Success: Rights of All American Students Affirmed

Predators who manipulate and exploit America’s education system could finally face a day of reckoning. Applaud essential progress made in the fight against education fraud, harassment, and discrimination.

End Exploitation, Kidnapping, and Terrorizing of School Kids

Hundreds of Nigeria’s schoolchildren have been taken from the safety of their classrooms by armed gangs and subjected to physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse. Little has been done to stop these mass kidnappings. Urge stronger protections for these at-risk youth.

Stop Suppressing and Whitewashing American History

Black history is being intentionally censored in public schools. Some states have gone as far as punishing school systems for curriculums that emphasize the prominence of slavery in early American settlements. Demand an end to this politically-fueled interference in education.

Denounce Superintendent Who Reportedly Refused to Wear Mask Despite Teacher’s Dying Request

A school superintendent’s apparent refusal to wear a mask, even in the wake of a beloved educator’s death from COVID-19, has sparked intense backlash. Join in the calls for this example for small children to model life-saving behaviors.

Stop Teaching ‘Abstinence Only’ in Place of Sexual Education

Only 15 states in the U.S. require that sexual education provided in schools be medically accurate. This withholding of critical health information leaves students at higher risk of preventable pregnancies, infection and diseases. Demand that schools prioritize facts when teaching sexual health and safety.

Stop Punishing Parents for Homeschooling Their Children

Homeschooling has been outlawed in Germany since 1919, yet these restrictions do not reflect the current philosophies of the population. Sign this petition to bring these outmoded laws into the 21st century, and allow families the ability to choose all educational options including homeschooling.

Secretary DeVos: Do Your Job and Protect America’s Students and Educators

America’s education system is buckling under the pressure of a relentless pandemic, and without sound leadership it could collapse. Demand the Department of Education get its act together and provide needed guidance and resources before it is too late.

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Give LGBTQ Students a Safe Learning Environment

The first LGBTQ charter school in Alabama has once again been rejected, meaning thousands of bullied teens have no escape from verbal or physical violence they face in public or private schools. Demand the state’s charter school commission reverse its decision.

Don’t Exclude the LGBTQ Community from Public School Sex-Ed

The entire LGBTQ community is being ignored and censored in Texas public schools. Issues such as gender identity and sexual orientation are not part of the state’s sex-ed curriculum. Demand a change.

Protect Teenage Mothers’ Access to Education

Thousands of teenage mothers in Kenya are denied access to basic schooling due to unplanned pregnancies. Without effective sex education, many more young women are vulnerable as Kenya maintains its COVID-19 lockdown. Demand that these teenagers be given funding, support, and instruction to guarantee their futures.

Don’t Ruin Students’ Futures with Unfair Predictive Algorithms

Thousands of students denied the chance to take crucial final tests have instead been given an estimated number based on faulty technology as their score. This unfair decision will disrupt their opportunities for education and employment. Demand that they be given a fairer chance to succeed.

Offer Online Classes to Protect Vulnerable Students From Coronavirus

Students throughout the country may be forced to go back to school amidst a global pandemic. This puts not only the children at risk, but also their immunocompromised family members. Demand that students have the option to attend classes online until it is safe to interact in a classroom.

Change Name of Yale University Which Honors Slave Trader

Yale University is named after Elihu Yale, a slave owner and slave trader. As policies, systems, and institutions in the United States are being reviewed to focus more on racial justice, Yale University cannot turn the focus away from their own problematic history. Urge the university to change their name.

Keep Massachusetts’s Child Care System from Collapsing

Massachusetts’s child care system is facing collapse, but a “millionaire’s tax” can help revive it. Sign the petition to demand that the state government step in to ensure children and working class families can find education, shelter, and care.

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Success: University Ordered to Suspend In-Person Classes During Pandemic

Liberty University’s president refused to suspend in-person classes during the pandemic, claiming that the coronavirus was being exaggerated by the media. Virginia governor Ralph Northam has issued a statewide mandate to end in-person classes, which will force Liberty University to close its campus and stop forcing its students to risk exposure to the virus. Commend Governor Northam for protecting students’ and faculty’s health when their own university would not.

Success: Pregnant Girls No Longer Banned From Schools

Sierra Leone has lifted a years-long ban on pregnant girls coming to school. This law was just one of many harsh cruelties faced by young girls in African countries, a reminder that society and the law see them as lesser people than boys and men and denying them even basic human rights. Once the COVID-19 crisis is over, however, this will no longer be the case. Thank the Sierra Leone school system for lifting this unfair ban.

Success: Early Childhood Punishments Limited

Young children will be less likely to receive suspensions and expulsions from the Colorado school system, thanks to child welfare advocates. These punishments have only been shown to worsen behavioral problems in young students and their abolishment will make room for healthier behavioral conditioning. Sign this petition to thank those who advocated alternative ways to help these students.

Success: Frat Members Indefinitely Suspended for Racist Behavior

Syracuse University has made a clear demonstration that discrimination will not be tolerated on campus. Praise officials for taking substantial action against students engaging in hate speech and intolerance.

Success: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Put Back on School Shelves

A school district in Mississippi has un-banned Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ Thank the school for making this move, but ask that administrators continue to ensure that the book reaches the hands of all students.

Success: Coach Accused of Forcing Cheerleaders into Splits Fired

The cheer coach who has been accused of emotionally and physically abusing his young team of cheerleaders has been fired. Thank the school district’s superintendent for protecting his students.

Success: Trump’s Requested Education Cuts Rejected

Massive cuts to the education and medical research budgets in favor of the construction of a border wall that Trump requested will not be included in the 2017 spending bill. Support this Congressional action, which is in the best interest of the country.

Success: At Least One School District Will Protect Transgender Students

The Philadelphia school district has committed to protecting the rights of its transgender students despite the Trump administration’s attack on the rule ensuring these students have access to the correct bathroom at their school. Sign below to support this choice to respect human rights, as the whole country should be doing.

Success: City Will Be First in the Country to Provide Free Community College

In a historic move, a U.S. city will become the first in the country to provide free community college to all students. Applaud this step toward providing equal educational opportunities for all.

Success: Racist, Error-Filled Textbook Rejected

A textbook filled with racist statements and historical inaccuracies has been prevented from being used in classrooms. Sign the petition to thank the Board of Education for preventing this harmful and misleading textbook from reaching the hands of students.

Success: School Board Moves to Correct Racial Disparity in Education

A school district has moved to address minority education gaps and the teacher expectations that cause them. Applaud their efforts to make sure that every child succeeds.

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