Success: Assault Weapons Will No Longer be Sold in Massachusetts

Target: Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

Goal: Applaud recent crackdown on illegal gun sales.

Semi-automatic “assault” weapons will no longer be sold in Massachusetts. Despite a ban on these weapons, manufacturers had been skirting the law and exploiting a loophole to sell thousands of guns, but dedicated efforts from legislators and state officials have ensured that these dangerous weapons will be harder to obtain.

According to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, 10,000 assault weapons were sold in the state last year. Gun manufacturers and vendors avoided the ban by making minuscule adjustments, such as removing a telescoping stock or flash suppressor.

Healey announced in a press conference that this practice will no longer be tolerated. “We put gun manufacturers and gun dealers on notice that we’re cracking down on the sale of illegal assault weapons,” she said. Notices have already been sent to more than 300 gun dealers.

The proliferation of assault weapons presents a danger to citizens across the country, as evidenced by this ForceChange petition. Sign the petition below to thank the attorney general for enforcing the ban and protecting the people of Massachusetts.


Dear Ms. Healey,

I am writing to applaud the recent enforcement of the assault weapons ban. For too long, gun manufacturers have skirted the law and exploited a loophole that allowed them to sell thousands of illegal and highly dangerous weapons, but your dedicated efforts have put an end to this practice and made the state a safer place.

The ban previously placed on assault weapons demonstrates how dangerous they can be, and it is vital that such deadly firearms be kept off the streets. Thank you for your vigilance in cracking down on illegal gun sales.


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Photo Credit: TheTranc

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  1. Gene Sengstake says:

    “Thank him” for taking away the rights of honest citizens to protect themselves with the best equipment possible??? Do you really think the bad guys are going to give up the “assault weapons” they already possess or that they will not be able to acquire them in the future at any time they want??? The good/honest guys “will do what they are told/follow the law” but for some reason the bad guys just don’t want to follow the rules. Well – let’s see now – given this real life scenario – who comes out ahead of the game? But then lest we forget – the cops are only a phone call away – it’s their job to protect us – so who needs guns of any kind anyway – – –

    • Right on! We need to keep speaking up against these misdirected laws supported by misinformed citizens! Stop taking our rights away…..for nothing!!!

  2. I don’t applaud this at all. I grieve for the loss of our rights in this country more and more every day all because of the misguided fears of people who think stricter gun laws = greater safety. Get. A. Clue.

  3. That’s what happens when you have ignorant, uninformed politicians, elected by ignorant, uninformed voters…who value style over substance, the perception of doing something, anything…no matter how draconian and counterintuitive …rather than actually DOING things to curb CRIMINALS. Common sense things, like refusing to plea bargain away firearms charges…like getting serious about clamping down on drug dealers and gangs…the source of most gun violence.
    They could, to avoid looking even stupider than they are….realize what IS an “Assault Rifle”…and what is NOT! Hint…true “Assault Rifles” are difficult to obtain, exorbitantly expensive…and according to the DOJ…consist of a medium size cartridge, Full automatic capabilities, etc.
    They do NOT consist of semiautomatic firearms that possess accessories that “Look scary”!
    They’d also realize that homicides by Rifles make up a miniscule fraction of homicides, that semiautomatic Rifles have been around for more than 100 years, and are little, if any, more “deadly” than any other type of action in a rifle.
    However…all of this would require intelligence, integrity, objectivity,not to mention a putting aside of the simple mindedness that seeks politically, simple answers (that haven’t worked anywhere else) to complex social problems.

  4. Mmmmm. So much reliance on gunpowder.

  5. Wow you people really believe that huh? No wonder the country is so screwed up…IMHO no one but a soilder needs an assault rifle…so plan on joining your State militia?

  6. Sandra Iseman says:

    In Canada we seem to all survive and have plenty of rights – actually more rights than Americans without having the right to assault weapons…

  7. Christopher Fike says:

    Considering that any item used a as weapon to assault anything is an “assault weapon”, what was banned?

    The issue is not inanimate objects.

    No one banned diesel fuel and fertilizer after a domestic terrorist used them to kill and injure hundreds of Americans.

    Uninformed citizens who do not take time to educate themselves about both sides of the issue are a real danger to freedoms provided by the Constitution.

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