Promote Peace, Not War

Target: United States Congress

Goal: Enact real solutions to global conflict that keep us safe without war.

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  1. War doesn’t accomplish anything except for conflict. And violence
    for what? It has to stop somewhere
    all it brought was this “crisis ”
    and grief. My boyfriend fought and
    died for a cause? Only to this
    nightmare continue.

  2. I oppose war it is not the answer in solving this so called?
    crisis too many lives lost all that war does is breed more
    violence and conflicts. With in the countries. Like now
    where does it end?

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    war is still not the answer to the problems! peace is still the answer to the problems not war! want to have peace not war! dont u ever ignore these things again! dont u ever lie to us again! ban war now not future! stop demanding for more resurces! just end world hunger now not future! end poverty now not future! its not the end of the world. the world is endless and u need help.

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