Demand Resignation of Congressman Who Called AOC Misogynistic Slur

Representative Ted Yoho called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “f—- bitch” but has seen no punishment for his clear misogyny. This kind of behavior is not acceptable for anyone, let alone a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Demand that Yoho resign from his position.

Extend Federal Eviction Moratorium Through January 1st, 2021

Tens of millions of Americans are facing the threat of eviction and homelessness due to the CARES Act expiring on July 24th. Sign this petition today demanding that the moratorium on evictions be extended.

Support American Families with Additional Stimulus Checks

Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet during the unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic. Demand that the U.S. Government provide additional stimulus checks to ensure housing and food security for all.

Fire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

The time has come to fire Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. She is trying to force kids to go back to in-person classes, despite COVID-19 infections being at an all-time high. Demand that Trump replace her with someone who actually cares about the education and well-being of the nation’s children.

Stop Trump’s Corrupt Pardons for His Cronies

President Trump has abused his pardoning power to commute the sentence of former advisor Roger Stone. This is a blatant disregard for decency in the administration, as he has used his authority to stop one of his allies from being adequately punished for his crimes. Demand that Congress limit the president’s pardoning power to avoid further corruption.

Don’t Threaten Health and Safety of Public School Students During Pandemic

The US Secretary of Education is threatening to withhold funding from public schools to force them to reopen amidst a pandemic. This disastrous move will result in the risk of injury and death to millions of children due to coronavirus. Demand that the government prioritize the health of students and invest in public learning institutions.

Protect Rights to Independent Prosecution and a Fair Trial in Criminal Court

Corrupt politicians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are attempting to destroy their country’s justice system from within by ending the independence of courts and prosecutors. Demand that this effort be ended immediately.

Fire White Supremacist Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson continues to spew racist rhetoric on Fox News and it is time for him to be fired. His latest target is U.S. Senator and decorated American hero Tammy Duckworth. Demand that Fox News fires Tucker Carlson and stops giving this white supremacist a platform.

Stop Mark Zuckerberg From Forcing Native Hawaiians Out of Their Homes

Native Hawaiians are being threatened with eviction from their homes for refusing to sell their land to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The billionaire plans to build a mansion on the property. Demand that the rights of indigenous people are protected from this apparent colonialism.

Grant Stimulus Checks to Taxpayers Struggling During Pandemic

A second round of stimulus checks designed to help US taxpayers who are struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic has been met with opposition from congressional Republicans as well as White House advisors. Unemployment rates are high and that is not likely to change in the midst of a pandemic. Urge the government to approve a second round of stimulus checks.

Denounce Trump for Ignoring Russian Bounties for Dead US Troops

Russia paid the Taliban to kill US troops serving in Afghanistan. Despite intelligence reports stating that the US was briefed about this issue earlier this year, President Trump now denies any knowledge of the incident. Urge President Trump to conduct a full and transparent investigation and to denounce Russia for putting bounties on US troops.

Recognize the End of Slavery With a National Holiday

Juneteenth celebrates the day the last slave was freed in America, yet this important moment is still not commemorated as a federal holiday. Give this historic date the recognition it deserves.

Rename American City Named After Genocidal Leader

Christopher Columbus was a genocidal slaver, and yet one U.S. state capital is named in his honor. This needs to change. The time has come for all monuments to evil to be torn down, and a major step will be renaming the city of Columbus, Ohio.

Protect 14 Million American Workers by Extending Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

Over 14 million Americans are at risk of losing vital unemployment benefits that have helped them weather the storm of COVID-19. However, with a second wave probable, these benefits must be extended. Demand that the federal government act.

Remove Confederate Symbol From Mississippi’s State Flag

Mississippi still utilizes the Confederate Battle Flag in its state flag, a slap in the face to Black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved by the South. Demand that Mississippi no longer memorialize racist traitors.

Grant Miami Nation Native American Tribe Government Protection and Sovereignty

The Miami Nation of Indiana has been fighting for more than a century to get federal recognition for their tribe, which was forcibly split by the American government before the Civil War. This would grant them sovereignty and protect their land. Demand that the federal government recognizes their tribal status and allows them the resources they need to maintain their autonomy.

Do Not Ban Legal Immigrants Who Perform Essential Jobs During Pandemic

President Trump has banned work visas for immigrants attempting to enter into the US legally through the end of the calendar year. It is proven that immigrants contribute to the US economy and take jobs that US citizens often do not fill, such as caregiving and farm work. Urge President Trump to allow immigrants to enter the US on work visas.

Trump: Apologize for Racist Remarks Linking Asian Communities With Coronavirus

President Trump referred to the novel coronavirus as the “kung flu” at his recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not only is this language scientifically inaccurate, as all races and ethnicities are equally at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19, but it also mocks Asian culture in general. Sign this petition to urge Trump to apologize for his racist language.

Don’t Allow Trump Administration to Silence Journalists

President Donald Trump’s State Department silenced a journalist during a conference call that was supposed to be about the importance of the free press. Don’t let the administration’s blatant hypocrisy go by without calling out their corruption. Demand that they take their responsibility to the press and the people seriously.

Success: Facebook Removes Hateful Content Displayed by the Trump Campaign

Facebook recently removed a Trump campaign advertisement that displayed a symbol used by the Nazis. The symbol, a red triangle, was used to identify political prisoners and communists during WWII. Applaud Facebook for removing Trump’s harmful and alarming use of a Nazi symbol for political gain.

McConnell - Gage Skidmore

End Loophole That Allowed “Charleston 9” Mass Murderer to Purchase Gun

Five years after the senseless shooting of the “Charleston 9,” the loophole that allowed the shooter to purchase a gun in spite of his criminal record still exists. That’s because Senator Mitch McConnell refuses to vote on extending the waiting period for gun purchases to ten days, allowing for thorough background checks. Demand that McConnell pass this urgent legislation before the “Charleston loophole” results in further tragedies.

Impeach President Trump Again for Election Meddling and Human Rights Violations

President Donald Trump has once again been credibly accused of asking a foreign power for help in winning a presidential election, as well as encouraging the construction of concentration camps in China. Adding these alleged criminal acts to his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clearly time to impeach President Trump once again and hold him accountable for his disgrace.

Don’t Intimidate Voters With National Guard Troops

The National Guard will be stationed at Louisville’s only voting station, risking increased voter intimidation in a city with fresh memories of police violence and military overreach. Demand that these troops be replaced with civilian volunteers to soothe relations with voters.

Trump: Adequately Address Police Brutality and Racism

President Trump has refused to mandate police reform, despite widespread public outcry. His executive order failed to mention racism or discrimination, which is the central issue invoking nationwide protests. Demand President Trump mandate police reform at the very least in order to adequately respond to police brutality and systematic racism.

Success: Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Names From Army Bases

A key Republican-led Senate committee voted to remove confederate names from army bases, despite adamant resistance from President Trump. This vote would require the Pentagon to strip military bases and equipment of confederate names, monuments or symbols within three years. Thank the Armed Services Committee for working to address racism in America.

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