

A federal judge has ruled that a Texas voter ID law was designed to discriminate against minorities. Applaud this decision and show your support for reform of discriminatory voting laws.

Success: Twitter Protects Free Speech For Anti-Trump Account

A federal lawsuit demanding information about an anti-Trump Twitter account has been dropped. Applaud Twitter for protecting the privacy and free speech of its users.

Success: White Supremacist Removed From National Security Council

White supremacist Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council. Applaud the removal of this unfit adviser.

Success: Trump’s Travel Ban Indefinitely Placed on Hold

President Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban designed to limit the immigration of Muslims has been placed on hold indefinitely. Praise the judge that enforced this hold, which protects innocent immigrants and refugees against the institutionalization of bigotry.

Success: North Carolina Bathroom Law Repealed

The North Carolina “bathroom bill” has been repealed. Applaud this step toward eliminating discrimination against transgender American citizens.

Success: GOP Health Care Bill Pulled From House

Paul Ryan and other House Republican leaders decided to pull their proposed health care bill. The replacement proposal would have increased the number of uninsured people and the price of premiums – besides dismantling life-saving health programs. Applaud the decision to pull this bad health care bill.

Success: Charges Against Four Journalists Arrested on Inauguration Day Dropped

Felony rioting charges against four journalists arrested on Inauguration Day have been dropped. The indictment of journalists would be in serious contradiction to the foundations of United States democracy. Express your appreciation that the American Constitution has been held.

Success: CEO Accused of Wage Theft, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Abuse Withdraws Nomination

CEO Andrew Puzder has withdrawn from consideration for the position of labor secretary. He opposed minimum wage increases and ran restaurants accused of wage theft and systemic sexual abuse. Applaud the end to his nomination.

Success: Unfit Nominee for Labor Secretary Withdraws Nomination

Trump’s Secretary of Labor nominee, who has a track record for being sexist, anti-choice and anti-labor, has withdrawn his nomination after much concern from citizens and from both Democrats and Republicans. Support this decision that is in line with the wants and needs of the country.

Success: Trump’s Muslim Ban Officially Rejected

The United States Court of Appeals has officially blocked Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims entering the country. This is a great victory and much needed after the dark first weeks of Trump’s presidency. Sign this petition to thank the honorable judge who refused to allow such an act of xenophobia.

Success: Gambian President Agreed to Step Down After Election Defeat

After much resistance, the defeated Gambian president finally stepped down from his seat in office. Sign this petition to applaud this peaceful transfer of power.

Success: GOP’s Vote Against Congress Watchdog Reversed

A vote to dismantle a congressional body that seeks out and reports corruption has been overturned. Praise this move, which will keep transparency within the government.

Success: Marijuana Legalized in Massachusetts, California, Nevada, and Maine

Full recreational legalization of marijuana was successfully passed on ballots in Massachusetts, California, Nevada, and Maine. Thanks to voters and activists in these four states, their residents will no longer face unjust prosecution for small-time possession. Sign the petition to show support for this victory.

Success: FBI Puts Clinton Email Controversy to Rest

After the director of the FBI informed Congress that they were looking through more of Hillary Clinton’s emails, the DOJ and many others demanded the release of further details as they became available. The FBI has since stated that its original suggestion not to press charges against Clinton still stands. Thank the FBI for releasing these details before the day of the election.

Success: “Victory Tax” on Olympic Athletes Repealed

American Olympic athletes will no longer be taxed for winning medals and other prizes after President Obama signed a bill preventing the IRS from collecting money from winning athletes. Applaud the repeal of this excessive and unfair tax.

Success: Voter ID Laws Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal court has ruled that voter ID laws that undermined voting rights of African American communities are unconstitutional. Applaud this victory for voting rights.

Success: Assault Weapons Will No Longer be Sold in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has cracked down on the sale of illegal assault weapons. Applaud the progressive lawmakers who have worked to get these dangerous guns off the streets.

Success: Judge Rejects Corrupt Sheriff’s Plea Deal

A corrupt sheriff will not be escaping with a minor punishment after a judge rejected his plea deal for being too lenient. Celebrate this commitment to upholding rule of law.

Success: Prosecutor Fired for Racially Charged Comments About Orlando Shooting

A Florida attorney who made offensive comments about the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre has been fired for his insensitive and racially charged remarks. Applaud the removal of such a vile and hateful man from his position of influence.

Success: Lenient Judge Removed from New Case

A judge who gave a convicted sex offender an insufficient sentence has been removed from a similar case. Applaud the decision to prevent this man from issuing further unfair rulings.

Success: Families of 9/11 Victims Allowed to Sue Saudi Arabian Government

Families of those who died during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks now have the ability to sue the government that is allegedly responsible. Thank the legislators who passed this bill and bravely protected the public interest.

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