Don’t Endanger Women and Minorities in Battle Against Islamist Radicalism

Essential medical rights could soon be restricted in the name of combating religious extremism in France. Demand that lawmakers protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of faith.

Pennsylvania: Do Not Entertain Trump’s Attempts to Overturn Election Results

President Trump has personally appealed to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania, placing numerous calls to House Speaker Bryan Cutler. There is no evidence of any voter fraud. Sign this petition to urge Cutler to uphold the results.

Stop Destruction of Sacred Native American Sites By Copper Mining

Ancient sites sacred to a Native American tribe could soon be lost forever to a copper mine. Ask President-elect Joe Biden to stop this backroom deal and give Native Americans the respect they deserve.

Biden: Fire Lobbyist Who Protected Poison-Peddling Corporations

President-elect Joe Biden has appointed an official to his environmental team who defended a major chemical corporation as it spread a lethal poison through countless public water supplies. Demand that this choice be reversed and that Biden appoint known advocates of the environment and public health instead.

Protect Americans From Homelessness During a Deadly Pandemic

Millions of Americans will face homelessness as early as December 31 if an additional coronavirus stimulus package is not passed. Sign this petition to urge Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to extend eviction protection.

Trump: Do Not Grant Preemptive Presidential Pardons to Family and Personal Lawyer

President Trump has discussed the possibility of granting preemptive pardons to his children, son-in-law, and personal lawyer as a defense against any investigations put forth by a Biden Justice Department. No US citizen–regardless of who they are related to or close with–should be above the law of the land. Sign this petition to urge Trump to drop the idea of granting presidential pardons.

Stop Putting Election Workers in the Line of Fire

Election workers have been the continued subject of death threats and violent harassment. Politicians who refuse to condemn these deplorable actions and the people who inspire them are complicit. Tell them to speak up and speak out against this dangerous assault on democracy.

Approve Another Covid-19 Stimulus Package Before Holidays

A COVID-19 stimulus package is set to be discussed by Congress at their last session before the holiday break. Demand that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell act now to pass this financial assistance and give Americans the relief that they need during the pandemic.

Don’t Infringe on the Right to Record Police Brutality

France may soon criminalize recording police violence, threatening the rights of citizens. Demand that the French Senate protect basic rights and restrain the power of the police.

Give Ousted Leaders Who Refused Blind Loyalty to Trump Their Jobs Back

President Trump is spending his final weeks in office peddling lies and packing essential agencies with yes-men. Several servants instrumental in safeguarding the country have lost their jobs in the process. Demand President-elect Biden reverse these dangerous actions.

Do Not Leave US Senate Without Representation of Black Women

The US Senate will lack any Black female members once Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris moves into her position at the White House. Sign this petition to urge CA Governor Gavin Newsom to appoint a Black woman to maintain proper representation of the population in the US Senate.

Sen. McConnell: Include President-Elect Biden on the President’s Daily Brief

President-elect Joe Biden is not being given critical safety and intelligence information. Without his inclusion in security briefings, the transition between presidents could pose a serious risk for the United States. Sign this petition to urge Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to advocate that Biden be included in the president’s daily brief.

Respect the Will of Voters and Ensure Peaceful Presidential Transition

President Trump’s sore loser attitude and refusal to concede the election is endangering the short-term and long-term future of the United States. In the midst of a pandemic, the president-elect must be allowed access to the funds and information necessary to forge an action plan. Urge the agency charged with safeguarding and shepherding peaceful transfers of power to stop playing political games and start carrying out its duty.

Stop Promoting Baseless and Unsubstantiated Allegations of Voter Fraud

Bowing to pressure from election loser Donald Trump, Attorney General William Barr wants to “investigate” supposed voter fraud for which there is no credible evidence. Sign this petition to stop the substantiation of voter fraud claims without evidence.

Save the Affordable Care Act and Maintain Health Care for Millions of Americans

Millions of Americans could soon lose their access to health care as the Affordable Care Act is debated in front of the US Supreme Court for the third time. If it is revoked, then many will not have access to medical assistance during a global pandemic. Sign this petition to urge US Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett to vote in favor of healthcare for all.

President Trump: Respect the Will of the People and Honor Every Vote

The erratic post-election behavior of President Trump threatens the stability of the country and democracy itself. His demands to “stop the count” could leave thousands of voters without a voice. Urge the president to end the misleading claims, the hateful rhetoric, and the vows not to honor a peaceful transfer of power.

Limit the Spread of Election Disinformation on Social Media

As the United States eagerly awaits the results of the 2020 election, social media is being used to spread inaccurate and harmful information about the vote counting process. Demand that Facebook step up its efforts to combat the promotion of unhelpfully or dangerously inaccurate arguments and beliefs.

“Law and Order” Trump Should Condemn Trump Supporters That Roadblocked Biden’s Campaign Bus

Trump supporters reportedly stalled Joe Biden’s campaign bus on a Texas interstate using vehicles displaying pro-Trump flags and paraphernalia. They apparently yelled profanities and prevented the bus from moving, prompting passengers inside to fear for their safety. Demand that the president immediately condemn this apparent intimidation tactic.

Trump: Apologize for Walking Out of “60 Minutes” Interview

“I think we’ve got enough of an interview here,” is what Donald Trump claimed as he unceremoniously walked out of an interview with Lesley Stahl for ’60 Minutes.’ Previous to abandoning the engagement, Trump complained about “tough questions.” Trump robbed the American people of the answers they deserve. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to apologize for walking out.

Trump: Don’t Stand in the Way of Nuclear Disarmament

The United Nations has announced that international law will soon ban the possession and use of nuclear weapons, but the Trump administration has attacked the historic decision and its supporters. Demand that the administration cease its attempts to bully those nations that support nuclear disarmament.

Trump: Don’t Pack Federal Positions With Loyal ‘Yes Men’

President Trump granted his administration the power to terminate federal scientists, economists, and infectious disease experts deemed to be “poor performers.” This is a dangerous precedent that would allow the president to dismiss those who disagree with him or don’t prove their personal loyalties. Demand that these federal employees be granted protection from this overreach of power.

Success: Historic Peace Agreement Signed in Country Ravaged By Civil War

Libya’s decade-old war has finally been brought to a close with the signing of a permanent historic ceasefire agreement. Libyans will soon be able to return to peace and progress with the cessation of hostilities. Praise the work of the negotiators in bringing about this long-awaited peace agreement.

Protect Disabled Voters’ Access to Ballots

Millions of American voters with disabilities could be forced to forgo voting or risk their health to participate in upcoming elections due to restricted access to polling stations and unreasonable rules for mail-in ballots. Urge state elections boards to ensure that no one has to give up their safety to exercise their democratic rights.

Trump’s Vulnerability From $1 Billion in Debt to China and Others Must be Revealed

Donald Trump has made himself vulnerable to extortion by accumulating up to a billion dollars in debt to China and other unknown entities. The prospect of these debts being leveraged by foreign governments is downright dangerous. Trump’s billion dollar creditors must be revealed.

Vote Here sign - Jay Phagan

Trump: Denounce Reported Placement of Unofficial Ballot Drop Boxes by Republicans

Republican officials in California have reportedly been setting up unregulated ballot drop off boxes and marketing them as official places to cast a vote. State officials ordered that the boxes be removed. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to denounce this apparent scheme and promote official voting practices.

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