Support LGBTQ+ History in Schools

Students in Maryland may soon be required to learn about the important contributions the LGBTQ+ community has made to the United States. Sign the petition to support this change in curriculum.

Stop Hurting and Misleading Students with Demeaning Slavery Lessons

Detrimental, destructive simulations are being used in American classrooms to misinform students about slavery. Minority students are being targeted in the process. Demand U.S. education stop glamorizing these historical atrocities and stop subtly endorsing discrimination.

Fire Teacher Accused of Mocking Autistic Student

A special education teacher has come under fire for allegedly humiliating an autistic student. Said teacher reportedly gave the student a class award for “most annoying male” and showed a lack of patience and sensitivity in handling the child’s problems. Fire this teacher for their alleged lack of sensitivity.

Wipe Out Education Debt for Disabled Vets

Thousands of disabled veterans suffer under insurmountable student loan debt. They have given life, limb, and livelihood, but this price tag is not enough for some. Give these heroic men and women a needed break and forgive their student loans.

Keep College in Reach for Low-Income Kids

Millions of children could lose their chance at college for a Trump vanity project. Help preserve critical funds and demand America keep investing in education and opportunity for all.

End High Stakes Testing for Texas Students

Texas is using unfair tests to hold hostage the education of its students. Students can be denied graduation if they don’t pass these controversial tests. Sign the petition to demand Texas end these high stakes tests.

Make the Choice to Invest in Public Schools

Students are at risk of being taken out of school for all the wrong reasons if a misguided proposal passes in Tennessee. This harmful effort could strike a fatal blow to public schools. Stand up for the teachers and students officials want to leave behind.

Stop Hurting Young School Children’s Chances of Success

Suspending and expelling young children without adequate cause puts them at risk of developing anti-social behavior. Sign this petition and support a bill to limit these punishments when they are unnecessary.

Support Free College for Low-Income Texans

Low-income students in Texas could attend college for free if a new initiative gains momentum. Support this movement to ease the financial burden on students.

Stop Letting the Wealthy Buy College Admission

Every year, the wealthy buy their relatives’ way into America’s top schools, without indictment and with the encouragement of these top-tier institutions. Abolish legacy admissions and their long-standing legacy of educational inequality.

Don’t Cut After-School Programs for Thousands of Children

President Trump is calling for the elimination of all funding for after-school programs. These programs serve millions of students in underprivileged communities across the nation, and cutting them would have catastrophic results for American’s children. Sign the petition to let Congress know cutting these programs is a bad idea.

Don’t Punish Teachers for Protesting Education Policy

Kentucky teachers used personal days to protest tax credits for private schools and proposed changes to their pensions. Now the Education Commissioner has requested a list of those teachers and hasn’t ruled out punishment. Demand fair treatment for these teachers.

Help Foster Children Be Successful in School

Children in foster care have an alarmingly low high school graduation rate. Foster children also score much lower on standardized tests than their peers. This is unacceptable. Demand that more educational services be provided to foster children.

Remove Dangerous Replica Weapons from Active Shooter Drills

An active shooter response training program calls for the use of replica weapons, such as airsoft guns, in their drills. These guns were discharged on school grounds and caused injuries to multiple teachers. Demand that these weapons be removed from the training program to protect both school employees and students.

Teach Kids the Truth About Climate Change

Students are being taught minimal information about climate change at best and destructive falsehoods at worst. Demand lawmakers promote essential environmental education for the generations that will need it most.

Don’t Sell Education and Opportunity to the Highest Bidder

“What we do Is we help the wealthiest families in the U.S. get their kids Into school.” This sales pitch for alleged large-scale educational fraud recently resulted in several high-profile arrests. Demand justice for the pay-for-play scheme that prioritized money over merit.

Punish Students Allegedly Filmed in Racist Attack

A video appearing to show university students hurling racial slurs, among other insults, at a group of Black individuals walking by has been posted on Twitter. Sign the petition to ensure this apparent hate speech doesn’t go unpunished.

high school senior classroom

Don’t Promote Racism to Prevent School Shootings

What to do about the mass school shootings that are slowly killing America’s future?…restore racial inequality in the classroom. Demand the Trump administration reverse course on a damaging disciplinary policy that will only hurt, not help, students.

Stop Use of Cruel Electroshock Punishment at School for the Disabled

A school for the disabled is still relying on electroshock discipline for its mentally and emotionally challenged students, with over 40 subjected to the painful treatment. The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is the last and only school in the country to still rely on this outdated and abusive mode of discipline, and it must be stopped. Sign this petition to demand the school stop its use of such measures.

Forgive Student Loan Debt

99% of student loan forgiveness applications get rejected. This is unacceptable when we have $1 trillion of student debt. Demand loan forgiveness at once.

Applaud Jeff Bezos’ $2 Billion Fund to Alleviate Poverty

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently announced his $2 billion fund to tackle homelessness and improve access to early education. His ultimate goal is to help alleviate the cycle of poverty in the United States. Sign this petition to applaud Bezos’ commitment to bettering the lives of others.

Keep Helen Keller and Hillary Clinton in Texas History Lessons

The Texas Board of Education aims to permanently remove Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from its curriculum come this November, believing that students are expected to learn about ‘too many’ historical figures. This undermines not only the accomplishments of these two women, but the intellectual capacity of the students. Sign this petition to keep Clinton and Keller in the history lessons.

Betsy DeVos: Don’t Let Accused Sexual Predators Prey on Students

Sexual assault and misconduct scandals have plagued innumerable schools, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ solution is one of protection and safety….for accused sexual predators. Demand this so-called education leader stop enabling a culture of silence and sexual violence.

Do Not Allow Schools to Buy Guns With Federal Money

Federal taxpayer dollars could soon be used to put more guns in schools. Sign this petition to urge the Department of Education to prohibit the purchase of guns with federal money.

Don’t Hide the Truth About Fracking from Children’s Textbooks

School children may soon never learn the dangers of fracking and fossil fuels if one natural gas company has its way. Sign the petition to demand that scientific facts not be censored in schools.

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